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This authoritative book details exactly HOW agents and investigators "set up" their targets and use various devices to obtain private data. But more than just methods of privacy protection and current tools of the trade. PERSONAL AND BUSINESS PRIVACY teaches how to recognize signs of possible snooping and avoid situations that can compromise privacy.

How Surveillance Is Conducted (worth the price of the book alone'. Buildings and rooms; Industrial areas; Vaults; Public areas (hotels, restaurants, spas, motels); Vehicles, public and private; Outdoor areas (parks, beaches, deserted roads, shopping malls, sports stadiums); Telephones, public and ~ate; Agent-in-place; Wired agents; Technical devices (microphones. taps, relays, sensors, recorders, etc.; New methods (low light, infrared, video, time lapse).

What to do to protect yourself. Review operations; Proprietary discussions and data; Random changes; Spot searches; Rat patrol; Meeting places; Body alarms; Cold telephones; Codes and crypto systems; Eliminate or turn agents; Delouse yourself. PLUS numerous tables, figures, and questions-and-answers that enable you to determine your own options for protecting both your business and personal privacy. 154 pages. #405 $24.95

Want to get paid too? Well, there are transport firms that PAY responsible drivers to deliver motor homes and other large vehicles individually, and this could well be an opportunity for you to get paid to do the traveling you've always wanted to do. This complete report details all the essentials of the job (the author made a living at this) and gives names of firms to contact. Maturity and a good driving record are pluses for this job. The author states that earnings can be $30,000 to $50,000 a year. This is even better than free travel... I 32 pages. #798 S12.0O.

How would you like be be on a constant "world cruise"? And even get paid for it? The author details not only how it can be done, but how many adventurous types are actually doing it---today! here's a collection of the current opportunities for free travel available to anyone with the spirit to apply. Many of the travel arrangements can actually become sources of income while you're traveling. This report is a must for anyone who truly wants to travel for free. 58 pages. #778 $15.00

BULLET PROOF PRIVACY By the street-smart author of YOU & THE POLICE
This all-new book illustrates hundreds of ways to create every day privacy that will enable you to live "hidden, happy, and free." All the concerns of daily life present privacy implications, and they are covered here with clear, to-the-point instructions on how to carry them out. In 20 detailed chapters you will learn how to create privacy all around you: You computer; Privacy ~attitude; Personal relationships; ID; Finances; Mail; Phones; Pagers; Private home; Your guns; Making a living; Private car; Travel; Taxes and legal possibilities. We found many new ideas in BULLETPROOF PRIVACY which obviously come from someone who has been practicing them for some time. Here's some inspiring reading which can get you started NOW enjoying the benefits of greater personal privacy in ways you might never have thought possible. An excellent book. 140 pages. #520 $16.95

-Under $5.000 Tired of paying rent? Want the security of owning your own home? Then it's time to declare your financial independence by using the plans in this new book by Brian Kelling. For very little money you can enjoy a more independent and self-sufficient lifestyle. By following the author's many informative tips you'll be able to purchase a suitable piece of land, acquire a travel-trailer or RV to use as shelter, and make the necessary improvements to provide all the comforts of home-ownership. Power supply, septic system, refrigeration, water and heat can all be arranged for very little money if done right. Two dozen photos and illustrations show you how! Here's a great alternative that can also provide real personal privacy. 65 pages. #843 $10.00

Super-shopper, Randy Gorchoff, details all the sharpest methods to lower your grocery bill dramatically. Forget about clipping coupons-that's merely "retail" to Gorchoff. His new book shows you how to achieve "wholesale" solutions; Use the Coupon Exchange Club to get any and all the coupons you want. Join the Select Coupon Program for even more coupons. Use Feed America Associates for unprecedented savings. Contact manufacturers directly (80C numbers given) for their coupons. Take advantage of "double~triple" coupon supermarkets (directory for all states). The sources for all the above coupon "giveaways" are given, along with advice on how to benefit the most You could easily cut your grocery bill in half using the handfuls of coupons FREE for the asking. 125 pages. #846 $19.95

