Anonymous Bank Account and No name ATM Card

Anonymous E-Currency ATM/Debit Card!

Withdraw up to US$ 2,500 daily cash in total anonymity at tens of thousands of ATM machines worldwide NOW!

Our leprechaun has done it again and is proud to present this 240k annual load E-Currency ATM/Debit Card with a whopping US$ 2,500 daily cash withdrawal ability.

For just pennies per day you can acquire a totally anonymous and highly valuable ATM card to pull cash from the wall anywhere in the world.

This anonymous E-currency ATM/Debit Card offers load limits up to US$ 240,000 annually with a US$2,500 daily cash withdrawal, subject to local ATM machines withdrawals rules. If one bank limits your withdrawals to say US$1K, then simply walk to another bank and repeat the process.

Just your passport copy and a recent utility bill required. A NO ID option is available. See particulars below.

This E-Currency ATM/Debit Card does not bear any personal details about the holder on the card or when used from a ATM till or elsewhere.

This pre-paid anonymous card product is issued by a privacy friendly bank in Central America that is a full member of SWIFT/Iban systems.

The card itself has only has NO NAME embossed on the front of the card. There is a CV2 number on the back form online purchase purposes. Clients will have direct access to real time card balance on-line.

Your no name E-Currency ATM/Debit Card can be funded by USD wire transfer by you or any third party.

This card offers you the ability to withdraw up to US$2,500 per day, subject to the amount you remitted for load and the local bank ATM withdrawal policies. The card is valid for two years and is renewal direct from source at a small nominal fee.

* Fee for cash withdrawals from card is 2.5 % or a minimum 2 US dollars/2 Euro

Cost for this CARD HOLDER E-Currency ATM/Debit Card is Euro 495 per card, plus euro 70 courier shipping to you anywhere in the world for a total of Eur 565 or equivalent.

In the event you do not wish to provide your passport copy and utility bill, we offer a NO ID option at euro 2,450 inclusive. In this event a pseudonym name and utility bill will be used.

Due to the scarcity of these valuable debit cards, there is only two card per customer allowed.

All we require from you to get you're ATM card is:

  1. A street address for courier delivery from the bank and for your company address
  2. Your selected company name
  3. An e-mail address to attach your card to
  4. Your order from the link below
  5. and you're payment
  6. Passport and utility bill copy if you opt for the Eur 565 option.

Once we receive your payment, we'll immediately forward your delivery address to source for processing. In most cases cards are dispatched by courier within 3 to 5 weeks. We'll of course, email you the courier tracking details as soon as we receive them.

Order in confidence with our SSL secure tunneling e-mail servers. Just click on the order link below and be sure to include code - 240K-ATM- on your order form.

To pay by Bank wire, Bitcoin, MoneyBookers, MoneyGram or Western Union Click here to order at our secure web site order form.

Your order code is "Anon 240K-ATM"

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All orders treated strictly personal & highly confidential! See order form for payment options!

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For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

We accept payment by MoneyGram, MoneyBookers, Bitcoin, Western Union-and bank to bank swift or Iban wires. However please contact us for pay-in particulars once you've completed your order form.

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PS - Be sure to check out our latest report "How To Legally Move Large Amounts of Assets Abroad [without any filing requirement"].

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To access our past missives just click here.

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