Banking Passport

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The Banking passport

Currently available is an Asian banking pp, which might be used to open most of the bank accounts we offer, subject to client complying with the banks requirements, i.e. utility bill, bank reference letter, etc. all of which we can assist at a cost.

However be advised this particular banking document is not registered, so it is absolutely NOT for travel under ANY circumstances or arrest and serious problems would occur for the holder. Therefore is for novelty purposes only and sold as such.

That said all the MZR (chevrons-bars codes) at the bottom of the documents (see samples below) are 100% correct and be be verified with a program such as

Banks use a similar program so they work for most bank account openings we offer. The Asian banking document can be secured within 6 to 8 weeks from the time we receive picture, details, signature and of course payment in full. Faster delivery (2-4 weeks) can be obtained for an additional cost of Euro 1,000.

We value you as a customer and are suggesting the above in order to be helpful and inform one how to use these valuable documents in a proper and safe manner.

Any questions, we're here to help you.

Included is a biometric passport. Extra documents available are a driver's license, a utility bill with a one years mail accommodation address, and or a bank reference letter any or all of which can be obtained at a small additional cost. Details and cost below. The banking passport is valid for 5 years and renewable thereafter at 50% of initial cost.

Processing takes 6 - 8 weeks. Faster delivery (2-4 weeks) possible at an additional cost of Euro 1,000.

Banking Passport available in your choice of name and date of birth - Euro 7,500

Extra supporting documents available:

* Expedited delivery service in 2 to 4 weeks: 1,000 Euro
* Driver's license and International drivers license: 1,250 Euro
* Bank Reference Letter: 1,000 Euro
* Utility Bill : 1,599 Euro (includes one year mail accommodation address

Note: Your order for any or all of the above extra supporting documents is payable 100% at time of initial order in addition to the initial banking passport payment. Supporting documents are NOT available for purchase individually. They can be purchased in conjunction with the banking passport only.

Due to the sensitive nature of this unique program, we are bound by contractible agreement NOT to disclose the name of the country until and unless we receive your payment in full.

So please DO NOT ask for the name of the country until and unless we receive your payment.

Payment Modalities
100% payment upon initial order for the documents prior to processing your order.

Required is the following;

* first name
* middle name
* last name
* date of birth (spell out the month, e.g. March, etc.)
* city of birth
* country of birth
* color of eyes
* color of hair
* height in cm
* weight in kg
* blood type


* Your signature signed in BLACK ink on a white piece of paper, scanned in JPEG format and
emailed to us in a size not larger than 500 kb's.
* 2 different poses (shirts) of your, passport size, professionally taken pictures in color, with
you facing directly facing the camera. NO HAWAIIAN type shirts please and NO home taken
pictures. Have the pictures taken at a passport photographer shop please.

The name, street address, city, country and postal code along with a contact telephone number for EMS courier purposes only, for the dispatch of your documents.

Note: Normal processing time about 6-8 weeks from time of dispatch. Due to the sensitive nature of the documents all documents are dispatched via EMS swift postal service, with a tracking number.

It is understand and agreed by you placing a paid order that these documents are to be used strictly for banking purposes and not for travel under any circumstances. If you do not agree to and understand this, do not order.

The document is a biometric document with chevrons bar codes, etc. The documents can be created with any name, date and place of birth of your choosing.

We accept the following method of payment - Bank Wire Transfer or Bitcoin only for this program. Be advised there is a 10% surcharge for BitCoins due to fluctuating Bitcoin rates.

Whomever you decide to transact business with, please conduct your due diligence and check our Hall of Shame site before you pursue any offer that sounds too good to be true!

- Special Notice -

All banking passport documents obtained are renewable at 50% of original cost. It is understood and agreed that this product is sold solely as a novelty item only and is not registered.

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You may CONTACT US for any questions and/or further information.