Anonymous European Bank Account and ATM Card

Anonymous European Bank Account and ATM Card
A Rare Product Indeed - Get Yours Before It's Too Late!

Here is an interesting yet low cost Bank account, ATM offer. Includes telephone banking, wires in and out…

We can procure a European Bank account with ATM access for you in your name. For that, the bank needs both: an e-mail address and a functional forwarding address in your chosen name with passport ID and a current utility bill to authenticate it.

Let us know if you want a banking passport to open this account (extra cost,) if only to be on the safe side, we offer a number of those. (All legit documents, no forgeries, no stolen or "lost" papers.) Click on this link for additional information.

As to the address, this is critical because the application and ATM card will be typically be sent by DHL courier and recipient has to sign for receipt. If you don't have that, let us know - we can assist you involving a one time only foreign mail drop. However, you would still need a functional address in that name later for the bank to send you monthly statements.

If you want us to set up a regular foreign mail drop for these purposes, we can offer you this service from US$650, including basic fee/yr.; US$50 deposit against postage and communication charges; i.e. US$100 one time setup fee.

This would give you an address in your chosen name, weekly forwarding of mail included. Actual postage and communication charged incurred are always extra, and will be withheld from deposit. Alternatively the mail source can open, scan and email you your mails as you desire.

The Euro 1,250 is our flat fee for setting up the ATM card and account. After we have set up your account, you will receive bank coordinates to transfer funds to account, which will activate it. Minimum deposit is US$250 which the bank requires in order to courier your security token and debit card , giving you instant access to any and all of your funds.

Your ordering code is: "Europe Account".