25k ATM/Credit Card

The PT - High Load Cash ATM Card

Your valuable tools to Freedom, Wealth & Privacy!

Your Very Own High Load - Cash and Credit Allowance!

Want Wealth? Want Freedom? Want Privacy? Then look no further as PT Shamrock's leprechaun has the answer for you.

This Cash ATM Card Is For You!

Due to popular demand, our leprechaun has been able to persuade our source to issue an extremely limited number of these impressive $240,000 annual ($10,000 one day withdrawal) limit valuable privately issued ATM Cards.

Physical your name (hold in your hand) ATM card

  • The card is available to international clients.
  • Personal cards only available.
  • To qualify for a card we just need your ordering details - available for Foreign Nationals, self employed, companies, bankrupts and entrepreneurs.
  • Card's operate in multi-currency, USD, GBP & Euro.
  • No Credit Check required.
  • No Bank Reference required.
  • Cards can be used to make purchases at more than 10 million electronic merchants worldwide. Purchases can be made via the internet and retail stores.
  • Cash can be accessed using your card from over 1,000,000 ATM'S worldwide.
  • Card to Card transfers available.
  • The cards have a 0.00% APR for the life of the card.
  • Low transaction Fees.
  • For security you are provided a Unique PIN Code & CVV Security Code (on the back of the card) so that you can also use for internet transactions.
Operating Fees

                                               Card 1                           Card 2

Card Activation Fee:                Free                              Free

Monthly Maintenance Fee:       4.95                              5.00

Credit Recharge Fee:               4.95                              2.00

ATM use Fee:                          3.00                             1.95

POS (Retail Use) Fee:              0.50                             1.20

Decline Fee:                             0.00                              2.00

Q & A:

1.) Question:
What is a stored value card?

Unlike a credit card, you can withdraw or spend funds that you actually have on the card. The card is loaded with funds that you can then withdraw or spend. As quoted from wikipedia.org "stored value cards are usually anonymous."

 2.) Question:
Can I use the card with or without a bank account?

Yes, the card is usually used in conjunction with card sources bank account, but you can use the card independently.

 3.) Question:
How do I load the card?

You or any third party or person can remit funds to load your card from your own (or any other) bank account, which usually takes 2 business days. Loads can also be made with Western Union by you or any third party.

 4.) Question:
What is the maximum I can have loaded on the card?

You can load up to $240,000 *annually* on the card. There is a maximum US$2,500 per day load limit up to four days with the maximum allowed on the card at any one time being US$10,000. You can withdraw up to US$10,000 in a single day, subject to the ATM bank withdrawal policies where you intend to withdraw cash. In some cases you might have to go to several different ATM machines to withdraw that amount.

 5.) Question:
Where can I use the card?

Retail-over 10 million electronic merchants. The internet, the card has a CVV (security) code, so you can use to purchase goods or book hotels, flights etc. ATM machines-Over 1000,000 in over 160 countries. The card can be used to withdraw cash.

  6.) Question:
Do I have to have a name on the card?

No, no name is required and no name appears on the card. However a name and address should be attached to the card as online merchants will require a name and address for purchasing purposes.

7.) Question:
What currency can be withdrawn?

The currency withdrawn will depend in which country you withdraw cash. For example GBP in the UK, US$ in the USA, Euro in Europe, Yen in Japanese, etc.  

8.) Question:
How long will my card take to arrive?

Once you have paid for the card, you will receive an application via e-mail. From the time your signed application and cleared funds are received, please allow 7 working days for the card to be dispatched to you via courier. The courier tracking number will be emailed to you just as soon as your card is dispatched. 

9.) Question:
How much does it cost?

Cost = EUR 1,350 or the equivalent for one card including shipping and your first US$100 pre loaded on the card and ready to use.
Note: The security pin envelope for the product is emailed to you separate from the actual card delivery.

Big Brother is always on the look out to tighten up loop-holes, but with this card you can keep another precious step ahead of him! To the best of our knowledge there are no laws ANYWHERE [except maybe North Korea,] that forbids a person who wishes to maintain their privacy and remain anonymous from doing so; nor to the best of our knowledge is there any law where a person can NOT purchase, hold and own a stored value card, i.e. a card without a name printed on it as with this card!

For just Euro 1,350 including US$100 load and dispatch delivery, you can have this valuable and high load ability anonymous card dispatched direct to you. Rest assured, we always shred all ordering information after our money back guarantee period expires, i.e. in 30 days!

The Basics

Money kept on this card is untouchable to all but the bearer of the card and its secret pin code.

