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Everyone knows the difference a degree can make in your income! Now you can obtain a prestigious University Degree without doing a course"With Full Accreditation" for Prior Learning!
We can now offer you this fine academic degree program from an accredited university.

Is it really legal?
Categorically yes! And not just in the USA and Canada, either. Take the UK: The British Parliament 1988 Education Act states that "The awards made by overseas educational establishments should be recognized, and the assessment and recognition of such qualifications would be a matter for the individual employer and professional bodies." So there it is: you obtain a degree based on your CV or resume and this is perfectly legal, as long as it does not claim to be from a DES registered establishment or a British University.

These degrees are not, and do not claim to be recognized by the UK's DES. There are no country residential requirements for the award of these degrees, yet any official body requiring confirmation of the awards made would be supplied with confirmation of same awards from the university.

Hence, under present legislation these degrees are perfectly legal. The university will verify and confirm degree status of all graduates degrees as a part of this service. Your degree is granted based upon your life experience, so be sure to include your CV (resume,) along with your paid order.

Please note:: DO NOT contact us asking us for the name of the university nor the country it is located. Due to contractual agreement and in order to maintain the integrity of this degree programme, we will not divulge either until we receive a fully paid order. That said the university is located within a Western European Country, but it is NOT in the UK!

Thank you for your understanding in this regard.

The Following Degrees Are Currently Available:

The BACHELOR OF ARTS (BA) from the following:
Business Studies - Accountancy, Administration, Business Law, Insurance, International Law, Management, Marketing
and Personnel
Education - Educational studies and Further Education Fine Arts - Art and Music
Liberal Arts - History, Languages, Literature, Philosophy and Theology, Feminism
Social Studies - Economics, Politics, Social Administration and Sociology, Government
Leisure - Leisure Studies, Recreation Management

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (B.Sc.) from the following:
Biological Sciences - Biology, Botany, Zoology, Physiotherapy
Physical Sciences - Environmental Studies, Geography and Physics
Mathematical Sciences - Mathematics, Computer Science, Geometry and Statistics
Engineering - Mechanical, Electrical, Project and Constructional
Sports Science - Physiology, Biomechanics, Psychology

BACHELOR OF COMMERCE (BCom) from the following:
Business Economics - Accounting, Budgets and Economic forecasting
Business Management - Financial, Economics and Investment
Business Policy - Marketing, Production and Information
International Business - Financial Management, International Strategy and The Common Market

BACHELOR OF LAWS (LLB) from the following:
Commercial Law - Financial, Contract and Sale of Goods Law
Corporation - Contracts, Incorporation, Takeovers and Mergers and Liquidation
Criminal Law - Person, Property, State and Penal Systems
Employment Law - Industrial Tribunals, Redundancy, Sex Discrimination, Unfair Dismissal and Union Law
International Law - League of Nations, Municipal Law and Sea
Land Law - Covenants, Leases and Mortgages

BACHELOR OF MUSIC (BMus) from the following:
Church or Sacred Music

BACHELOR OF DIVINITY (BD) from the following:
Old and New Testament
Religious History or Study

MASTERS degrees from the following:
Master of Arts (MA)
Master of Science (MSc)
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
[Also: MBA Self Study Course available - please inquire] Master of Laws (LLM)
Master of Theology (MTh)
Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

DOCTORATE awards follow the same pattern:
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
Doctor of Education (EdD)
Doctor of Letters (DLitt)
Doctor of Laws (LLD)
Doctor of Music (DMus)
Doctor of Science (DSc)
Doctor of Divinity (DD)

This particular university has an Accrediting Association of its own through which the awards are stimulated, strengthened and substantiated. This Accreditation Association will confirm your awards to any inquirer.

Bachelor's Degree (BA, BCom, BSc. &c.) - US$ 900
Bachelor's Degree with honors - US$ 980
Master's Degree - US$ 1,450
Doctorate Award - US$ 1,950

* All the above in ONE subject - US$ 4,000 (save US$ 380!)

