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Thousands of private investigators have been trained by this complete home study text. Subjects covered: Investigative positions Basic techniques Surveillance Descriptions Undercover Background investigations . Checking public records Sources of information Missing persons. Criminal investigations . Civil investigations. Report writing With the aid of this manual and several comprehensive tests to check your knowledge, you can quickly quality to conduct investigative with efficiency. 154 pages. #635 $19.95 #498 $34.95 #499 $29.95

Mail and THE PHONE BOOK Here is truly the ULTIMATE book about the telephone. The instrument can no longer live without is also major threat to our financial privacy physical security. For example, did you know that your cordless phone can be heard on a fifty dollar scanner as far as a mile away? That your pager messages and fax documents can be intercepted? You may have been aware of these dangers, but you probably haven't yet learned what you can do about it. The author takes us on a grand tour of the telephone world, describing all the problems", and offering countless solutions. Here's a brief sample: How to tap a phone. Defense against wiretapping. Phone hacking and toll fraud. How to stop telephone harassment. Recording phone conversations. Cellular monitoring techniques. Computer aided scanning. Tracking cellular phones. Cellular cloning~how it's done. Fax interception. Cellular frequency list Secure land-line & cellular phones. A huge appendix includes more information sources, places to get Things", and a complete glossary of terms. This ALL-NEW and up-to-date book will answer your questions about telephone operations and security. 202 pages. #844 $29.95

Written by a specialist in electronic bugging, this material exposes all the tricks of the snooping profession, and how to overcome them: Physical search . Intercoms . Walkie talkies . Telephone hot mike. Parasite tone controlled line amplifier. Carriable room bugs e Contact or spike mikes Recorders ? Miniature telephone line transmitters e Drop-in transmitter Parasite bug and tap transmitter Automatic telephone recording systems ? Automobile voice and tailing transmitters. This is one of the best detailed explanations of how this seamy business operates. If you feel you could be the target of snoopers, you will find scores of suggestions for defeating their ex forts. 31 pages. #655 $9.95

b Protect your privacy and yourself with special hard to find equipment, tools, books, electronics, and weapons. Here's everything you need from the best sources in the US. You won? find these guys at the Catalog Here's a complete source of equipment and supplies for securing better privacy and personal protection. Stun devices, scanners, alarms, sprays, smoke grenades, micro recorders, listening devices, safes, and much more. 46 pages. #773 $10.00


Viking International This unique spy company offers truly sophisticated electronic devices for security and communications systems. You can obtain superior products of their own design, factory direct, at the best prices you'll find anywhere. They have it all: Recorders, microphones, cameras, detectors of all kinds, probes, night devices, tracking systems, tone decoders, and systems for conducting and monitoring whatever surveillance you require. You will find some really devilish technology from this state~of the~art manufacturer. They are also inventors of even more fine instruments, which they announce through this catalog. If you're in the market for 'equipment", Viking offers products that will DO THE JOB. #828 $10.00

How to Protect Your Privacy
ELECTRONIC EXPOSURE presents the latest, state~of the~art information on electronic surveillance. Not a technical manual, but rather a hands-on presentation of how your privacy is compromised, threatened, even eliminated by current electronic technology. 18 ways you can be tapped, bugged or overheard. 17 devices to thwart electronic bugs. When you can trust your phone, and when you can't. 21 ways to deter electronic eavesdropping. Secrets you give away when you write a check. ELECTRONIC EXPOSURE will greatly assist you In Identifying those areas of your life and activities that deserve the protection only privacy can provide. 48 pages. #687 $12.95 Directory of ELECTRONIC

Here's the most complete directory available for all the hard to~find goodies that make spying and anti-spying so~ much fun. Over 240 different sources, complete with addresses, phone & fax numbers, and brief listings of their ~ specialties. Whatever 'tool" you're looking for you will find its source in this u~ to-the-minute directory. 57 pages. #850 $12.00

Need some "tools" to increase your privacy? This state of the~art catalog presents the newest hardware for ~ protecting yourself and your property. Executive Protection Products, Inc. of Napa, CA, offers proven devices for maintaining surveillance, creating counter-surveillance, generating information security, and keeping your head and body together with VIP protection equipment. 8 pages #683 $5.00

The P.1. (Private Investigator's} CATALOG Here's the largest source of books and manuals covering every aspect of private investigation. Specialized equipment for investigators as well as special services just for investigators are also offered. No matter what your Interest or need may be in the investigative field, you will find the publications and products in the P.1. CATALOG. 60 pages. #872 $5.00


