Africa Island Bank Account and ATM Card

Africa Island Bank Account and ATM Card

A Rare Product Indeed - Get Yours Before It's Too Late!

Here is an interesting yet low cost bank account with an ATM card availability and includes Internet banking via bank codes, swift wires in and out… plus much more!

Africa Personal or Company Account

Our leprechaun can assist you in opening a highly private personal or company bank account in a short period of time with minimal requirement and hassles. This bank account can be opened remotely and Americans are welcome.

As PT Shamrock is a registered agent with this bank we can streamline your account opening process with minimal requirements and hassles. All that is required from you is:

* A scanned notarized copy of your valid passport emailed to us
* A utility bill less than three months old emailed to us
* Your order HERE
and of course
* Your payment.

A personal or company account (subject to you're having company papers in order) can be opened for just Eur 1,250.

Add Euro 1,250 for a non annual filing offshore company in your chosen name. Select three names in order of preference for your company bearing in mind that the suffix needs to end in Ltd., Inc., S.A., etc. Company setup takes approximately 7 to 14 working days for creation subject to your company name being available.

A personal or company "NO ID, NO Utility Bill" bank account option is available at Euro 8,999. for a personal account, or Euro 9,999 for a company in your chosen name, bank account.

Click HERE to download our PDF format brochure with full details for this new and exciting banking opportunity.

Any questions please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.

The Euro 1,250 is our flat fee for setting up a personal account, and just Eur 2,500 for a company bank account. After we have set up your account, you will receive bank coordinates to transfer funds to account, which will activate it. (No minimum deposit is required but we suggest you remit a few hundred euro or dollars, giving you instant access to any and all of your funds.

Your ordering code is "Africa-PT".