Special Panama Residency & Nationality Program for 2011!

One of our most popular residency/nationality programs! With an investment of around US$50,000, in just a short time this program leads to a new citizenship, passport and a new life. A favourite with our clients from Asia & South Africa! In a nut shell, within a short period of time you get your citizenship, passport and a new you! An email chat with PT Shamrock and one trip to Panama is all that it takes to get started, so read on.

Residency- Passport Program Panama

The current information for 2011 is this:

You are required to travel to Panama (at your own expense,) for at least 3 to 6 business days to receive the documents. Understand that this is a residency program/ Once you obtain legal residence and after the legal period of residence, normally 5 years, you able to apply for naturalisation, citizenship and a Panamanian passport.

Information from you required to keep in mind if interested in pursuing this program is:

*Your passport copy plus
*your birth certificate must be sealed by a Panama Consulate.
* Your father or mother's passport is also needed with Panama Consulate seal for the process.
* Investment, which you pay direct into a government approved program, starts from US$50,000 and up.

Once you pay PT Shamrock our referral fee of just Euro 2,500, you will deal direct with our Panamanian lawyers and the Panamanian government.

Our referral fee is just Euro 2,500. Once we receive your referral fee, we will place you in direct contact with our Panama lawyers.


The Investor who takes full advantage of the Panamanian Residency Program will obtain:

A permanent residence status..
The investor will then be qualified to apply for a Panamanian citizenship and Passport immediately thereafter you are been legally resident for the specific time..
As a resident/citizen the investor will be protected at all times under the Laws of the Republic of Panama.

The investor will be allowed to work, own or open a business in the Republic of Panama, offering their professional, technical or any other services he provides, protected under the Panamanian Labor Code.


The investor must travel to Panama to process all legal papers. You will be required to secure a police clearance, verifiable showing you clear of any troubles. This must be issued within the past six months in order to begin (immigration) your residency and nationality process. Just an investment as above will get your Panama residency and naturalization.

The investor must then provide Panama with personal information which includes:

  • a Power of Attorney authorizing to act on your behalf,
  • a medical certificate of good health for a period of at least 3 months,
  • an HIV laboratory test,
  • police records from his jurisdiction,
  • a valid passport,
  • 2 Copies of passport, front and back (notarized by Panamanian counsel)
  • birth certificate (notarized by Panamanian counsel)
  • 4 photographs (2x2cm), and
  • a declaration stating his nationality and names of parent's.

All of these documents are necessary to continue the immigration diligence effectively for the investor.


The Investor will also have to make a total of 1 short trip to Panama, to finish minor details regarding his immigration process.


The investor will not be subjected to any Panamanian Taxes. The offshore structure in BVI will receive the Annuity Payments the investor obtains from his initial investment, avoiding any tax consequences. BVI Corporation

The repurchase of shares is the only type of repurchase contract which is permitted in Panama. Celebrating in this case a one time contract, where it is subjected to a resolution clause, for the shares to be returned to its original owner or seller, transferring its ownership back.

(2. ) A repurchase or redemption of shares has the same effect as a dividend- meaning the distributing of the assets of the corporation to shareholders, thereby putting them beyond the reach of creditors and often senior shareholders. INTERNAL DOCUMENT


The Investor receives in exchange for the investment an invested a Residency Package which includes:

  • Permanent Residence and Panamanian Citizenship
  • Panamanian Passport
  • Panamanian Identification (Cedula)
  • Working or owning your own business Privileges in Panama (entitled to work or own a business.)

All legal fees and immigration expenses are paid by LAP Panama except for a check required for the Ministry of Panama for the amount of USD$1,1OO.OO. Total Expense USD$1,1OO.OO

Our Introduction fee is EUR 2,500. Order now at our secure ORDER FORM.

For further details for serious parties only please contact us at the email below.