Anonymous Central American Bank Account and Debit Card

Anonymous Central American Bank Account with Internet Banking & Debit Card

A Rare Product Indeed - Get Yours Before It's Too Late!

Here is an interesting, yet surprisingly low cost anonymous bank account and debit card. Includes internet banking with wires in and out via swift.

Enter True Anonymous Banking

Our leprechaun has located a legitimate filing loophole that allows you to operate an online company and company bank account in a privacy friendly country in Central America...

*** Without ANY ID *** being required from you.

In a nutshell you'll have a Central American company (CAC1) already created in a particular name. The requirement for this CAC1 company is that there must be at least one shareholder and one director.

However the law in this particular country does not require that the shareholder and director be a person. Rather it can be another offshore company formed in another jurisdiction. The shares and director are nominees, hence NO ID is required from you.

For these anonymous accounts, that is exactly what was done;
The shareholder is a nominee share company created in XXX Land (CAC2) and the director is a nominee as well. All entities are nominees, which greatly increases the anonymity of this banking setup.

Absolutely NO ID Required!

Our long term and reliable solicitor (lawyer) in this central American country has already set up the company and bank account and they're ready to be emailed to you immediately.

At no time is any ID, passport copy, utility bill, bank reference letter or any other identify information requested or required from you for this Central American company and bank account.

You read that right *** NO ID *** is ever required from you.

No one, not the Central American bank, not the Central American lawyer, who set this up, and not even PT Shamrock ever knows your identity and location or any other details about you other than an email address you provide for this setup.

This company and bank account is ready for you to use within 8 to 10 weeks processing time.

The internet banking codes, bank account and wiring instructions will be emailed to you encrypted within one business day from the time your payment has been credited. Once you receive them you simply log into the bank's online banking site and change the password and viola, there you are!

The Visa debit card will be dispatched to you FROM A MAILDROP, not from the bank or the CA attorney, to any name and address of your choice, anywhere in the world thereby protecting your privacy much further and to a very high level of anonymity.

Due to the sensitive nature of this unique product, we're unable to disclose the name of the Central American country where this bank and company is located until your paid order is received. Please respect this privacy policy as we're not interested in having anyone ruin this unique opportunity for the rest of us.

There are several ready made companies and banks accounts available ... at a KNOCK DOWN COST of only US$6,999, which *INCLUDES* internet banking, a debit card and a nominal sum of funds placed on deposit in the account.

All that's required from you is:

* Your order at
* Your payment in the amount of US$6,999 (includes shipping cost of the debit card.)
* A name and address anywhere in the world for the debit card to be dispatched to you.

The ordering code is "Anon_ca_account" and the total cost is US$6,999, including shipping and nominal sum on deposit.

Order immediately before it's too late and they're gone.

Do it now!

The US$6,999 is our flat fee for the bank account and the ATM card.

All orders treated strictly personal & highly confidential! See order form enclosed!

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for visiting PT Shamrock