You will receive no statements and no mail related to your transactions. In a world of increasing intervention, it is good to know that there are still places where you can have a nest-egg far from prying eyes.

Your PIN number comes separately via e-mail from your card for maximum security along with full loading instructions upon receipt of a fully paid order.

You can check and verify your funds on-line and transfer funds to and from your card to a similar card from the same card source. A special Internet access account is included with your order.

How to make a deposit

Money can be paid in by: International Bank Transfer: (Wire, Iban, Swift, etc.). Time frame to receive your loading: 24H-96H. Cost = US$5.00.

There is a US$240,000 annual load limit; Max. Load: US$240,000 per annum at this time. There is a maximum US$2,500 per day load limit and the maximum allowed on the card at any one time is US$10,000. Concerning withdrawing funds, you can withdraw up to US$10,000 in a single day, subject to the ATM banks policies and funds available on your card. In some instances you might have to go to several different ATM machines/banks to withdraw that amount.

Deposits and correspondence should be sent to the source address given when you receive your card. Loading instructions comes along with full particulars with a paid order.


Withdrawals can be made at any ATM machine worldwide that carries an ATM withdrawal signs. That's more than 900,000 machines available to pull cash from the wall 24/7 anywhere! You can withdraw the entire amount of cleared funds on your card up to US$10,000 in one day, subject to local banks ATM withdrawal policies. But remember if you exceed the annual limit, or change your online details after activation, the bank might freeze your card.


1.) Card can be loaded by a bank swift or Iban wire, Cheque's, or Western Union.

2.) Money can be drawn in any currency. That means wherever you withdraw cash from any ATM machine, the cash comes in that countries local currency.

For example: You withdraw cash from a hole in the wall in New York City, out spews USD. In Paris, out spews Euros; In Japan out spews Yen; In the UK out spews pound sterling, etc.

3.) Check your balance on-line

4.) US$240,000 annual (US$10,000 daily limit, [subject to local banks ATM policy.]

5.) Rest assured, we always shred all ordering information after our money back guarantee period expires, i.e. in 30 days!

6.) NO ID required at any time.

7. Valid for 2 years and renewable there after for only US$50 plus dispatch charges.

A couple of important facts:

To the best of our knowledge we are the first online company to offer this impressive card product! We have acquired a small allotment of these impressive cards. So it is strictly first come, first served on these beauties.

Final comments: Our previous cash cards sold very well indeed. Our long time customers know very well that highly valuable card products like this don't last long. Don't be left out. Take action and order yours now. It's valid for life.

Nothing lasts forever. This US$240,000 limit Cash ATM card opportunity certainly won't either.

The cost? Just Euro 1,350 or the equivalent for this amazing card, including US$100 pre loaded and ready to use and delivery direct to you. Big Brother is always on the look out to tighten up loop-holes, but with this card you can keep another precious step ahead of him.

How To order:
Click on the order form link below and be sure to include the product code: 480k Card.

Cost of this highly valuable and prestigious product is: Euro 1,350 including courier delivery to a name and address of your choice.

Please note: Due to the highly valuable and sensitive nature of this product, and due to extremely limited availability, we must insist all ordering customers comply with the following:

Please remit funds or proof of sending funds for your order within 4 working days from the time of your initial order in order for us to continue to hold your card for payment.

For example; send us a copy of your bank wire details or Western Union remittance receipt within four working days from the time you order. By doing so we will continue to hold in reserve this highly valuable card for you until we receive credited funds. However in the event you fail to comply with our request, we regret that we will be forced to cancel your order.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this regard.

Cards are dispatched via courier within 7 "working" days from the time we receive cleared funds, but in most cases in less time.

Payment by MoneyGram and Western Union are instantaneous and always guarantees the fastest delivery of your card.

Publisher's note: Due to the critical shortage of our $240,000 limit cards, it is advisable to e-mail us prior to remitting your payment to assure there are cards in stock and available for sale. Alternatively you might consider our other Cash, no ID ATM cards. See our card options by simply clicking on the blue highlighted links.

Yes I want my valuable "240k Cash No ID ATM Card". I understand you will ship my order within 7 workings banking days maximum, but in most cases less time. I also understand you will send me the shipping details once my card has been dispatched.

Please click here to order from our secure on-line order form with our various payment options.

Remember your ordering code for this product is: "240k ATM Card."

We accept payment by MoneyGram, Western Union, Moneybookers/Skrill, BitCoin and bank to bank swift or Iban wires. However please e-mail us for pay-in particulars once you've completed your order form.

All orders treated strictly personal & highly confidential! See order form for payment options!