Here's the most complete and up-to the minute guide to over 400 specialty catalogs that serve a broad range of consumer interests: Books, tools, clothing, videos, hobbles, collectibles, gardening, and many others. You can order all these catalogs conveniently from this super, full-color catalog, and they will be mailed to you directly from their individual publishers. Catalog shopping was never made any easier. You'll even find surprising catalogs you never knew existed: Order this great "catalog of catalogs' today. 68 pages. #837 $4.00

Hundreds of Inspiring Ideas and commonsense principles show how to reduce your need for money. According to the author, "There Is more advantage In reducing costs than In increasing Income." The Conserver Lifestyle can make you immune to Inflation, recession, high prices, the rat-race of 9 to 5, unemployment, even forced relocation. Take full charge of your life by avoiding the many hidden traps of consumerism.. A complete program for finding bargains, earning casual Income, increasing your purchasing power, ending debts, gaining much greater free time, and even starting your own business on a shoestring. 232 pages. #453 $16.95

Master of Privacy, Bill Kaysing, takes you on a cook's tour of all the best areas in the Western U.S. to consider for finding or creating the perfect hideout Here's a sampling of topics covered: Types and locations of hideouts. A few hideout scenarios. Floating hideouts. Hot springs, too. Hideout facilities, food, clothing, etc. ~Self defense for your hideout. The ultimate hideout. The West is full of empty space, perfect for finding and creating your own special hideout. Kaysing shows where to look and what to do once you get there. Refreshing! 112 pages #552 $14.95

Want PRIVACY? Tired of telephone interruptions? Junk mall? Unwanted salesmen? Feeling "exposed" by your personal records and "private" relationships? Like to tell the world to "Get Lost!"? Want peace and quiet...? PRIVACY is the world's first guide to total personal privacy. How to get It How to enjoy it. PRIVACY helps you create your own beautiful privacy in "problem areas" such as: Mail and telephone ?Your actual address Bank accounts, finances Cam, possessions Your travels, health Personal relations. Education records Buying on credit Taxes, employment Personal identity In 28 brilliant chapters PRIVACY details hundreds of practical solution~ PRIVACY will enable you to live as Privately as you wish. No matter what your circumstances, you can Increase your privacy, even to the point of virtually "disappearing"!

NEW EDITION, UPDATED AND ENLARGED now includes expanded coverage of FINANCIAL PRIVACY: How not to use checking accounts; alternatives to checks and cash; secret bank accounts; how to use Swiss, Canadian, Mexican banks; avoiding US reporting requirements; Gold Deposit Certificates; Setting up deposit boxes, sales, and secret compartments; and much more. Here are some of the amazing subjects revealed in PRIVACY Keeping your finances secret Low profile, low budget living Using codes for mail, mall drops Use of multiple addresses, "interface" Telephone privacy; codes and debugging Alternatives to money and bank. Non~copy checks, use of other "ma men" Generating quick cash ~ anywhere Stepping into new roles, identities Privacy of body, mind and spirit Physical protection, avoiding violence Ending negative records, creating helpful ones Special needs of women, older ~citizens Education privacy for your children Privacy afloat, nomadic living, hideouts Cracking government files on you, plus: SPECIAL BONUS CHAPTER: "PRIVACY FROM THE TAX MAN" Cut Big Brother off at the pocket Effective tax avoidance, church plans, foreign banking, nonprofit foundations ideas that are imaginative - and Inspiring!! Plus LOTS, LOTS MORE... $50.00