Spying & Self-protection Hundreds of products readily available through this large catalog: Stun devices, alarms of all kinds, cameras, road stars, razor wire, smoke grenades, specialty ammo, lock picks, recorders, bug detectors-jammers, and scores of other devices designed to make your personal world safer and more private. 64 pages. #851 $10.00 Visa, MasterCard, AX & Diners accepted. E-mail 24 hours, 7 days a week. NOW! Order by FAX: + 353 1 633 5083 (Credit Card orders only)

You may think you have "nothing to hide", but in today's world of thieves, con men, greedy relatives, and worse, it doesn't take much show of wealth or comfortable lifestyle to excite envy In your potential enemies. Personal and financial affairs are under attack from all tides, and you must take the initiative to keep your assets from being taxed, sued or stolen.

Is the most authoritative and up-to-date guide for hiding your money and assets legally from government agents, private snoops, and all the other vultures. You will learn how to: Reduce your financial visibility. Keep bank accounts more private. Set up secret foreign accounts- legally. Become a private investor. Hide behind commercial names. Purchase valuable assets anonymously. Build secret safes in your home Do business without a checking account. Create a "mainstream identity" that will deflect outside interest In your finances. How others penetrate your financial privacy. Consider practical offshore options In investments, residence, even citizenship. In all, 16 chapters plus an extensive resource bibliography open up new possibilities for maximizing your financial privacy. A 20-point checklist details steps you can take almost immediately. Enjoy much greater financial privacy today with the helpful, practical advice in THE EDEN GUIDE TO COMPLETE FINANCIAL PRIVACY 200 pages. #675 $24.95

Now, for the first time, asset protection expert William Comer has compiled everything you need to know about domestic and international asset protection, estate preservation, and personal and financial privacy. How to protect your families assets from Incapacitation and liability lawsuits. How to use charitable remainder trusts for estate preservation. How to discharge taxes in bankruptcy Advantages and drawbacks of corporations and partnerships. The history and benefit of trusts. How to use family limited partnerships to maximize liability protection. Facts on life insurance and marital, irrevocable, revocable, and business trusts. Protection against currency structuring violations. Act now to protect and defend your family from government actions that could greatly reduce your assets, your estate, and your privacy. Contributing authors Adrian Day, Harry Schultz, Jeffrey Verdon, and Ron Paul make FREEDOM, ASSET PROTECTION, AND YOU the kind of book litigious attorneys, bankers, financial planners, and assorted government agents don't want you to read.,. 466 pages. #772 $75.00

The Secret science of COVERT INKS
Devoted exclusively to covert inks, this reference volume provides access to information used by criminals, intelligence agencies, law enforcement and cryptologist. A very special subject indeed! Some of the contents include: Invisible inks ? Vanishing inks Disappearing and reappearing inks Secret inks used by gamblers to mark cards . Incendiary and pyrotechnic inks Covert writing pens ? Covert mail opening techniques ? More than 130 formulas and recipes for making your own secret inks! 126 pages. #663 $14.95

This new series of reports covers scores of privacy-related financial questions 'whose answers can provide a protective veil of security and privacy for your financial affairs. Author Mark Nestmann offers the very latest in ~ techniques: Borrow money without disclosing your SSN. Hide money at home without increased vulnerability to theft. Relocate funds outside the US with out reporting the transfer to the IRS-legally. Store precious metals in such a way as to avoid future government confiscation. Private ways to repatriate funds. Nestmann has the answers for financial privacy 'which are both possible and practical. 40 pages. #815 $29.00

The Complete Guide to Personal Privacy and Financial Freedom In Tomorrow's Cashless Society Personal privacy and protection of your financial assets can sometimes be reduced to a matter of control over your identity. This new book combines the best of alternate identification methods and financial arrangements to protect yourself from the predatory asset thieves of tomorrow. Even though computer files can ~ ate instant dossiers on just about everybody, there are still ways to take advantage of their inherent weaknesses. These chapters detail many new techniques: Survival investing; Financial privacy; Banking alternatives; Alternate identities; Vital records cross referencing; Creating an alternate credit file; and Legal methods of creating alternate identities. Here's lots of new information and a great contribution to generating more personal privacy. 144 pages. #527 $16.00

