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The No Name ATM Card

"The Essential Privacy Tool for Discerning Individuals" - Dr. Walter Belford - Offshore Financial Expert

This is a RED HOT offer you can't refuse!

Want Wealth? Want Freedom? Want Privacy? Then look no further as PT Shamrock's leprechaun has the answer for you.

The No Name ATM Card offering a USD70,000 monthly withdrawal ability.

PT Shamrock has secured a limited number of these "No Name" ATM cards from a reliable privacy minded source at knock down prices!

As you may realize these types of anonymous financial products normally sell for US$1500 and UP. However due to our long time relationship with source, we were able to negotiate a huge discount for our customers. For just Euro 595 you can have this highly valuable product sent direct to you anywhere in the world within days of receipt of your order and payment.

The card operates on the Maestro system which has hundreds of thousands of ATM machines available for you worldwide to pull cash from the wall in total anonymity. There is a flat US$5 per transaction charge and the cards are valid for two years. Each card comes with a unique pin number that is sent to you by e-mail once you confirm receipt of your card for maximum security. In the event the card is lost or stolen, there is a $50 charge, plus shipping, to replace it.

You can load funds onto your card by international bank swift wire.

There is a very generous US$10,000 DAILY withdrawal limit with a US$2,500 maximum daily load ability. In order words, you send four $2500 loads over four days, then withdrawal US$10,000 in just one day. You can keep repeating this over and over so in essence you can load and withdraw US$70,000 a MONTH so long as you stay within the above requirements.

US$10,000 can be withdrawn in one day, subject to local ATM machines ability to do so. If one ATM till doesn't allow that, simply proceed to another, etc. until you pull the entire US$10,000 from a hole in the wall in total anonymity.

PT Shamrock has purposely limited the number of these cards in order that they maintain a low profile and not to attract the unwanted attention of insecure governments. Once this supply runs out, the price will increase dramatically so its strictly first come, first served.

All we require is your passport copy plus a name and address for delivery and your payment. One we receive them, you're card with full particulars will be shipped immediately.

In the event you require a higher daily and/or monthly withdrawal limit you may wish to obtain a second card albeit from another banking source that requires a utility bill for an additional Euro 595.

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