THE DIRECTORY OF PRIVATE MAIL DROPS in the U.S. and 90 Foreign Countries A confidential mailing address is a superior way to begin increasing your personal privacy. Very few people really need to know where you actually live, so why advertise the fact with every piece of mail you send out? There are actually many good reasons for using a mail drop: Carry on secret correspondence. Conduct business under other names. Hide personal mail from snooping neighbors, employees, spouses. Avoid theft of magazines, boxes, etc., at apartments and hotels. Have mail waiting on travel routes. Use an actual street address as your own. Hide residence address from snoops and dangerous types. Instant privacy for divorces, bankruptcies, lawsuits, etc. The most complete source for finding a mail drop anywhere in the world is our all new DIRECTORY. Almost 3.000 services in more than 500 U.S. cities. and over 400 services located in 90 foreign countries give you the ultimate options you need to arrange privacy for your communications and other needs. Many of these firms offer related services which can be very convenient. Parcel shipping, telephone services, notary, lottery tickets, rubber stamps FAX, film developing, money orders, courier services, check cashing, UPS shipping, Western Union, etc. They will generally follow your instructions faithfully, since their main interest is earning the fees for their services. They can hold mail and/or re-mail under other names in different cover envelopes. Rates tend generally to be quite reasonable, and you can almost always call to see if you have any mail. Mail drops CAN be very instrumental in creating personal privacy. The EDEN DIRECTORY offers you the widest selection available anywhere. 90 pages. #681 $19.95 PRIVACY

You could be under surveillance at the post office. By law, any public investigator, from local to federal, can secure the full cooperation of your postmaster to conduct what is called a "mail cover" on all the mail you receive. There are no laws that prevent this. Within a few weeks' time the Investigator will have a convenient "fishing list of businesses and people who know you. THE POSTAL MAIL COVER details all the nasty things government snoops can do to your mail, but most importantly it also tells what we can do about it. There are good countermeasures we can take to avoid this gross invasion of our privacy. Mall covers can be easily bypassed with the right techniques. This amazing and informative manual provides effective methods for making end-runs around the snoopers. "Paper trails" can be stopped quickly if necessary. Sensitive correspondence can be rerouted in ways that will leave the investigators empty-handed. THE POSTAL MAIL COVER Is one of the finest contributions to privacy literature we've seen to date. More than mere description of the problem, this super book tells what to DO about it. Our kind of reading! 36 pages. #402 $10.00

The name says it all for this new book! Here's the first complete book in print on how mail drops can be utilized for maximum privacy. While the motives of most users of mail drops might be strictly for convenience, there are some imaginative users whose purposes could best be described as amazing, even exotic. By and large mail drops are perfectly legal, but they generally don't go out of their way to describe to potential users just how well they can service a diversity of privacy needs. This super book details the use of mail drops from every possible angle: Financial privacy Private storage Electronic mall Secretarial services Sexual uses Fake addresses A way to vanish Tracing through the mail Spotting mail drop addresses How to choose 8 good service Starting a mail drop business Underground mall drop e Ethics Any serious student of personal privacy will want to include this well-written and complete book in his library. You won't find this at B. Dalton... 108 pages.
#657 $17.95

How to use the FEDERAL F.O.I. ACT and the ACT OF 1974 Find out fast what government agencies have in their files about you, your activities, your associations and anything else some snoopy Investigator found "of interest." It's not always easy dealing with government bureaucracies, but this definite guide spells out the quick-and-easy of getting directly to your targets of inquiry. The task is made manageable by a step-by-step presentation, from initial letters (samples Included) to appeal forms (samples also provided). Details on fees that can be charged, as well as the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of various federal agencies are given. Everything you need to know is spelled out in understandable language. 60 pages. #640 $9.95

(Freedom of Information Act) EFFECTIVELY AGAINST THE I.R.S. Find out what the IRS knows about you and your activities. FOIA requests usually upset and delay tax Investigations, so here's the perfectly legal way to do what can't always be done in court. Step-by-step details for handling the IRS include making the Initial request, keeping it moving, reviewing records, appealing, and obtaining assistance. Everything you need is included: the actual law, countering stalling tactics, sample letters, addresses, plus dozens of suggestions for getting results. 57 pages. #404 $9.95