This new book details all the fine points of just 'what these loans are and how you can make them work for you. I Also spells out the many pitfalls and con games associated with these moneymakers. Note: they are not as easy as the con men say they are to put to together, but they CAN be mad and they are legal. You will learn more about self-liquidating loans in this report than most financial professionals know after years of experience. 28 pages. #774 $19.95

You Don't Have to Leave the Country to Find a Tax Haven This special report will acquaint you with the near magical possibilities of a tax saving, income producing legal d~ vice known as a Charitable 'trust" or "CRT." These trusts are also known as "life income" and "wealth accumulation" trusts. Here is real money magic this report will let you: Sell appreciated assets without capital gains tax. Establish a private pension plan. Maximize returns through tax-free compounding. Minimize or eliminate estate taxes. Transfer wealth to your heirs free of any taxes. Complete with IRS citations, this new report details the specific considerations and benefits that may make a CRT' your preferred choice for wealth preservation and financial privacy. 46 pages #833 $15.00

The IRS is always a force to be reckoned with, and the possibility of a tax audit exists for all taxpayers. How to deal with an IRS audit, responsibly and effectively. is the purpose of this guide. It covers: The basics of audits. How to get audit results reversed. How to take your case to Tax Court Dealing with the new IRS posture. How to protect yourself from the coming IRS crack down. If you can't afford to pay Your new rights as a taxpayer. Clear and easy-to-understand, this new guide answers many of the most pressing questions about IRS audits. Very informative. 48 pages. #784 $15.00

(Including Family Limited Partnerships) This report provides complete details on one of the finest forms of domestic asset protection. The unique creditor protection feature of family limited partnership is fully detailed. With this arrangement your assets remain under your control while providing distinct tax and estate planning advantages. Sample forms with instructions are included. 89 pages. #881 $17.50 FINANCIAL PRIVACY

Discover all the clever ways you can take advantage of the tax laws to save money, even make money. Rather than assume taxes are inevitable and unavoidable, use some of these perfectly legal strategies to reduce your taxes and increase your wealth significantly. Just some of the topics: Your home; Buy a farm; Reverse mortgages; D~ deductible college expense; Little~known medical deductions; Avoiding penalties for underpayment; Legitimate foreign tax havens; Tax-deferred annuities; Income shifting, and more. New points in law make rethinking your tax situation almost mandatory. A very clear and clever guide. 38 pages. #780 $15.00

HOW TO INVEST IN GOLDAnd Why You Want to~w t?
Physical gold (bars, coins); certificates for privacy; accumulation plans;contracts, options, mining stocks, mutual funds. New IRS rules (favorable!). Swiss Gold Plan accounts, and more. 41 pages. #50 $15.00

This versatile business entity is now a powerful tool for personal and business privacy It can help protect your wealth from frivolous or vengeful law suits, not to mention absurd liability claims. It can help reduce your income tax liability. In estate planning it can help you avoid inheritance taxes. In asset protection it can allow you to keep 100% control of your assets while at the same time placing them beyond the reach of creditors. This report details the above advantages and discusses how such partnerships can be formed and operated. Here's a privacy option any independent business person should consider. #787 $10.00

Challenging and reducing assessments. Using exemptions, outside appraisers. Appeals. Using easements. Ways property owners can legally get taxes reduced. 22 pages. #53 $10.00

Explores the many possibilities you may have for filing for a refund, up to three years back! Largely overlooked by taxpayers, the money's there for the filing. 9 pg. #52 $7.00

The scores of ways to minimize estate taxes, all clearly defined and explained. Insurance, gifts, trusts, partnerships, installment sales, and a new angle: adoption (it works). How FINANCIAL PRIVACY Became An American Illusion This authoritative report examines all the recent federal laws 'which have combined to reduce American financial privacy to an 'illusion'. From the Bank Secrecy Act of 1998 to recent laws focusing on 'money laundering', you can learn exactly how and why the federal government has justified its 'War on Privacy'. The real value for our readers, however, is discovering how to avoid becoming a target of all the 'money cops' and being arrested for the crimes of structuring and money laundering. Also revealed is how these laws are enforced vis-a-~-vis property rights and so-called 'Zero Tolerance'. Here's some good preventative medicine, folks. 23 pages. #54 $10.00 60 pages. #542 $17.50

