Exciting NO ID Financial Account With Internet Banking!

This exciting new banking product offering is a one time, one off banking setup for a NO ID company financial internet banking account. As there is only ONE available and at this ridiculous low cost, it will sell very quickly!

The Transfer Account

This is a turnkey operation with absolutely NO ID required.

Here is a unique opportunity that is called a "transfer account." These "transfer accounts" are an existing company and company bank account/s in various offshore jurisdictions previously opened with the owners notarized passport copy, utility bill, bank reference letters, and even Skype interviews, as required with many bank account openings these days.

Absolutely NO ID and other particulars are ever required. Only an email address to be attached to the account, order and payment is all that is needed for you to transfer this setup to you.

The Lord works in mysterious ways!

The person or persons who originally setup the account might have fallen on hard times and currently requires funds for any number of reasons, retirement, a divorce, etc.. As a result of their current financial situation, they are willing to transfer their company and bank account, for a fee, lock, stock and barrel to a ready, willing, able and serious buyer.

This account has been up and running for several years already with funds on deposit. Everything is easily 'transferred' to another party without the requirement of that person having to produce any ID or other 'normal' bank compliance requirements within one to two business days from the time cleared funds are received and credited for the transfer account.

The internet account log in details, passwords, codes, etc. are emailed (via encrypted email) to the purchaser of said account within 24 hours from the time cleared funds are credited
from the purchaser. The new owner simply changes the passwords and codes and thereafter has sole control over the company and account. The purchaser simply carries on as if nothing happened. Log in and security codes are emailed encrypted within 24 hours from the time your funds are credited.

All transfer account companies are from non-reporting countries, i.e. jurisdictions that do NOT require annual filings of any sort.

This particular ready to turn over Transfer Account offers a non-annual filing tax free Seychelles company and a online Financial Account and internet banking via a double code system. The cost is Eur 4,999. Turn over time is immediate. Annual Seychelles resident agent and govt fees are Eur 400 as of this writing. All fess are paid until February 2019. Be advised there is NO debit card with this account.

Full support from the seller is included for the first 90 days in the event any assistance is operating the account is required.

No Lookie Loo's, time wasters or Walter Mitty types please!

Naturally the name of the companies and bank names cannot be disclosed for obvious reasons. That said if you're a serious person, we'll be happy to let you know which jurisdiction a
particular company and its bank are located by return email.

Nominal amounts are on deposit with the accounts to keep them activate.

All accounts above are company accounts and use internet banking via a double code system.

All log in details, internet’s and banking codes are emailed to you encrypted within 24 hours from the time we receive your credited funds. ABSOLUTELY NO ID is required to transfer over this setup to you. All this is required is your order; payment and an email address of your choosing to be attached to your new account.

To ORDER and pay by Bank Wire Transfer, please proceed to our secure on-line order form at

Please indicate your preferred method of payment at the drop down menu as bank wire payment.

Your ordering code/product is "Ready NOID Acct." and the cost is Euro 4,999 or the USD equivalent.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated. We are doing our best to innovate our services to meet your needs.

KYC requirements: NONE!

The cost for this NO ID setup account is just Euro 4,999. Only ONE account available so its strictly first come, first served.

Absolutely NO ID required ever!!!

To ORDER and pay by Bank Wire Transfer, MoneyGram or Western Union, please proceed to our secure on-line order form at https://www.ptshamrock.com/order_bwe.html

Please indicate your preferred method of payment at the drop down menu.

Your product or ordering cost is "NO ID Account" and the cost is Euro 4,999 inclusive of shipping.

If you wish to remit your payment in US$, please use the XE's exchange rate at http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/ for the current US$ equivalent for Euro.

Once we receive your order, we will immediately e-mail you the pay-in particulars.

This is by far the easiest and fastest company structure and bank account, bar none!

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to service your privacy requirements and thank you for your business.

PT Shamrock

***** Extra Special offer: Singapore Virtual office -

You have two options here:

OPTION - Singapore street address with mail forwarding from Singapore to anywhere. This will be sent weekly by air-mail to the address specified by you.

Alternatively you can have source open, scan and email you your mails in a secure coded manner.

Available at this price ONLY if you order the above banking package, Euro 599 for the first year (includes US$50 postage deposit.)

Another great product from PT Shamrock's leprechaun.


To pay by Bank Wire, MoneyGram or Western Union please proceed to and order at our secure web site order form here

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