This new publication is a master list of the many sources of information available for whatever reason deemed necessary. More than 100 ratholes are critiqued for their potential usefulness, from the obvious; (banks, FBI) to the insidious; (informants, motels) to the obscure; (drugstores, sidewalk photo~ graphers). Knowing where the government will go to hunt you down is the first step toward keeping your trail clean. At the very least, you will become aware of the many situations where it might be best to keep your mouth shut.. 46 pages. #761 $10.00

With little effort and expense, you can hide cash, guns, even family members right in your own home or yard. Here is a complete guide for constructing dozens of hiding places, from small to very large. Over 100 drawings illustrate how to convert ordinary items into extraordinary hiding places. This book will inspire you to begin creating your own physical privacy through clever disguise and camouflage, right under the eyes of those who would most want to invade it. If you have anything to hide this book is for you! 120 pages.

#413 $12.95

This exciting new book has been needed for some time. Everyone, at one time or another, has probably considered disguising himself 'herself, but the right kind of information just wasn't easily available, and certainly not In one place. METHODS OF DISGUISE covers everything from "quick change" methods to long-term permanent disguises in illustrated detail.

A pocket disguise kit you can carry on you at all times and use to change your appearance instantly. Best mail-order sources of makeup, wigs, elevator shoes, false mustaches, fake eyeglasses, and other disguises. Disguising the voice~three quick and easy methods. How everyday makeup differs from stage makeup-what you must know. Changing facial profiles and even body profiles to avoid being recognized. Latest research on how people identify other people - surprising new findings. How to disguise yourself so completely even old friends won't recognize you.

More than 130 detailed drawings supplement the easy-to-understand texts. Everything there is to know about disguise now in one handy guide. Well worth knowing about. 142 pages. #415 $17.95


Here is a on~of-a-kind, complete manual on how to obtain and understand tiles collected by the FBI. The complicated FBI records system Is thoroughly explained with numerous illustrations and a glossary of agency terms and abbreviations. There are complete instructions and sample letters for making requests and appeals. Years of "dealing" with the FBI went into the preparation of this amazing book. The authors have distilled their findings into an Immediately useful and practical method for readers to secure and interpret their own FBI files. Old J. Edgar would be livid If he were to know what we all know~now. We regard this book as a great contribution to the effort of bringing bureaucracy into public light.

227 pages. #403 $12.95

Have you ever wanted to pass through a crowd unrecognized? Transform yourself so completely that not even your best friend recognizes you? Discover your enemies' secrete without arousing suspicion? DISGUISE TECHNIQUES can help you do these things and more with the perfected methods revealed by the author, a genuine master of disguise. DISGUISE TECHNIQUES is not lust another "bag of tricks." It goes far deeper. Learn to disguise the mind, as well as the body, to create an entirely new personality. Or, like a chameleon, use your mental powers to blend into your surroundings. There Is much more to a successful disguise than just clothes and makeup. With imagination and acting ability to guide you, no one will know who you are! Learn to size up people and situations at a glance, how to change your personality, and just when to discard your disguise. Since people tend to see only what they expect to se~and not what is really then~you can use these methods to fool all the people some of the time! 88 pages. #416 $10.00

THE CONSTRUCTION OF SECRET HIDING PLACES THE CONSTRUCTION OF SECRET HIDING PLACES presents new, original hiding places that you can construct with simple hand tools. Instructions are illustrated for creating such stash places as hollow table legs, false drawer bottoms, dummy plumbing, false duct work, windowsill, behind medicine cabinets, Inside doors, under stairways, even secret rooms! The real value of this book is in showing how much secret hiding space you can actually create with not too much effort. The best information we've seen yet. 63 pages. #414 $11.95

