Vanuatu Nationality & Passport Programs

Vanuatu - Arguably the Best 2nd Passport and Nationality program on the Internet, bar none!

This highly recommended and reliable Vanuatu nationality and passport program offers visa free travel to 113 countries world wide INCLUDING all of the European Union and most of the rest of the world.

Why is this program, the best 2nd Passport you might ask? Here are just a few reasons;

1. The process is relatively fast; from start to finish normally taking just 3  months in most cases.
2. The cost is less than most other nationality by investment  programs and is very competitive.
3. The country is a low profile country where one will not attract unwanted  attention whilst traveling through numerous immigration borders offering  113 visa free countries to enjoy your worldwide travels for business and pleasure. In other words its not like a eye eyed gringo traveling on a Central American passport which would naturally catch the attention of the immigration people upon traveling to and from another country.
4. Vanuatu is a well respected, stable and reliable government highly recognized by the United Nations.
5. A family program is available at a very modest additional  cost, so your spouse, parents and children 16 and under are also eligible for nationality and passports at the time of initial application.
6. Requirements are modest and hassle free. We are here all the way to assist you from start to finish.
7. You can become pre-qualified BEFORE you remit any funds.
8. In the event you are unable to travel to the host country for  the swearing in ceremony and receipt of your passport and  nationality documents, arrangements can be made for the 
commissioner of oaths and a government passport official to travel  to you, at a small additional cost.

South Pacific Vanuatu PROGRAM:

About Vanuatu

The island nation of Vanuatu is a South Pacific Tax Haven archipelago made up of 83 small islands that are of volcanic origin and cover around 12000sq kms. Around 65 of the islands are About Vanuatu

The island nation of Vanuatu is a South Pacific Tax Haven archipelago made up of 83 small islands that are of volcanic origin and cover around 12000sq kms. Around 65 of the islands are inhabited. The total population of Vanuatu is just over 200,000.

The island nation of Vanuatu is an important offshore financial centre which began in 1971. The offshore financial center of Vanuatu provides the following offshore services to clients from around the globe; the incorporation of offshore companies, Vanuatu trust management, offshore banking, the registrations of ships and vessels and electronic gaming. Vanuatu has also grown popular as a tax haven.

Vanuatu can be considered to be one of the tax havens of the world as it provides its clients with tax incentives. Among other factors which make the offshore jurisdiction of Vanuatu a tax haven is the fact that it has banking secrecy laws in place and also provides privacy and confidentiality for its clients.

Vanuatu Citizenship Program:

This highly prestigious nationality and passport program offers visa free travel to 85 countries INCLUDING all of the European Union and most of the rest of the world.

The Vanuatu Economic Rehabilitation Program (VERP) was enacted by the Vanuatu Government, after the attack of cyclone PAM, under the Honorary Citizenship Regulation Order No. 34, 37 and 38 of 2015 with the powers conferred to the Prime Minister by Section 20 of the Citizenship Act (112).

The citizenship acquired under the VERP program is fully recognized by the Government of Vanuatu and the nationality is regarded as Ni-Vanuatu.

Those applying for and receiving Vanuatu Citizenship under the Vanuatu Economic Rehabilitation Program have the full right to reside in Vanuatu at all time and the passport is renewable upon expiry.

Key Facts
Minimum total cost for a Single Applicant: USD 200,000, plus a processing and referral fee of USD 30,000
For a family up to 4 persons: USD 230,000 plus a processing and referral fee of USD 30,000

Preparation of application: 1 month

Government processing time: 2 - 4 months

Any additional minor child: 17,500$
Any additional child 18-25 (unmarried and goes to school or university and lives with his parents): 25,000$ Mom and dad (age 64+) of main applicant (single or family applications): 20,000$ per person

PT Shamrock's referral fee is noted in the total cost per applicants fee schedule above.

Application supporting document checklist:

Briefing about the program:

In mid-March 2015, Vanuatu was devastated by cyclone PAM, the infrastructure and housing were seriously damaged. As such, the Government for Vanuatu, launched an Economic Rehabilitation Program to grant citizenship to applicants willing to make a cash contribution of 13,000$ (114,000 EURO) to the government, plus other processing costs.

