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A nifty little service is offering a very unique mail service.

Want Wealth? Want Freedom? Want Privacy? Then look no further as PT Shamrock's leprechaun has the answer for you!

For a small fee you can redirect your physical snail mail to our reliable source. On arrival your mail is then scanned and forwarded to you as a PDF file.

The physical mail is then stored away and can be sent to you after you confirm an address.

This unique service is perfect for the wondering PT and privacy seeker and fits in nicely for a business that operates worldwide on the Internet, i.e. a portable trade!.

How it works:

Service # 1: ScanMe - Electronic mail forwarding.
With ScanMe you can collect your post from anywhere in the world - at least anywhere you can find an internet terminal!

The provider located in Asia, scans your mail, emails the scans to you and stores the originals. These then get forwarded to you when you notify them of an address to send them to. Easy as!

Service # 2: FollowMe - Traditional mail forwarding
For whatever reason, you may prefer not to have your mail scanned electronically. No problem - FollowMe ensures your mail still finds you. This service is great if your travels only allow limited internet access or if you're following a set itinerary. Simply organize for your mail to arrive at a town or hotel ahead of you.

Euro 695 for the first year's service, plus $5 per letter scanned and emailed to you. Once we receive this fee we'll email you the provider's full details, normally within 2 business days.

The country this business is located is an English speaking country but NOT the USA! Please do not ask for the name of the country until we receive our referral fee as all such inquires will be ignored.

Mail Source's fees:
FollowMe - Traditional mail forwarding

Your mail is sent to our address and then forwarded on to you. We do not open your mail.

You get:

  • Unlimited number of mail items
  • Junk-mail is filtered out
  • Setup fee: $33.00
  • Cost: GBP439.50 for 12 months, Plus: The cost of packaging and postage.

ScanMe - Electronic mail forwarding
Your mail is sent to source's address, they scan it, then email it to your special email account with source, or forwarded to your own email account.

You get:

  • First 15 items of mail
  • Junk-mail is filtered out
  • Setup fee: GBP133.00

Plus: Mail can be sent to you, postage and packaging extra

  • Additional mail items: $9.95 for 15 items or part thereof
  • Extras: Personalised scanning $2.95 per month or $29.50 for 12 months

They only scan selected items of mail e.g. bills, rates notices.

To Order:
Click on this order form link and indicate how you'd like to remit the US$100 referral fee to PT Shamrock.

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