A Guide to Computer Security. Want to learn all the latest types of data encryption for your personal and business files?~This all-new book covers all kinds of programs and methods for protecting your computer data from hacking and theft. Written for computer users In clear language, it explores all the dangers and remedies, including the many types of encryption now on the market. This is the easiest to~understand book we've seen yet. 129 pages. #20 $22.95


This new book is by far the most detailed and complete description of concealment of physical objects ever printed. Here's how to hide your possessions so they just won't be found. Topics covered: Hiding places in the home. Hiding places on your person. Hiding places in automobiles. Types and intensity of searches. Tools and techniques used by searchers. Two sure ways to foil dogs. Things to consider when choosing hiding places. Tools needed for the job. Concealing weapons. How much work is involved. So what do you have to hide? There are four basic categories of items p~ people like to hide: Illegal items, survival gear, secret items, and very valuable items. We ALL have something to hide, or would like to hide, which is why this comprehensive new book is so very useful. More than 100 illustrations. 128 pages. #632 $14.95


This all-new manual reveals sophisticated aspects of skip tracing: The three types of missing persons, and how to determine quickly which Is which. How to determine the motivation b~ hind each missing person and use this as a way to find them. How to read between the lines and fill in missing pieces of information on the missing person. How to conduct a basic search in an hour or less which will locate 75% of all missing persons. How to use the double casing technique. Hard core techniques for obtaining information from people. Unusual services and sources for skip tracers. Twenty-five things you can do if your investigation dead ends. Plus hundreds of useful facts to ~ promote your investigation. Manual Is complete with skip tracing forms and professional checklists. 56 pages. #628 $19.95

Join one of the fastest-growing businesses today. Low overhead, no inventory, unlimited earning potential. Become a 'data detective". Find hidden assets, missing persons. Develop trial cases. Analyze backgrounds. Complete plan. Lots of details. 103 pages. #59 $19.95

You might be entitled to money you don't know anything about! The author of this all-new book Is a professional heir searcher who has helped hundreds claim money they never knew existed. Now you can find out if you or your family is due any unclaimed money from estates, the government or businesses. There are 40 BILLION unclaimed dollars in bank accounts, stocks and bonds, security deposits Social Security checks, savings bonds life insurance proceeds, retirement funds, dividend checks, trust funds, tax refunds, even employment checks. Included in the book are the Unclaimed Property Offices in all 50 states: the federal agencies, financial organizations and businesses all holding unclaimed money. 182 pages. #543 $14.95

Complete guide for conducting background checks on anyone. Driving records, convictions, Social Security, marriages, bankruptcy, workmen's compensation, more. Addresses, sample letters 344 pages. #57 $19.95

The Skip Tracer's Text You can make an absolute fortune locating missing persons with this manual. Learn how to make a few simple checks at your local courthouse that will provide you with all kinds of missing persons assignments. Discover the tricks of the trade In obtaining and working unclaimed properly and missing heirs investigations. Jump into the growing adoptee birth parent search movement, with thousands of people all "looking for someone." Cash in on the bounty hunter bail bond skip market in which one case alone can bring in over $10,000. The active auto re possession market provides cases that can earn several hundred dollars for less than a half hour's work. Learn about obtaining cases from credit card companies, insurance companies, banks, private citizens attorneys, and other specialists. Here's the information you need to create~ ate a profitable missing persons agency 52 pages. #636 $19.95 TO FIND MISSING PERSONS Here are all the secrets Investigators bounty hunters, skip tracers, process-servers and auto repossesses use to : find missing persons. If you are the kind of person who would like to stay "missing," this information Is precisely, what you need to know. Privacy seekers can also take advantage of knowing just how and where they are "vulnerable" In terms of public records, most of which any investigator can obtain with only a postage stamp. The topics covered could enable you to track down just about anyone you 'wanted: Credit bureaus, phone records, school files, license plates, medical and hospital records, travel agencies, movers,' pet licensing, military, utility companies, Social Security, neighbors and enemies, friends and relatives. Also included are buses used to obtain information, especially from official sources. We believe this is the most complete and accurate book ever published on this important subject. If you "need to know," buy it! 96 pages. #431 $16.95