The applicant would be entitled for honorary citizenship of Vanuatu pursuant to the countries Citizenship Act and the Honorary Citizenship (via Economic Rehabilitation Program) Regulation Order of 2015, Honorary Citizenship (Vanuatu Economic Rehabilitation Program) Regulation (Amendment) Order of 2015 and Privileges for Honorary Citizenship (Vanuatu Economic Rehabilitation Program) Regulation Order of 2015 (hereafter referred to as "Relevant Regulation Orders"). The honorary citizen enjoys all privileges except participating in political life (elections).

The Citizenship Commission, which is an independent government entity and is governed by its own act of Parliament has appointed our source as its exclusive designated agent for Europe (except Russia) and the Americas. They are managed by the Honorary consul of Vanuatu in the middle East as well as the Special Envoy of the Government of the South Pacific country to the Middle East.

Besides the above mentioned cash contribution of 130,000$, there are some additional charges and fees, including citizenship cost, background check, VIPA fees, processing fees, Passport fees of 160$ and our handling fees etc… See Fee Schedule attached for your perusal.

We have agreed to offer the citizenship to a single applicant for 200,000$ or euro equivalent (plus referral fee) inclusive Note: a single applicant can also include his parents (mom and dad) for additional 40,000$ if they are 64+ yo.

For a family of 4 (Mom, dad and two kids under 18) it is for 230,000$ (plus a processing and referral fee of US$30,000) or the Euro equivalent. Any additional minor child is for 20,000$.

We may accommodate resident dependant - meaning a natural or adopted son or daughter of an applicant who is of 18 to 25 years of age and who is resident with and dependent upon an applicant or a spouse and attending full time education - 30,000$per person. Or,

A parent who is resident with and dependent upon an applicant or a spouse and over the age of 65 - 20,000USD per person. Or 40,000$ for both parents.

We may allow 2 children under 18 to be accommodated in main applicants application, extra third child onwards - we may introduce a fee of 12,500USD per person.

Payment terms: Initial remittance of the processing and referral fee of US$30,000. Then 50% plus when submitting an application and remaining 50% upon receiving a written letter from the citizenship commission that application is approved (2-3 weeks). (See the fee schedule above).

Documents should be legalized before a notary public, in specific cases where there is no notary public close by, they may use the honorary consulate of South Pacific.

Processing time is 1 month to six weeks from the day we sign the agreement, receive docs and receive your US$30,000 processing and referral fee is credited.

Once their is approval of your clean record from the Vanuatu Financial Intelligence Unit, your first 50% payment is due.

We may proceed with the application if we see that candidates are clean. Note it is important that passports be sent to citizenship office in the first instance while processing the application for due diligence purposes as part of the process, example when conducting the due diligence and we found out that the person has adverse record.

The citizenship Commission may advice the designated agent not to process the application for the specific applicant, it is also important for us to collect police clearance from the country of origin of the client/candidate.

To Start The Process

Step 1: To start the process place your order at Your product/ordering code is "Vanuatu" and the initial payment for your processing and referral fee ($30,000) needs to be indicated on the order form. Once your order is received, we'll email you our bank wire instructions for your initial US$30,000 processing and referral fee payment, which needs to be remitted at this point.

Step 2; Once we receive your order and confirm same back to you, please email your passport copy for each person applying, for clearance and approval from the Vanuatu Financial Intelligence Unit.

Step3; Once we receive and email you a copy of the Vanuatu Financial Intelligence Unit's approval for yourself and family members if applicable, we'll forward the processing applications forms for your completion. Your first 50% deposit (either US$115,000 for an individual, or the appropriate amount for a family,) is required at this time.

Step 4: As soon as your citizenship is approved, we will email proof of same, then your final 50% balance (either US$115,000 for an individual, or the appropriate amount for a family,) is due and is to be remitted.

