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The hassle of anonymous call sending and receiving SOLVED

Almost all phone calls in the world are routinely scanned for "suspicious words" by various governmental agencies' computers. You have probably heard of Echelon, the international surveillance system. Then you have the super secret NSA operating out of Fort Meade, Maryland (USA.) They spy on and record every single electronic communication in the world ... very scary stuff indeed! And there are others and worse to come!

Recent revelations about the NSA recording all WORLDWIDE calls is not only appalling but an outrage!

The European Union started it's own EU Phone, Fax & Internet Surveillance System in the spring of 2004. In Germany all international calls are now automatically scanned by the Bundes-Nachrichten-Dienst. Even Austria has followed suit.

Big Brother is listing in on you EVERYWHERE - whether you have something to "hide" or not! Worse with new technology installed in all mobiles sold as of January 2004 in the US and Europe, they are tracking you to within a few yards of where you are!

Fight Back - Beat Big Brother!

To become anonymous in today's world, just click on the links below for the right clipper chip FREE anonymous mobile phone and sim chip that's best for you.

Networks Available:
* GSM 850 GSM-850 and GSM-1900 used in the United States
* Canada Mexico and South America GSM 1800 (part of Europe & Asia Pacific)
* GSM 900 (Europe, Africa & Asia Pacific)
and the
*GSM 1900 (USA, Canada, Chile & Dominican Republic.

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These phones and chips are sold for privacy purposes only. Criminal use will not be protected.

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