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Anonymous Nominee Share Company & Bank Account!

"[The Fourth Amendment's framers] had a specific principle of privacy at work in the Fourth Amendment. It was privacy in your home and in your office from search by the government. That is not just a broad ranging right of privacy you can apply anywhere. Now, [Justice William] Douglas made up a right of privacy that's attached to nothing."
- Robert Bork, 2003.38

Start Off On The Right Foot With Your Own Totally Anonymous Nominee Share Company and Company Bank Account!

The controversial Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, FATCA, is shutting the door on worldwide banking investment and financial opportunities for US taxpayers.

From January 1, 2013, foreign financial institutions (FFI) had to phase in reporting information about US taxpayers with offshore accounts and assets to the Internal Residence Service (IRS).

The aim was to tackle tax management by US taxpayers through FFIs and it's working very well indeed for Big Brother!

The result is nearly all international banks and trading platforms are pulling the plug on US taxpayers as clients, claiming they are too much hassle and too expensive to manage.

If you're a serious person wishing to obtain maximum financial anonymity, there is a legal alternative to being shut out on banking and investment opportunities around the world due

Enter True Anonymous Banking

Our leprechaun has located a legitimate filing loophole that allows you to operate an online company and company bank account in a privacy friendly country in Central America...

*** Without ANY ID *** being required from you.

In a nutshell you have an Central American (CA) nominee share company. CA companies use nominee shares not bearer shares. However the shares are not registered with any public office in the host or any other country. The attorney keeps that information reserved for the client in the attorney's private files and is protected by attorney/client privilege.

The solicitor aka attorney who sets up the accounts uses nominee "shares," therefore your ID and physical presence is never know to the bank, attorney or anyone. Only a contact email
address from you to the attorney which is to be attached to your account is required, along with an address for the delivery of your debit card.

Absolutely NO ID Required!

Our long term and reliable solicitor (lawyer) in this central American country has will set up the company and bank account in a typical Spanish like name. Alternatively you can elect to have the Central American company created using a name of your own choosing.

At no time is any ID, passport copy, utility bill, bank reference letter or any other identify information requested or required from you for this Central American company and bank account.

You read that right; *** NO ID *** is ever required from you.

No one, not the Central American bank, not the Central American lawyer, who set this up, and not even PT Shamrock ever knows your identity and location or any other details about you other than an email address you provide for this service. This company and bank setup is ready to use in about 8 weeks time.

The internet banking codes, bank account and wiring instructions will be emailed to you encrypted within one business day from the time your account has been setup. Once you receive them you simply log onto the bank's online banking site and change the password and viola, there you are!

The Visa debit card can be dispatched to you to A MAILDROP, or to any name, address of your choice, anywhere in the world thereby protecting your privacy much further and to a very high level of anonymity. If desired, we can arrange for a mail accommodation address for your debit card to be sent to, then forwarded to you visa your instructions direct with the mail drop provider. This service is available at a reasonable additional cost.

Due to the sensitive nature of this unique product, we're unable to disclose the name of the Central American country where this bank and company will be located until your paid order is received. That said it is NOT Panama.

Please respect this privacy policy as we're not interested in having anyone ruin this unique opportunity for the rest of us.

The CA company and company bank accounts are available at a KNOCK DOWN COST OF only ... US$7,999, including your first calendar years resident agent and government fees. Thereafter the annual calendar years resident agent and government fees are US$1,200 which includes the attorney filing any and all filing requirements to the government.

All that's required from you is:

* Your order at
* Your payment in the amount of US$7,999.
* A name and address anywhere in the world for the debit card to be dispatched to you.
* An email address to be attached to your anonymous account.

Order immediately before it's too late and they're gone.

Do it now!

Remember FATCA profiling started January 1, 2013 and is getting worse! Order and do it now!

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Please indicate your preferred method of payment at the drop down menu.

Your product/ordering code is "CA Anon Bank" and the cost is US$7,999.

If you wish to remit your payment in a currency other than in US$, please use the Royal Bank of Canada's exchange rate at for the current US$ equivalent for Euro, GBP, Yen, etc..

Once we receive your order, we will immediately e-mail you the pay-in particulars.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to service your privacy requirements.

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