Final Step 5: When your second and final balance of 50% is credited, you the client have 3 options for collecting your citizenship certificate and passport/s:

1. Travel to Vanuatu and appear before the commissioner of Oaths and pick up your documents immediately thereafter;
2. You can request that the commissioner for Oath travel to the client's country and hand over the docs if the client is willing to pay for their flight and hotel (approximately US$5,000 depending on the locale of the applicant,)
3. Client may wait until we have a scheduled visit of a commissioner for oath to Hong Kong, Beirut or Brussels to go and pick their documents (we always notify clients 2-3 weeks beforehand.)

The candidate can also travel anytime (after 3, 4, 5 months or more) to the host country, i.e., Vanuatu and pick up their documents. Once the citizenship certificate is issued, the client becomes a citizen but he cannot receive his passport or citizenship certificate unless he appears before a commissioner for oaths. We can send him a copy of his passport and citizenship certificate once the process is complete.

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask. CONTACT US HERE!

To ORDER and pay by Bank Wire Transfer, please proceed to our secure on-line order form at

Please indicate your preferred method of payment at the drop down menu as bank wire.

Your product/ordering code is "Vanuatu" and the processing and referral fee cost for starting the process is US$30,000.

If you wish to remit your payment in a currency other than the US$, please use the XE's exchange rate at for the current US$ equivalent for Euro at the time of remittance!

Once we receive your order, we will immediately e-mail you the pay-in particulars.

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Any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

* Your proof of funds or means - Click on PROOF OF FUND for particulars regarding this proof of funds requirement.

We Accept The Following Method Of Payment - Bank Wire Transfer only for passport programs.

Important Information!

Please read the following information below slowly and CAREFULLY, including sources requirements for proof of funds and our referral fee.

For full details about any program, understand that the very first step is for you to remit your PROOF OF FUNDS so we can forward to source for approval. Without submitting your proof of funds and their acceptance thereof, NOTHING happens.

When your PROOF OF FUNDS is accepted, we forward full particulars on the program including the name of the country, the costs involved as well as all relevant information, including the names of the countries, etc. These requirements are necessary in order to weed out the merely curious and to protect the integrity of the few programs still available.

PROOF OF FUNDS can be in the form of a recent bank statement showing you have in excess the amount required for your order. For privacy concerns you should white out your account number. However you must have your name shown on the statement and it must be three months or less old.

Please understand that the above are sources requirements and we'd be remiss if we didn't inform you up front and before you make any queries on how the process works. If you do not agree with the above, we understand and wish you well in your endeavours. However please do not waste your time and ours asking questions about the name of the countries, etc. without complying with the above requirements, i.e. proof of funds.

Whomever you decide to transact business with, please conduct your due diligence and check our Hall of Shame site before you pursue any offer that sounds too good to be true!

- Special Notice -

To the best of our knowledge PT Shamrock is the oldest and longest existing privacy web site on the Internet. To verify this go to the "Way Back Machine" at and place our web address into the "Take Me Back" box and click search.

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PT Shamrock does not sell passports. We must request that all inquiries be from serious potential applicants ONLY! Proof of funds and our referral fee of Eur500 (Euro 4,500 for the diplomatic program,) is required before we start the process.

DO NOT ask us for the name of the countries. Due to contractual agreement, the names of the countries are not disclosed until you have provided proof of funds and they're accepted, and you pay our introduction fee. Sorry no exceptions. Please do not waste our time and yours otherwise!

All passport documents obtained are renewable, legalized and registered in all government computers. Legal name changes, and family program discounts may be available. Funds (less legal costs) are held in sources escrow account until documents procured. To find out more about any of the programs listed above please remit your proof of funds as the first step.

Proof of Funds

For any preliminary application, please remit your PROOF OF FUNDS. This is the absolute first step in the acquisition process. Proof of funds MUST be in the form of a recent, verifiable bank statement, clearly showing the clients name with sufficient liquid funds available to meet the host countries requirements. For privacy concerns you can white out your account number, but your name MUST be shown on the bank statement. Sorry company accounts NOT accepted.

If and when your proof of funds are accepted, then you will be required to remit our referral fee of Eur500 for the African Passport Programs only. Then and only then can we disclose the name and provide you with the full details of the programs.

Thank you for your interest in our products and services.

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