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PT Freedom Phone™- Anonymous Mobile & (GSM) Sim Card
The hassle of anonymous call sending and receiving SOLVED

The Freedom Phone™

Have you ever gotten mad and tired of people and others snooping on your every call, email, letter and financial transaction?

Now you can fight back and regain your privacy and anonymity by using the Freedom Phone™ for your mobile telephone conversations.

Knowledge is power!

GPS is the culprit that spies on your every mobile phone call. GPS is a Satellite Navigation System. GPS is funded by and controlled by the U.S. Department of Defence (DOD). While there are many thousands of civil users of GPS world-wide, the system was designed for and is operated by the U. S. military.

GPS provides specially coded satellite signals that can be processed in a GPS receiver, enabling the receiver to compute position, velocity and time.

Four GPS satellite signals are used to compute positions in three dimensions and the time offset in the receiver clock.

That little receiver (a spy chip,) is by law inserted into each and every mobile telephone sold in the United States and Europe.

Hello, we're here to help you!

With every mobile phone sold in North America and Western Europe having a spy chip inside, that chip can identify you to within a few yards from where you are. This is accomplished by the chip utilizing the GPS tracking signals to spy on your every call and whereabouts. Worse, even with your mobile phone turned off, that chip can still track you. Scary isn't it?

Even worse the recent revelations about the NSA recording every single call WORLDWIDE is not only appalling but an outrage to all freedom seeking persons!

They say this technology is provided to protect you from yourself. As an example they claim that if you call your local emergency number, like 911 in the states, they can send someone to assist you as your call can be pinpointed to within yards and in seconds.

We trust you realize this is far from being the true reason for the tracking device. That spy chip has been inserted inside all mobile phones sold in the US and Europe under threat of severe financial consequence to the mobile manufactures. There can only be one purpose for those chips; they're for tracking purposes and tracking purposes only. Big brother doesn't like it when they can't keep tabs on you.

As you are also probably aware, all electronic and telephonic transmissions in the US (Europe isn't far behind,) are listened in by the super secret governmental agency, the biggest brother of them all, the NSA (National Security Agency,) operating out of Fort Meade, Maryland USA. Every conceivable transmission is scanned searching for keywords. All this data is then stored in a huge database forever at Fort Meade. This is accomplished by one of the governments 300 super computers," the fastest computers in the world.

In the event you are talking on your mobile phone and just by accident happen to mention one of their secret keywords, all the bells and whistles go off and a severe investigation into who it was that triggered the keyword search gets underway.

For instance; you could be discussing a recent terrorist attack somewhere and mention the word bomb. Bomb is certainly one of their secret keywords, though only government insiders know for sure.

That innocent mention of "bomb" in a normal mobile phone conversation could lead to very serious consequences for the caller or receiver of that mobile call.

Whether or not you'd ever learn about this, only time would tell. But if you feel the way we do, we don't want any proctologist Doctor Big Brother looking into anything we do or say, no matter where we are!

Enter the Freedom Phone™

The Freedom Phone™ is a totally anonymous mobile phone from a major and well known mobile phone manufacture. It is exactly like the models sold by this famous company in Europe and the US with one exception … there's no tracking device! The Freedom Phone™ is by far our best selling, easiest and hassle free anonymous mobile offered.

You see this Freedom Phone™ is manufactured in Asia under very different rules and guidelines, and WITHOUT threat of punitive damages if they don't comply by inserting the tracking device.

Slick Willie started it

Former US President Bill "slick Willie" Clinton, started this mobile phone tracking device idea some years back. He tried to introduce the then called "clipper chip," but fortunately (for a time,) the clipper chip met fierce opposition from the mobile manufactures, mainly because of the cost of the technology. Surprisingly there was little or no opposition to the chip from the general public.

Then Bush and Obama et al have taken this technology to a frightening new level. Recent revelations about the NSA recording ALL calls WORLDWIDE is nothing short of frightening and an outrage to freedom seeking citizens of the world!

Whenever any government discovers another way to spy on you, they'll change the name of a previously failed program, amend this or that law, and surprise surprise; viola, there it is again, the clipper chip morphed into another name under a different law. 9/11 and George W. were the catalyst for this and many other privacy stealing laws that has taken away your freedoms and privacy.

