Guide to Instant Citizenship

Insider's guide to instant citizenship's and second passports

How to legally obtain a second foreign passport or driver's license. See our comprehensive section on Answers to common questions about citizenship issues.

Argentina, Guatemala, Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Dominican Republic, St. Kitts/Nevis,
The Bahamas and a few other countries have acquisition programs.

Citizenship acquisition programs are available through an extremely reputable, well established, recommended Immigration Consultant who represents countries whose passports offer visa-free travel to numerous destinations.

Citizenship of these countries can be attained by naturalization in a few months, waiving the normal three to five year residency period.

For a comprehensive analysis of each country, see Dr. Charles Freeman's "How To Legally Obtain A 2nd Passport."

Consultant controlled program Guatemala, Peru, Panama, Venezuela and Brazil offer programs that are controlled by a recommended consultant.

These can be processed in 90 to 120 working days. (In cases of emergency, for a priority rush fee of €5000 per application with a minimum of five orders, documents can be processed in 21 to 28 working days.)

Everything is included in the processing fee specified in the section allocated to each country. There are no additional costs and no further investments necessary.

Since your money is placed in an escrow account controlled by you, your funds are never at risk. If delivery is not made within the specified period of time your funds are released to you in full.

You will not have to make a visit to your chosen country in connection with your application, nor will you incur any tax or other obligations by virtue of your having become a citizen of another country. It is not necessary for you to renounce your present citizenship and no one will be notified of your new nationality.

Should you require another identity and/or name other than your own, official, legal, name change documents must be filed. Your name change will be recorded by the issuing country, but nowhere else. There is an additional fee for this procedure.

All passports come complete with exit stamps.

Some Common Questions and Answers

These are questions that have been posed to our consultant on many occasions, and his replies.

Question. What can I gain from second citizenship?
Answer. Many people see a very ominous trend developing in the "free countries of the world". Every year, more and more of our freedoms are being shaved away. Already, many Western Governments have removed their citizens right to obtain a second passport (and therefore to travel) if the hapless citizen is having any of a number of civil disputes with government, including tax disputes. Even if the citizen is completely in the right he cannot leave. This would have been inconceivable just ten, fifteen years ago. Unfortunately, things seem to be getting worse rather than better and many thoughtful observers are becoming quite concerned for the future of freedom.

For the moment our source is holding open a window of opportunity that allows one to obtain what many forward thinking individuals now consider an essential element of insurance against further loss of freedoms. How long we will be able to keep this window open is uncertain at this time, but many feel that this is a very appropriate moment to obtain supplementary citizenship, against some future "rainy day".

Question. Which countries can I visit without visas?
Answer. For the latest visa free and visa required countries you can visit, we'd suggest you visit We do not recommend St. Kitts/Nevis passports at this time.

Regarding the Bahamas, another Commonwealth country, the major-visa-free-travel countries are more extensive than Belize and St. Kitts/Nevis Bahamian documentation is also not recommended at this time due to the large investment required to get involved. If you already have an excellent passport, we do however, recommend the Bahamas as a domicile for you to obtain Permanent Residency. The island lifestyle is superb and the available tax benefits for Permanent Residents are very advantageous.

The Republic of Ireland, a respected member of the European Community, offers the best visa-free-travel in the world, plus holders of Irish passports can live and work without a visa in any EC member country. Effectively if you or your family are Irish Citizens, you become citizens of the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Greece, Denmark, Portugal and soon Austria, Sweden and Finland. The cost for your entire family to become full naturalized citizens of Ireland in 90 to 120 working days is substantial, i.e. Euro. If you can afford it, then without doubt Ireland is the top of the list. See Irish Residency for full particulars.

Our next best selection is Guatemala or Panama, both which provides excellent Visa-free-travel for peanuts compared to the cost of the Ireland residency program cost. Guatemala is particularly an excellent choice as there are two program available, both of which are extremely flexible, whilst offering excellent visa free near worldwide travel. Contact Us for particulars.

Question. Is it difficult to obtain visas?
Answer. All of the Central and South American countries have excellent diplomatic relations and visas are easily obtainable (while you wait or overnight). You can apply in your country of "residence". Commonwealth countries require a longer wait.