A Private Investigator's Guide to Collecting a Bad Debt TAKE THE MONEY deals all the inside secrets that private investigators and collection agencies use to separate a man from his money -legally. How to locate someone who has "skipped" How to collect without going to court. How and where to sue. How to find out where someone lives, works, banks, has property and income. How to attach real and personal property. How to garnish someone's wages. How to get someone's income tax returns. What to ask at an order of examination. Included are scores of nasty tricks, scams, lies, pretexts, ruses, worksheets and other bright Ideas needed when not so-honest and not- so nice people refuse to pay what they owe. 96 pages. #627 $24.95 You will find a convenient ORDER FORM in the back of this catalog. #80 $35.00

Book I Called "possibly the most dangerous book every published. by Peter Lauter NBC News, HOW TO GET ANYTHING ON ANYBODY tells how to get any information you want about others (credit, licenses, arrest convictions, property, etc.). On the other hand it also tells how they are finding out about you...! Here is truly an encyclopedia of advanced Investigation and surveillance techniques: ? Eleven devices for listening through walls. ? Expert ways to secretly bug any target. Over 100 sources for equipment. ? Getting 50-state searches for credit' licenses. ? Intercepting pagers, faxes, cellular phones. Surveillance photography; computer cracking. ? Information tracking; tailing anyone. 272 pages. #148 $30.00 You,Too, CAN FIND ANYBODY Written by master investigator, Joseph J Culligan, this all-new book details the Inside secrets and tricks of accessing public agencies for the private information you want. Typically, your mailed inquiry will reveal more facts that you asked for, and these can lead you further in your search. Over 1,000 current addresses for state and federal agencies are provided, along with additional private companies that can speed your efforts. Here's a complete reference and guide for finding "lost persons. 275 pages. #762 $19.95

Here's a virtual encyclopedia on locating missing persons, filled with hundreds of little~known sources and technique familiar only to pros with years of experience. Disclosed are efficient methods for accessing national networks of public and private information. Review credit card records, driver license files, government records, computer banks, long distance telephone records, and much more. Here's how to execute quickly national sweeps of information, design and utilize pretexts to elicit information and develop all-important "confidential' sources. Learn how to find anyone, anywhere, FAST. #629 $19.95

How to Get Anything On ANYBODY Book II This long-awaited follow-up to the best-selling original volume takes you through a gold mine of never before published tricks and techniques of intelligence collection culled from the FBI, CIA engineers, computer hackers, PIs, dedicated researchers, and others. You'll learn how to: Read computer screens from a distance; Look or listen through solid walls; Dig out unlisted phone numbers; Bypass computer passwords and assemble a complete dossier on anyone from the comfort of your own living room. Plus, get the very latest on police intelligence kits, state~of the art~ad electronic gear spy conventions, surveillance schools, and much more. Includes more than 200 suppliers of exotic electronic equipment. 252 pages. #767 $35.00

Your Friends, Enemies and Lovers This extraordinary, all-new book tells exactly how to check out a friend, enemy, lover, boss, tenant, In-law, neighbor, or anyone else you want to know a little better... Step-by-step guides help you find the information you need to solve problems, minimize risk, enhance opportunity, and take control over important aspects of your life and relationships. Included is a huge set of resources with addresses and/or phone numbers: governments at all levels; credit data; criminal data; licenses and permits; tenant history; financial and employment records. You can use a detailed strategy for assembling a comprehensive file on anyone, legally and often without cost. Why risk NOT knowing? 180 pages. #545 $19.95

Are you trying to find old flames? birth parents? military buddies? people who owe you money? missing friends, relatives, heirs? Author, Richard S. Johnson, offers state of the art methods necessary to find anyone quickly. Hundreds of proven search techniques, plus resources from local government and private organizations are provided In detail. How to organize and conduct searches. Where to find identifying information. How to determine if the person you are looking for is deceased. Actual case studies Illustrate methods for successful searches. Important laws that may affect your search. This book is extremely well organized and easy to use. You CAN find anyone FAST 177 pages. #544 $17.95