Protect Your Money, Property and Family from Courts, Creditors, and the IRS The chances of your being sued have increased dramatically in recent years. Simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time can expose you to lawsuits and asset forfeiture. Author, Adam Starchild, illustrates methods of protecting yourself and your property-methods that work and have been upheld by the courts. He also shows why some traditional methods don't work (using spouse's name, etc.). When you've worked hard for what you have, why make it easy for the Legal pirates. To take it away from you? It's time to play hardball. 168 pages.#845 $15.00

The following reports have been written by Kevin J Mirecki, a U.S. attorney specializing in asset protection, trusts and estate planning. Easy to understand and highly informative, these professional reports can acquaint you quickly with the finer points of this vital subject area. The more informed you are on ways to protect your assets and finances, the better able a professional advisor can help you achieve exactly the results you want. The reports are sold separately, of course, but for a limited time Mr. Mirecki has authorized us to make the entire series available for only $50.00, a discount of almost 50%. We believe you will benefit greatly, and we highly recommend these reports.

531-A How the Life Insurance Trust can reduce Federal Estate Taxes. 6 pages. $10.00
531-B Guide to Business and Estate Planning Techniques. 27 pg.. $20.00
531- How to avoid the Capital Gains Tax on the Sale of Real Estate. 7 pages. $10.00
531-D Protect your Assets in Time --Avoid unnecessary Problems. 6 pages. $10.00
531 - Taxation and the Limited Liability Company. 8 pages. $10.00
531-A practical Guide to Foreign Trusts and their Uses. 17 pg. $15.00
531Q Asset Protection Planning: The Family Limited Partnership. 3 pg. $ 5.00
531.H Using a United liability Company for your Business Ventures. 13 pages. $15.00
531-X ALL EIGHT REPORTS (SAVE $45.00) ____$50.00

A concise review of all the options for preserving your property from legal thieves. Forms of ,ownership. Corporations. Estate considerations. Probate. Tax havens. Swiss annuities. 35 pages. #48 $15.00

How to use a Nevada corporation: security from government spying; keeping cash in the bank; safeguarding assets, building new credit; adding profit, privacy, protection, and documented "proof' to lifestyle. 48 pages. #47 $29.95

The Use of Domestic and International Structures Your home, income and other asset~ are subject to lawsuit, regulatory seizure, IRS liens and adverse divorce decisions. This report teaches effective ways to protect your assets. It was pro produced and edited by specialists who have assisted a worldwide clientele The report shows how to: Protect your assets from creditors, liens, seizure, and divorce. Maintain total control of your assets throughout your lifetime. Achieve the reduction or elimination of all inheritance taxes. Eliminate all probate fees. Reduce income taxes. Here's the kind of advice attorneys charge huge fees to provide. Study this report and learn to KEEP what's yours. 42 pages. #752 $11.50

This relatively new business entity is a hybrid between the partnership and the corporation. It has all the flexibility of a partnership (it is created by a contract among all the parties), yet can enjoy the limited liability typical of a corporation. Many states now recognize the LLC, and the IRS has defined tax regulations pertaining to it. The LLC also avoids the statutory restrictions of the Subchapter ,S corporation. Businesses which might best consider the LLC form are venture capital investment firms, family businesses, entrepreneurial startups, and professional corporations. This new reports presents the LLC clearly and authoritatively. 10 pages. #788 $10.00 Please send $10.00 cash or money order for your own ASSET PROTECTION KIT Learn how to protect your assets and minimize your taxes by using domestic and international techniques: * Foreign Trusts * Foreign Corporations * Limited Partnerships * Limited Liability Companies

If you're planning to invest or bank offshore it would be advisable to take advantage of privacy techniques that can truly protect your transactions. Adam Starchild details in clear language just how to do this: Keep the IRS out of your safe deposit box. Use Gold Certificates for portable privacy. Privacy through data encryption. Swiss annuities (many advantages) Use of offshore trusts. Secret offshore VISA card. References are also provided so you can quickly implement any of the above privacy options for your finances. 16 pages. #841 $10.00

Big Brothers Guide to Getting at Your Money Virtually every aspect of your private life is openly available to IRS investigators Transactions of all kinds just might provide proof of unreported" income. Records from government agencies, businesses you deal with, and of course, banks, are hardly sacred when the IRS is considering your tax returns. This manual instructs agents HOW and WHAT to look for from bank records to medical prescriptions to dry cleaning. To the IRS records indicate transactions, which involve money, which means INCOME. Learn how their methods can reveal information you didn't think they knew... 82 pages. #836 $15.00

