ATM Card linked with a Virtual US Checking Account!

ATM Card linked with a Virtual US Checking Account!

Do You need a Virtual US checking account?

Our leprechaun has solved your problem with this amazing product!

Some of the amazing features of this card:

  • Works like a US bank account
  • Receive ACH payments
  • Verify and withdraw Payment funds
  • Also works with MoneyBookers, Google Adsense, AlertPay, Clickbank etc.
  • Use this card to receive your earnings from US employers and companies
  • No formalities anyone can get internationally
  • NO SSN (social security number) required non-US residents anywhere in the world can apply
  • Everyone should have this unique ATM card cum virtual checking bank account, sooner or later it's going to be your need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is this ATM card for?
A. This ATM card comes with a unique feature of a US checking account attached. Therefore, you can use this ATM card as an alternative to US bank account to receive payments from US employers, companies or individuals who can send you payment via ACH.
Q. By having this ATM card, does it mean I've full US banking account such as a check book, funds transfer facility to other accounts anywhere etc?
A. No, you will not get any check book or be able to transfer money to other accounts except it is only limited to receiving funds and then you can withdraw cash at any ATM machine around the world.
Q. What will I get along with this ATM card?
A. Other than ATM card you will receive by email your very own a virtual US checking account number, routing number, bank name. This information you will use to give to your US employers and companies just like a regular US account to receive your payments from them.
Q. Will I get a PIN for ATM card to use at ATM machines?
A. Yes, four digit pin to access at an ATM machines.
Q. Will I have online access of my account?
A. Yes, you can access your account's online history in real time.
Q. Is there any expiry of the card?
A. There is no card expiration and no personal name appears on the card.
Q. Can I use this ATM card cum virtual US checking account to verify Payment account and withdraw my funds to this ATM card?
A. Yes, you can verify your Payment account once you have added virtual US checking account details to your Payment account then in 3 to 5 working days they will send two different amounts to your ATM cum virtual US bank account for account verification. You need to login to your ATM card account online and see those two amounts, then get back to Payment account and add these two amounts there. Now your bank account is confirmed with Payment, they will allow you to withdraw Payment balance to your ATM card.
Q. Is it also possible to use this card to receive payments from other US companies who use ACH to make payments?
A. Yes, our clients have also successfully used this card to withdraw their money from Moneybookers, Google Adsense, Alertpay, Clickbank etc. to this ATM card.
Q. Can I transfer money from this ATM cum US checking account to any other account in the world?
A. No, since this is not a regular account therefore, it is not possible. As explained in question no.2 that this card is only limited to receive funds and then you can withdraw those funds from an ATM machine.
Q. Which ATM networks support this card to withdraw funds or check card balance?
A. You can get cash at any ATM machine with logo of these networks Star, Interlink, Plus & Pulse. Normally any ATM machine where you get cash with a Visa card, will also accept our ATM card.
Q. Can I use this ATM card for POS purchases just like Visa or MasterCard?
A. No, as this ATM card can only be used to withdraw funds at ATM machines you cannot use ATM card to make purchases like Visa or MasterCard.
Q. How I can load money into this ATM card?
A. This is not a money transfer card, we do not offer any service to load money into your card ourselves. Rather this ATM card is only supposed to receive payments from US merchants, companies, individuals or employers via ACH. Only by those means money can be loaded into your card then you can withdraw at any ATM machines.
Q. How I can order this card?
A. You can order this card using Western Union, MoneyGram, Swift/Bank transfer and Payment.
Q. How much does this card cost?
A. It costs Eur 950 or the USD equivalent inclusive of DHL shipping.
Q. In how many days I will receive my card?
A. Normally within 10 to 14 working days you will receive the card via DHL.
Q. What are card transaction limitations?
A. Maximum ATM withdrawal = $500 per day / Maximum balance at any time = $5000
Q. Are there any usage fees associated with this card?
A. Yes, card fees below
* Monthly Maintenance = $3.95
* International ATM withdrawal = $3 / transaction
* US ATM withdrawal = $1 / transaction
* Card Inactivity = $20 (to avoid card inactivity charge it's highly advised to use your ATM card at least once in a month)
* ACH debit fees = Free
* ACH credit fees = $0.50
* International/US ATM inquiry = Free
* International/US ATM denial = Free
* Online account access = $0.15 per session, (It is recommended to only check your account online when it is really necessary to avoid fees of 15 cent per session.

Alternatively, you can always check your card balance for free at any ATM machine.)

Just five minutes gets you a ATM Card Linked to a Virtual US Checking Account:

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2. Within 10-14 working days you will receive by courier your card and full particulars.

3. Cost is Eur 950 including DHL delivery.

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