Bearer Share Company & Bank Account

A Best Selling Offshore Company
and Company Bank Account

This is one of our best company bank account offerings because it offers our customers excellent value for their money.

We offer a unique and rare opportunity in today's world, a truly anonymous bearer share company from one of the world's leading offshore Centre's, PLUS a company bank account; both from highly respected locales in the privacy haven arena.

We've taken all the hassles out of obtaining a company and bank account for you in two of the leading offshore locales. With PT Shamrock's bank account's, there are:

  • No hassles
  • Fast and superior service to get you up and running in no time.
  • Set-up time is normally 4-6 days *from the time bank receives all required documentation (subject to banks schedule,) from you.*
  • Internet banking by token and a debit card available at a small additional fee, payable direct to the bank as soon as your account is opened.
  • Multi-currency accounts, i.e. US$, Eur, CHF, Yen, GBP, etc.

Simply provide us with three names for your company in order of preference. One of them will be available for incorporation and will become your companies name. Bear in mind that the suffix needs to end in Limited, Inc., S.A., etc. Set-up time for your company is approximately 5-8 working days from the time we receive your completed order form and cleared funds. Scanned copies of your company papers are emailed to you as soon as we receive copies. We'll include the bank account application form as well. Then once you receive your original hard company papers (dispatched to you anywhere in the world via courier, you fill out sign and email then back to us for proofing in the event something needs to be adjusted, etc. Once we confirm that all is in order, you courier everything direct to the bank's address to be provided. (We do not recommend sending these sensitive documents by post as tracking is not as good as with courier companies like DHL, Federal Express, UPS, TNT, etc.)

Here is what you receive:

  1. A Belize, Nevis or Seychelles Company in your chosen name
  2. All fully apostilled papers in English and Spanish
  3. Apostilled blank power of attorney so that YOU fill in the name of the person you wish to operate your company and bank affairs. This way only YOU operate the account. No middle men or trust companies involved here.
  4. First years resident agents and company directors included
  5. First year government franchise fee paid
  6. An offshore bank account with easy to use Internet banking, an ATM card, plus a digi pass for you to authenticate Internet banking instructions.
  7. Multi-currency account to send/receive remittances in any currency

You're own Belize, Nevis or Seychelles COMPANY and company bank account is yours if you act now.

You are probably aware that big brother is closing tax loopholes and tightening offshore banking rules thanks mainly to FATCA, which went into effect January 1st, 2013. This blatant attack on your banking privacy is unprecedented in our lifetime. However you can still legally own an offshore company and bank account if you act fast. Normally when laws change or new ones are enacted, existing companies and accounts are "grand fathered" in, so you are more likely to be safe with a bearer share company and account.

To obtain this highly prestigious product all that is required is:

1. A name and street address with a contact telephone number for courier delivery and contact details, i.e. an e-mail address.
2. Your choice of three company names- one of them will be available and used to setup your company (not required if you elect an off the shelf, ready to use company.)
3. A notarised copy of your passport and your notarised signature on the banks signature card.
4. Bank reference letter and a current utility bill less than 2 months old.
5. Your company and bank account setup fee of just EUR 2,750.

To reiterate here's what you get:

  • A Belize, Nevis or Seychelles Company in your chosen name
  • Share Declaration (for bank account opening purposes
  • Fully apostilled papers in English and Spanish (translated for the bank.)
  • First year government franchise fee and resident agents fees paid
  • An Caribbean offshore bank account with easy to use Internet banking, plus codes for you to authenticate Internet banking instructions. A debit card and security token are available direct from the bank at a small cost and can be debited from your first opening deposit.
  • Multi-currency account to send/receive remittances in any currency
  • No minimum opening deposit required, but US$/Eur650 minimum suggested.

If you require a mail drop as your company address contact us for full information. Special discount with order herein.

Due to contractual agreement we are unable to provide the name the issuing bank. Suffice that said we have personally used this bank for many years and couldn't recommend them higher.

Your bank is located in a first class privacy locale, in a prestigious haven. This Caribbean bank requires:

  • notarised passport
  • utility bill less than 2 months old
  • Bank reference letter or in lieu of bank reference, a reference letter from a lawyer and accountant 'might' be accepted at the banks discretion.
  • All company document required by the bank is included with this setup

For fastest service may we suggest you remit payment by Western Union, MoneyGram, or a bank to bank wire. Sorry postal orders are no longer accepted.

There is going to be a substantial price increase next year, along with new and stricter ID and reference requirements due to upcoming (new) money laundering and FATCA laws. We suggest in the strongest possible terms to obtain your bearer share company and bank account in order to obtain these highly private offshore structures before it's too late.

Bearer Shares: A negotiable share made out in the name of the bearer and not in the name of a particular person or organization. The shares in the capital of a company, which are transferable by delivery of the certificate. Unlike registered shares, which are transferred by an instrument of transfer, the name of the holder is not registered in the books of the company.

To pay by Bank wire, BitCoin, MoneyGram, MoneyBookers/Skrill or Western Union please proceed to and order at our secure web site order form Your order code is "Share Caribbean Special."

Your order code is "Share Account Special."

We accept Western Union, MoneyGram, MoneyBookers/Skrill and BitCoin plus bank to bank wires for payment.

All orders treated strictly personal & highly confidential! See order form!

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