This classic book covers every aspect of conducting your life and business without using a checking account. Author-Attorney Robert B. Clarkson maintains that having a checking account is tantamount to providing the government with a signed blank check on your financial resources. He shows just how to "recycle" checks that are paid to you, so that your name "disappears" from banking records. Clarkson offers genuine privacy techniques which can be used immediately. Clever and practical. 38 pages. #700 $10.00

Avoid Falling Victim to the Government's Forfeiture Laws In this book, author Adam Starchild recounts the appalling true stories--countless innocent citizens whose lives have been turned upside down and torn apart by government confiscation of homes, businesses, vehicles, and bank accounts-without due process. Find out how others have unwittingly fallen victim to this outrageous abuse of government power, exactly what circumstances can place you and your property at risk, and what you can and must do to protect your assets before it happens to you. Twelve well-written chapters cover this vitally important subject: Civil asset forfeiture; Federal forfeiture law; Informer paradise; Supreme Court actions; What to avoid and be aware of; International trusts; Tax havens; Swiss annuities; and Privacy tactics that can give you an advantage. Some final advice: Don't do Illegally what you can do legally. Here's the best presentation we've seen on how to avoid this reprehensible form of government abuse It needn't happen to you. 120 pages. #526 $16.00

Two Reports from Mark Nestmann: ASSET PROTECTION 2000 Mark Nestmann is a journalist, legal researcher, and author of many books and reports dealing with privacy, asset protection, foreign investing, and surveillance. Nestmann's focus is on governmental threats to privacy and wealth, in particular civil and criminal forfeiture statutes. These statutes permit property to be confiscated from persons completely innocent of any crime or far beyond the proven proceeds of crime. In an era when today's asset protection scheme is tomorrow's felony. Nestmann is an authoritative source to learn how to legally protect your assets. These reports are must reading for anyone seriously considering asset protection planning. ASSET PROTECTION 2000 is a compilation of seven separate reports, with index: 1. Forfeiture in English Common Law 2. Forfeiture in US Law 3. Forfeiture in Swiss Law 4. Forfeiture and the European Legal Tradition Counter-Surveillance Privacy and Asset Bibliography US Government Reporting Forms Relating to Privacy and Asset Protection Sold separately these reports are a $120.00 value. Special price for our readers is only $75.00. 224 pages. #549

Privacy and Asset Protection Sold separately, a $135.00 value. 248 pages. #550 $75.00

Stick it to your Government'

The best reason for investing offshore is diversification, which translates into tar greater choices and potential for growth and profits. This new report by Adam Starchild explores the many ways and reasons offshore investing offers so much to investors. Some of the topics covered: Get your wealth out before exchange controls. The money laundry under attack. Use foreign tax havens-legitimately. Prudent ways to buy offshore funds. Major offshore fund groups. Gold Plan Travel savings to visit your investments. Here is an insider's view of offshore investing n'~t usually shared by fund managers and promoters. Starchild's experience has been gleaned by years of practice and study of the many (legal) factors which must be considered by American investors. We believe this report is must reading for anyone wanting to diversify overseas. 65 pages. #783 $20.00

How offshore trusts can provide asset protection from creditors as well as privacy, estate planning, and channels for international investing and diversification Tax angles are detailed clearly. 22 pages. #49 $12.00

Need an attorney in Anguilla, an accountant in Austria, an incorporator in the Isle of Man, a bank in Liechtenstein, real estate services in Argentina, or a trust company in the Bahamas? This directory provides country~by country listing of accountants, lawyers, incorporators tax planners, banks and other financial services. In each listing you will find the name of the organization, its address, telephone and fax numbers, and in many instances, the names of the principal officers Never before has anyone put all this information in one place. An absolute must for anyone thinking of conducting international business. Almost 80 countries are covered. 200 pages. #754 $39.95 14 OFFSHORE PRIVACY

Why invest offshore? Some very good reasons: The collapsing U.S. banking system The plunge of the U.S. dollar Greater investment opportunities~s overseas Asset protection from litigation Possible tax advantages Safer banks, more privacy Decline in U.S. financial privacy Predatory seizure practices of numerous government agencies Already, U.S. corporations are moving $500 million each month to foreign banks (do they know something we don't?). This report analyzes the types of accounts offered by foreign banks, and provides step-by-step instructions for opening your own offshore bank account. The addresses of dozens of tax haven banks worldwide are listed, as well as practical advice for conducting your banking affairs offshore 39 pages. #157 $29.00