Question. Where do I take delivery of my passport?
Answer. Delivery is normally made via registered mail to any address in the world. We suggest in Europe which is greatly to your benefit. For instance Switzerland is the easiest country to enter on your present passport and if you like you can travel out of Switzerland on your new passport. Passports that need visas like St. Kitts/Nevis and the Bahamas will be stamped.

Question. Why is there an additional cost for family members?
Answer. A few countries such as Argentina and Bolivia allow additional family members to be included in the original passport which greatly reduces the cost to additional family members. However the countries currently on offer issue a separate passport for each family member and the processing time is the same for each. Remember a passport is for life, so even if a child is newly born, he will need a passport to travel and the cost is the same. There are however reduced rates, in some cases, for children under the age of 18 years. If family members are processed at a later date than when the original application was processed then the cost is the same as the original, as the processing implications are the same.

Question. For how long are passports valid and can they be renewed?
Answer. Most passports are valid for five or ten years depending on the country of issue but This is not a formal renewing process requiring new forms and photographs. Your present passport is simply taken to any Consulate and is stamped, and renew it for a further five years. At the end of ten years another new passport will be issued through a Consulate or Embassy, new forms and photographs are required. The process will take a few days depending on Consular policy and upon passport traffic at the particular office.

Question. How is payment made and is my money at risk?
Answer. Source is obliged to pay in full, in cash, in advance for your passport package (which is only of value to you) before your application is even considered. Your full payment therefore must be placed in PT Shamrock's bank/escrow account held in our Company account using one of five remaining AAA rated banks in the world or another legal Firm of the consultants choice. The money (less start up attorney fees) remains your property while it is in the account until proof and verification of your documents are procedure. The money is only released to us when you receive your passport verification. If you do not receive satisfactory delivery by a specified time then your money (upon your request) is returned to you in full. You are never at risk. We assume all risk.

Question. Are prices negotiable?
Answer. No all prices are fixed. To the best of our knowledge we have the only reputable organization offering these services. They have an impeccable record of delivery, which we are very proud of. They will deliver valid passports, valid ID cards and valid drivers licenses through the naturalization process in the specified time, waiving the normal 3 to 5 year residency requirement and under absolute confidentiality and security, delivered to your door. Our fees are not expensive for the service offered and you receive a degree of integrity and reliability that is absolutely without equal. There are many travel documents of dubious validity being sold by other firms at the moment, you can be totally confident that those supplied by us are exactly what they are represented to be.

Question. Are there any countries on offer but that you do not recommend?
Answer. As a last resort, we will offer Paraguay, Chile and Peru as residency programs. We will not however accept any responsibility for these countries because of constant political and legal changes. There are also potential problems related to customs, immigration and passport renewal procedures.

Question. I am a little skeptical. What else should I avoid?
Answer. Remain skeptical., Investigate thoroughly before you part with your money. Obtaining a second passport is a major step, and you must choose the firm with which you deal as carefully as you would choose a surgeon. Avoid any firm which asks for advance up front consultancy fees. You will never again see your money or any documents. Your money must go into a protected account with a reliable bank where it takes your signature to release any funds. This is the only way your money is safe.

Question. Are my affairs kept confidential?
Answer. Source are professionals of many years standing. When you become their client your secrets and your privacy are absolutely safe. No one and no other government or any other authority will be notified that you have applied for, much less obtained, a second passport. It is a private affair.

Question. Is it possible for me to obtain documents under a different name?
Answer. Yes. The question often arises from Middle Eastern clients whose surname might subject them to terrorism. Therefore once we are satisfied that your record is free of criminal convictions, it is possible to apply under a different name, by using a deed-poll legalized name change procedure. We can legally change your name in the country from where your new passport will be issued. To do this we must file the documents necessary for a legal name change in the issuing country, which will then allow us to apply for the passport in the new name. The name change will only be recorded in the issuing country and nowhere else. There is a small additional fee but we must emphasize that although it is perfectly legal to carry out this task, we must first be satisfied that your intentions are proper.