Please note:
University does not provide transcripts (most European institutions do not) but can supply "Student Academic Records." See below.
University does not provide medical degrees
University does provide an accreditation address and details so your degree can be verified by an employer, etc.
University can obtain US State Department attestation (example follows) - fee US$650 (takes 2-3 weeks). As of May 2014 no Embassy attestation available. Embassies will now only accept traditional awards issued by educational establishments that are listed in the International Year Book. As a non-traditional university we are not listed in the IYB.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions ...

Q. How long will it take to get my degree/diploma?
A. Processing is usually about 2-3 weeks after receipt of application, your CV (resume) and cleared funds.

Q. What is a "CV"?
A. "CV" is the Latin for Curriculum Vitae it is your "resume"

Q. How detailed does my CV need to be?
A. As detailed as you can, but it should relate to the academic area for which you are applying for a degree.

Q. The award I want is not on the list, is it available?
A. We will consider awarding ANY degree or diploma in any subject with the exception of Doctor of Medicine. If the subject is not listed please put your preferred subject in your application and we will try to get as close as we can, but we reserve the right to adjust the title as appropriate.

Q. I want to get a Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate, will they be dated differently?
A. Yes! Tell us the dates you want for each.

Q. What exactly will I get from the university?
A. Well of course you will get a diploma or degree in the subject/s you requested and you will benefit from our CAA Accreditation support from then on, we will confirm your qualifications to any inquirer as long as you need it.

Q. Do you supply Transcripts?
A. Transcripts are an American invention and are not normally supplied from European institutions. We can supply them at an additional cost, based on your CV and the subject.

We call them "Student Academic Records". An employer wishing to check the validity of any particular award will write to us and be given details of the award, it's date, subject and name of recipient, that is normal. Details are included in the Graduate information pack which accompanies each degree.

Q. What do your transcripts or Student Academic Records cover?
A. Transcript is a record of courses passed during a degree, sometime with grades - we use "pass" "distinction" and "referred" (fail - not that we ever put that). Essentially, it is a verification that certain subjects are covered in certain degrees.

Q. Can the school have my degree notarized?
A. Yes the school can do this for a small nominal fee at time of initial ordering.


Master of Business Administration
The College & University we offer operates a very successful tutored Master of Business Administration Course (MBA) from , the full fees for which are £2,500 ($4000.00). Here's an excerpt from their information file: "We have begun a program of the same course on a "Self Study" basis, for people with the discipline to learn by themselves and in their own time, anywhere in the World, at a much reduced cost.

The process of studying at the MBA level will help students to develop the conceptual skills necessary to respond and take advantage of a changing business environment. The Course will help you develop further your interpersonal and management skills, develop strategies for your own and the organization's growth within any business environment, improve your managerial effectiveness and prepare you for the more Senior positions you are likely to aspire to in the future."

Here is what the course provides;

  • The Complete "MBA Study Book"
  • The "12 Examination Papers"
  • A "Graded Transcript of Studies"
  • The "Master of Business Administration Degree Certificate"
  • Support from the Correspondence Accreditation Association, confirming your qualifications to any inquirer.
  • Entry to our University Yearbook

The Transcript of studies, which you will get as part of the package leads you through the contents of the course in a 12 stage modular progression with examination papers provided for you at each level, each to be completed in your own time and through your own initiative.

Transcript of Studies - Master of Business Administration

Part One - Personal Development, High Achievement
1.1 Analyzing yourself
1.2 Setting goals (One and three year goals)

Part Two - Time Management
2.1 Assessing your time management skills
2.2 Focusing on results and opportunities
2.3 Using your diary for better time management

Part Three - Personal effectiveness
3.1 Appearances
3.2 Handling your manager or fellow Directors
3.3 Delegation and team building
3.4 Meetings
3.5 The telephone
3.6 Personal productivity
3.7 Personal motivation
3.8 Business knowledge
3.9 The effective manager

Part Four - Solving problems and decision making
4.1 Effective decision making
4.2 Solving problems
4.3 Handling crisis

Part Five - Effective communication skills
5.1 Effective writing
5.2 Effective presentations