The latest methods for diversifying your offshore investments in ways that will reduce or eliminate taxes from U.S. authorities. Great possibilities for preserving capital. 15 pg. #42 $10.00

Conducting business internationally or through tax havens can be extremely beneficial, since the route is so private. Done properly, there are few public records of its use. This all-new report details many unique opportunities~.s as they relate to: Taxation; Judicial concern, Financial privacy, Estate planning; Trusts, and Foreign corporations. Easy to read and understand. Start here, and diversify 40 pages. #882 $17.50 HOW I LEARNED TO LOVE MY INSURANCE COMPANY (Captive Insurance) Over 35% of the world's insurance market is written through Captive Insurance Companies. But what is a captive insurance company? How does a captive insurance company work? This report will probably surprise you. For the individual, company or group that has large insurance premiums, a captive insurance company can offer tremendous potential financial rewards. This report details the how, what, and why of captive insurance. 55 pages. #871 $17.50


THE 33 BEST TAX HAVENS IN THE WORLD WORLDWIDE TAX HAVENS This professional report reviews in detail the 24 most important topics you need to know about each of 33 different tax havens. The consulting group that publishes this report uses it in daily work with their clients. You can quickly find a tax haven suitable for your needs when you can compare such topics as: Advantages/Disadvantages of each tax haven Bearer shares allowed director requirements. Annual reports/tax requirements. MOST important, this report discusses HOW to use a tax haven structure for tax reduction and asset protection. Advice worth thousands. #374 $17.50

How to Protect Your Privacy Here's the most up-to-date review of current tax havens. Authored by Thomas Azzara, publisher of Tax Haven Reporter, TAX HAVENS OF THE WORLD covers all the present opportunities for individuals seeking tax relief. Especially useful is the careful analysis of present U.S. tax laws relative to the many offshore options available. Conclusion: Offshore opportunities are greater than ever for investors and individuals; all they need to know is where to find them! Just a sampling of some of the 30 tax havens covered: Andorra, Bermuda, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Liberia, Channel Islands, Campione, Panama, Nauru, Liechtenstein, Turks & Caicos, Cook Islands, Singapore, and many others. Included in TAX HAVENS OF THE WORLD is coverage of these important considerations: Exempt companies, Foreign trusts, International Business Corporations (IBCs), Foreign Personal Holding Companies, Legal tax avoidance, Corporation Tax Companies (CTCs), Exempt offshore banks, Australian, British and Canadian tax havens and much more special tax information. Finally, there are references to offshore individuals and companies who can greatly expedite your own search for a hospitable tax environment. 200 pages. #690 $75.00


33 Best Worldwide Tax Travels THE BAHAMAS: Live TAX FREE In CANADA -
Offshore Structures & Controlled Foreign Corporations (CFCs) Here's the most authoritative and current report on the Bahamas as an ideal haven for financial freedom and privacy. Written in easy-to-understand language, it spells out scores of beneficial advantages available to businessmen and investors in the Bahamas. The Bahamas is a great tax haven with financial sovereignty, lots of sun, and friendly English-speaking natives. This report tells all you need to know to begin enjoying the many splendid benefits available in this unique country only a short distance from the U.S. 57 pages. #753 $17.50

A Tax Haven Profile This newly released 57-page report details how to do business in this tax haven. Antigua is one of the few countries that still will license class "B" banks. An Antiguan-based International Business Company (IBC) has a full 50-year tax holiday. Antigua/Barbuda is located 1200 miles southeast of Miami. The transportation from San Juan or Miami is easy. Communications are good and the country c!aims to have 365 sun-filled beaches. Learn about this tax haven and the many advantages it offers 67 pages. #751 $17.50

There are some surprising opportunities for new immigrants to Canada which offer the possibility of an almost tax-free existence for the next five years and much reduced taxes thereafter. This detailed report by Adam Starchild explores all you need to know about considering Canada your new home. There is literally an Open door" for immigrant investors, and Canada offers tax-free advantages not available in the U.S Starchild covers all the angles investors will need to consider, but leaves no doubt that some sparkling new advantages to going Off shore" can be accomplished with our friendly neighbors to the north. They even speak English! If "off shore" interests you, don't miss this eye opening report 58 pages. #868 $12.00

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