Question. What advantages do Latin American passports have over other passports?
Answer. Legally every Latin American has two last names. Firstly, his or her father's last name, followed by his or her mother's last name. For example if your name is John Doe because your father's name was Jacob Doe and your mother's maiden name was Sarah Smith then your full legal name, carried in your Latin American passport is John Doe Smith. Legally you may call yourself John Doe or John Smith or John Doe-Smith, and legally you may travel in any of these names, open bank accounts in any of these names, hold assets in any of these names and maintain credit cards in any of these names. Since most people (i.e. creditors, friends, associates, tax authorities, and even ex-spouses) have no idea what your mother's maiden name was this is a perfect opportunity to protect your assets by using a legal alternative name. And it is 100% legal.

In addition, certain Central American Countries that were former Spanish colonies have a special law. This special law may allow you to parlay your Central American citizenship into a Spanish, i.e. EU passport, should you qualify.

Question. Do you plan to offer any other countries in the future?
Answer. Yes. We do hope to be able to offer other countries in the future under our expedited naturalization process, including several other EC countries. For the moment however, the countries that we offer represent the best choices available in the world today. If there was something better available, we would have already made arrangements to be able to offer it to our clients.

The vast majority of our business comes from referrals by satisfied clients. The reasons for this are simple: service, security and satisfaction. Our years of experience, global research and worldwide contacts keep us instantly informed of new developments. If we do not offer a particular passport, there is almost certainly a very good reason.

Question. What is involved in the application process?
Answer. You will submit a completed application form ( which we will supply to you) along with passport photos, a police clearance, a copy of your present passport and copies of your birth and marriage certificates. We cannot accept an application if we have any doubt as to the intent or background of our client. In the interest of time-saving, if you have ever been indicted or charged with a criminal offense (except for political offenses), or if you have ever been imprisoned for one year or longer , please enclose full details with your application and perhaps a waiver can be acquired.

In cases where a police clearance cannot be obtained because of political instability in your country of origin, your attorneys affidavit, on our affidavit form may be acceptable under some circumstances.

When you become our client, your application is received in absolute trust and is covered by the Attorney-Client Fiduciary Privilege of total confidentiality. If for any reason your application is refused, your entire file will be destroyed, and your escrow funds returned to you in full immediately.

Question. How do I start the Process?
Answer. Simply notify source through PT Shamrock Ltd., that you would like to begin and tell us which country you desire. Remit proof of funds and our referral fee (Euro1,000). We will email you the application form, a copy of the application and our bank/escrow pay-in particulars. Once your proof of funds has been accepted, you will be notified to transfer Euro1,000 for the processing papers. When the Euro1,000 for the processing papers have been received, you will then receive the other instructions on remitting the remaining fee's into escrow together with a final letter of transmittal. You will then simply complete the application form, along with the other required documents and a bankers draft in favour of the escrow account. Things will then get underway immediately. Most of our clients prefer to wire-transfer their funds directly to the Bank or other legal Corporation Escrow Account, so we also provide wire transfer instructions.

After the payment is funded in our bank / escrow account. As you would have already submitted your proof of funds and accepted, your application be will start to be processed. In the case of your being naturalized, a few countries will require you to visit the host country. Full details upon submitting your proof of funds and being accepted. You will be informed when your application is accepted and ready for processing. At this point all you need do is sit back and wait for your papers to be delivered. The process is really quite simple and absolutely secure.

Question. Will prices increase?
Answer. Prices will go up in 2016. All prices are quoted in €uro. The prices in the January 2015 Fee Schedule list. (These prices are specified in the sections on each country and are subject to change without notice). All prices are however, firm once your application has been accepted, there will be no further increases. Fees include registered mail delivery and cover all banking fees,processing, lawyer fees and taxes, if any. Your payment is fully inclusive - except of course for the direct government investments required by Uruguay, St. Kitts/Nevis, The Bahamas and several other countries.

Question. Why do you sell passports and how do I get started?
Answer. PT Shamrock Limited does not sell passports. We act as a referral agent for the CONTACT only if YOU meet the proof of funds requirement and pay our €1,000 referral fee.

Alternatively and some what less expensive we suggest you obtain a recently updated copy of Dr. Charles Freeman's best selling book, "How To Legally Obtain A 2nd Passport" available from PT Shamrock for just € 29.95

Comprehensive information on issues like these are published by our associate PT newsletters. Please see our newsletters section for more information and to which you are invited to subscribe.

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