BitCoin ATM/Debit Card

The PT - BitCoin ATM/Debit Card

Your valuable tools to Freedom, Wealth & Privacy!

BitCoin ATM/Debit Card!

Want Wealth? Want Freedom? Want Privacy? Then look no further as PT Shamrock's leprechaun has the answer for you.

This BitCoin ATM/Debit Card Is For You!

This first time offered USD denominated BitCoin ATM/Debit card might be right up your alley!

Our leprechaun has been able to persuade this card source to issue a limited number of these impressive US$10,000 monthly No Name BitCoin Debit/ATM card for our customers.

In addition to card loads via swift bank wire or Western Union, this card offers loads via BitCoins when a card holder signs up for their associates BitCoins account for free.



* Is this BitCoin ATM/Debit Card available in USD or Euro?
* Is my passport and utility bill required?
A - A PASSPORT and recent utility bill are required. Plus a short one page application needs to be
filled out, signed and emailed back to us along with your ID.
* How is the card delivered? By courier delivery?
A - YES - TNT courier delivery worldwide and we will provide you with a tracking number once your card is dispatched
* Is internet viewing available?
* How can the cards be loaded?
A - Bank swift wire YES. BitCoin when a card holder signs up for card sources associates BitCoins account for free and loads via Western Union are also possible.
* How much is the card renewal fee?
A - Renewal is $35 + $100 courier
* Is there an initial load?
A - The initial $100 load is included in the cost.
* What are the cards limits?
A - There is a maximum DAILY withdrawal LIMIT ­ via ATM / And via POS / of $2500 daily. ATM limit (depends on local ATM limits.)
$2500 daily POS limit
$2500 daily Load limit
$10,000 max amount allowed on card at any one time; maximum weekly load - US$10,000.00; spend it, then reload US$10,000 and spend it again and reload.
* Taking in count. Loading takes 4 days ( maximum of 2,500 per day )
* This can happen within the same calendar month.
* The card just can't go over 10,000 as your balance.
* Annual loading limits is USD 120,000 PER CALENDAR year.

At the same time, client can wire AS MUCH AS you want to the card sources account in Central America and they will deposit as they need and as instructed by you.

* Methods of load, i.e. bank wire via swift (not Iban), BitCoin and Western Union, etc. .
* What is the cost for this card?
A - Single-Card is Eur 595.00 + shipping (Eur 75) = Eur 670. This included an initial load of US$100 on your card!
* Is there a NO ID option in the event I do not wish to use my own details?
A - Yes. For the NO ID Option the cost is Eur 2,350 including the card, courier cost, the no ID option and your initial US$100 load.

Includes one (1) USD BitCoin ATM/Debit card. Just your scanned passport copy and a recent utility bill is required plus a short one page application need be filled out and emailed to us.

How it Works
1. Order your BitCoin ATM card at
2. Application Approved (no credit check)
3. Card dispatched by courier to You
4. Card Activated
5. Load Your Card!
6. Access Funds at ATM - Use as Debit Card

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Ask about our NO ID option.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to service your privacy requirements.

PT Shamrock

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- Edmund Burke - 1784

Publisher's note: Due to the limited number of these BitCoin ATM/Debit cards, it is advisable to e-mail us prior to remitting your payment to assure there are cards in stock and available for sale. Alternatively you might consider our other Cash and / or ID ATM cards. See our card options by simply clicking on the blue highlighted links.

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