Anonymous Bank Account and No name ATM Card

Bank Account and Personal ATM Card!

Withdraw cash in total anonymity in tens of thousands of ATM machines worldwide NOW!

For just pennies per day you can acquire a totally anonymous offshore secret bank account a using a pseudonym for account name purposes. PLUS a highly valuable ATM card to pull cash from the wall anywhere in the world and Internet banking with a very generous daily withdrawal allowance.

Your company and bank account will be anonymous using a pseudonym for account name purposes.

For example your account name could be:

  • John Jones Limited
  • ABC Associates Inc., etc.
  • John Doe Ltd. or
  • Johnny Appleseed S.A., etc.

Here's what you get with your Bank Account and valuable ATM Card.

  • An anonymous bank account in a company name of your choice.
  • Nominee directors and nominee shareholders
  • Internet Banking.
  • A valuable ATM debit card.
  • Available in just days to you.
  • Withdraw cash anywhere in the world from any hole in the wall (ATM), subject to local banking system limitations.
  • Bank wires in and out via swift wire system.
  • Reasonable fee's for all services including cash withdrawals.
  • Only US$150 opening deposit required which you remit direct to the bank as soon as your account is opened.
  • Have customers send money safe with your knowledge of being total anonymous.
  • Limited supply and time on offer!
  • Your application forms will be sent by e-mail to you within 48 hours from the time we receive confirmation that your funds have been credited to our account.

All that is requires from you to get you're bank account and ATM card is:

  1. A street address for courier delivery from the bank and for your company address
  2. Your selected company name
  3. An e-mail address to send you the application forms and for the bank to contact you
  4. A colored copy of both your passport and utility bill, no older than two months
  5. Three names in order of preference for the creation of your company, one of which should be available for creation bearing in mind the suffix needs to end in Ltd., Inc., or S.A.
  6. Your fee of Euro 5,999

Once we receive our fee, we'll send you your applications. You complete the forms then return them direct to the bank and you'll be issued a temporary account number for incoming deposits only. Once the bank receives your opening deposit (and funds clear,) plus notarized copies of your passport and signature, the bank will courier you're ATM card and Internet bank information within three to seven working days, with the cost for courier, ATM card and Internet Banking facilities being deducted from your opening deposit.

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