Part Six - Finance
6.1 Understanding the essentials
6.2 Techniques to increase profits

Part Seven - Project management
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Project life cycle
7.3 Project programs and the organization
7.4 Planning and the project life cycle
7.5 Progressing the agreed plan
7.6 Controlling the program
7.7 Final handover to the client
7.8 Main characteristics of project managers
7.9 Support for project management

Part Eight - Human resources management
8.1 The people factor
8.2 Human resources strategy
8.3 Managing change
8.4 Communications
8.5 Achieving effective people performance
8.6 Human resources and your organization

Part Nine - Competitive marketing strategy
9.1 The purpose of strategy
9.2 Market segments
9.3 Costs and market share
9.4 Revenue and costs
9.5 Strategy formulation, planning and implementation

Part Ten - Strategy and business development
10.1 A practical approach to business development strategy
10.2 Turn around of a loss making business

Part Eleven - Business plans
11.1 introduction
11.2 Key ingredients

Part Twelve - Acquisitions and disposals of unquoted companies
12.1 Buying
12.2 Selling
12.3 Negotiating
12.4 Managing post completion

Final Grade
Transcript of Studies, adapted from the *** MBA tutored course from this university Master of Business Administration - Home Study Course Included in the full fee:

The Complete "MBA Study Book"
The "12 Examination Papers"
A "Graded Transcript of Studies"
The "Master of Business Administration Degree Certificate"
Support from the Correspondence Accreditation Association, confirming your qualifications to any inquirer.
Entry to our University Yearbook

The ALL inclusive fee for the MBA SELF STUDY COURSE is only $ 1,600.
Accreditation for Prior Learning Degree / Diploma Program

Academic Robes

Gowns, hoods and mortar boards are available for every degree. For all Bachelors, Masters, Doctorates and Professorships, they are individually made to measure for each graduate by one of the top makers in the world of ecclesiastical and college robes. The quality of their work is superb and the materials they use are the best. You certainly will not be disappointed with your robes.

We request that when you have received your robes, you will no doubt want to be photographed in them and we would appreciate a copy of that photograph, please do not be shy and thank you for your interest.

The cost of a complete set of robes for any Bachelor Award is GBP450 (US$700), Masters GBP500 (US$775), Doctorates/Professorships GBP550 (US$850). These prices include vat and all delivery charges and only with a degree order.

Identity Cards

Credit card size laminated with your photo and Trinity College logo. No expiry date. Use for admission to other universities and restaurants and discounts in shopping and travel all countries have various schemes of discounts for Students Cost GBP25 US$48 Euro 40. Well worth having especially for your travel requirements.

Send passport size coloured face photo, copy of your signature. The school ID card comes only when you order a degree.

---------- Cut, paste, then e-mail the below information to us then ----------

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For fastest service use pay by Western Union, Moneybookers/Skrill, MoneyGram or BitCoins.


TITLE(S): ... BACHELOR OF .................. (US$ 900)

... BACHELOR OF (WITH HONORS) .... (US$ 980) *

... MASTER OF .................... (US$ 1,450) *

... DOCTORATE IN ................ (US$ 1,950) * *

All the above in ONE subject - US$ 4,000 (save US$ 380!) *

Order a BACHELOR'S DEGREE (Hons.) in tandem with a MASTER'S DEGREE and pay only - US$ 2.300 (save US$ 130!)

... Add US$650 for US State Department Attestation.

... Add US$700 for a complete set of robes for any Bachelor Award
... Add US$775 for a complete set of robes for any Master Award
... Add US$850 for a complete set of robes Doctorates/Professorships
...Add US$48 for your university Identity Card.

Name EXACTLY as you want it to appear on your degree (first name first, then SURNAME.)

Degree(s) should be dated as follows: ........................... ...........................

Also, please specify subject(s): ................................... ................................... ...


... MBA HOME STUDY COURSE ........ (US$ 1,600)

To pay by Bank wire, MoneyGram, Skrill or Western Union please proceed to and order at our secure web site order form.

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