Credit Card Programs

Debit/Credit Card Program
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We can procure a secured debit card with ATM access for you without any name showing on your debit card. For that the bank requires a colored passport copy, a current utility bill and a functional forwarding address. Purchase products on-line in anonymity!

  • Withdraw cash worldwide!
  • Acquire goods and services in person!
  • Prestigious cards available
  • Regarding the ID, this is sent to us via email, then we forward direct to the bank along with the completed bank application forms that we'll email you.

The fee is our flat fee for setting up the bank account. After your account has been set via ourselves, you will receive bank coordinates to transfer funds to your card account, which will activate your card and allow the debit card to process and ship it to you. (Minimum deposit is US$200, giving you a credit line of US$200.) We suggest you keep a minimum of US$200 on your card at all times thereafter.

Following activation, the debit card will be sent to the address you've provided.

Once you return the card, the money is yours to transfer again.

Cards Offered!

  • Time frame

We will order your card within 24 hours from the time we receive your payment and ID.

However due to mounting interest in this program, the bank's reaction time is a bit hard to calculate in advance. We've seen it all: from one week to a full month and a half, and as this is beyond our influence, we are reluctant to guarantee a definite time frame.

However, by way of a rule of thumb, expect approximately 3-4 weeks processing time. Moreover, should one venue not prove viable for whatever reason, we have a number of alternate additional possibilities and would try those next before giving up.

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