Book I Online searches: what you need to know, and how to access all the databases useful for Intelligence gathering. The world of computerized data is as close as your keyboard. 106 pg. BY COMPUTER, Book 2 Turn your computer Into a high-powered tool for investigating just about anything and anybody. Filled with at your fingertips" information for both working private investigators and anyone else with a need to know, this sleuth's guide to cyberspace will lead you to: Free software useful for investigations Expert Information on just about any subject. Vast government data bases. Groups specializing in investigations. Many security topics, and much more. 108 pages. #873 $35.00 Visa, MasterCard, AX and Diners Accepted! FAX- + 353 1 633 5083 , 7 days a week. or E-mail

Need hard information about one? Some real dirt? Want to protect yourself with confidence? Then SECRET AGENT is for you: Many situations today are potentially threatening, even dangerous, yet cannot be resolved by "calling the cops"-not until it's too late. Imagine yourself dealing with: Dishonest employees ripping off your business. An unfaithful spouse hiding assets, having "fun." A double~dealing business partner selling out to the competition. A trusted financial advisor with an "unusual" recommendation. It's sad when we have to experience such invasions of our privacy and security. But why let suspicions become paranoia? There ARE ways of striking back! Our all-new SECRET AGENT has the answers-hundreds of them! Secret AGENT covers completely the subjects of surveillance, intelligence~gather. and counter-surveillance: How to search out and exploit public records. How company proprietary records are intruded upon. Whom to contact for any kind of investigative Information-and get it. How to access and interpret your target's financial data. Where to buy (or rent) electronic surveillance gear. What the post office will tell you and how to ask. Mail drops and forwarding services - the right words to use.


Here's a complete review of all the facts and issues affecting polygraph use. Reading between the lines will bring inspiration and encouragement to anyone dreading becoming the next "victim" of a false positive test. All the factors influencing polygraph validity are examined In detail, Including countermeasures that subjects can use to successfully defeat these tests. 132 pages #616 $19.95 How secret telephone company sources are accessed without hassles. How to conduct a $5000 Investigation for $150, or less. Exactly what the law says~and does-about electronic surveillance Step-by-step surveillance cases and useful scenarios which illustrate SECRET AGENT in action. SECRET AGENT is unquestionably the most complete and up-to-date book available for really getting anything on anybody. A must for privacy seekers who want to know the enemy before taking him on.

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: SECRET AGENT Is published in two volumes, Secret Agent I and Secret Agent II. Here Is what each Includes: Secret Agent I covers the subjects of data gathering, investigation via mail and telephone, record systems, legal considerations, and the world of "sources." Secret Agent II catalogs the kinds of devices used for surveillance, what their capabilities are, and where they can be obtained. Secret Agent I 243 pages.
Secret Agent II 171 pages.

Have you ever wondered how to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition? How to avoid investigators, lawyers, criminals, nosy neighbors and others who would like to take away your freedom, money, property? How to become "unavailable" to those who want to invade your privacy? PRIVATE INTELLIGENCE SECRETS has some answers for you! Find out a person's bank balance. Use IRS investigation methods. Get a non-traceable credit card from Switzerland. Detect a two-way mirror. Read burned documents that have turned to ash. Open locks with homemade tools. Spot "bad" checks instantly. Open any sealed envelope with a chemical, even if taped, undetected. Detect liars through their gestures. Legally bind anyone to a secret. Conduct both stationary and mobile surveillance. Find missing persons anywhere. Here is a compilation of the finest tricks of the trade contributed by over 100 intelligence agents, presented in an uncensored form. This authoritative book can help you dominate practically any situation. 98 pages. #677 $19.95

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