This GPS tracking device inserted into all mobile phones sold in Europe and the US costs a lot more to manufacture and install in the mobile phones for North American and European customers. So XXX Company is delighted when they can manufacture the near same product for less money and sell the mobile phones for the same price and make larger profits, get it?

While there is a law that says US manufactures MUST sell mobile phones in the US with the GPS tracking device, there is no law that says you HAVE TO purchase a mobile phone in the US. The Freedom Phone™ isn't sold in the US or Europe. The Freedom Phone™ is sold OUTSIDE the US without the spy chip. Therefore no laws are broken if you acquire it elsewhere and use it in the U.S., Europe or anywhere for that matter.

Hello loophole, goodbye snooping!

Therein lays the loophole that you can take advance of. Acquire the Freedom Phone™ from without the US and regain your telephone conversation anonymity within the US or Europe.

Why? Because in the US and most of Europe everything you purchase, especially mobile phones, are recorded on huge databases. Even if your were to purchase a pay as you go mobile phone for cash, your picture would must certainly be recorded and stored on one, perhaps dozens of CCTV cameras ... forever! The mobile phone's serial number would be recorded and could be tracked to the point of purchase. That point of purchase would most likely be near where you live or work. The GPS tracking system could easily pinpoint you near your home or office. It's like a paper trail leading from the place of purchase direct to you. It may sound severe, but it could and does happen all the time.

This is NOT the case with a Freedom Phone™. Our contact gets these direct from source. There's no record of the serial number or sim chip being sold to anyone from anywhere. You can even purchase the Freedom Phone™ for cash from us. It's shipped to you anywhere in the world to any personal or company name you supply, real or imagined! All records of your order and shipping are shredded and destroyed after our normal money back guarantee period expires. The Freedom Phone™ is truly the most anonymous mobile phone you can purchase anywhere.

Our source has stockpiled these soon to be extinct mobiles. Yes, even the Freedom Phone™ in a few years will disappear. All mobile phone manufactures in the not so distant future will have the tracking devices inserted in all mobile phones, regardless where they are manufactured.

We can't stop that from happening, but we can offer you something that few others can. A super anonymous Freedom Phone™ and Asian sim chip for the same price you'd pay at home.

Here's how it works:

We have prepaid our source for a number of these Freedom Phones™. He has purchased the mobile's, not you. Source is holding a number of these for us and they are in stock, on hand waiting to be shipped. As soon as we give him a name (any personal or company name will do,) street address and a contact telephone number (for courier purposes only,) he'll courier your Freedom Phone™ immediately.

This major brand name tri/quad-band mobile phone operates on the GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 and GSM 1900 systems. Basically it covers the entire world with the exception of Japan and a few parts of South America. We intentionally do not publish the name of the manufacture because we don't want Big Brother closing this loophole any sooner than possible.

All orders are shipped by courier direct to you within 3 to 5 working days from the time we received cleared funds. And to further maintain your privacy, we will gladly accept MoneyGram and Western Union for the fast processing of your order.

To order your Freedom Phone™ and pay by Bank wire, Skrill, MoneyGram or Western Union please proceed to and order at our secure web site order form at

Your order code is "Freedom Phone™"

Note: see ordering information at the bottom of this page. Be sure to include on the order the order code "Freedom Phone™."

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to service your privacy requirements.

PT Shamrock


Will my Freedom Phone™ work in the USA?

Your tri/quad-band Freedom Phone™ mobile phone will work on the following networks and countries, i.e. everyplace except Japan which uses a different system.

  • Networks Available:
  • GSM 850 GSM-850 and GSM-1900 used in the United States
  • Canada Mexico and South America
  • GSM 1800 (part of Europe & Asia Pacific)
  • GSM 900 (Europe, Africa & Asia Pacific)
    and the
  • GSM 1900 (USA, Canada, Chile & Dominican Republic.

See GSM Bands information by country at

How much per minute roaming time will I be charged?

Your Freedom Phone™ and Asian sim chip offers the least expensive international roaming time that we know of. Normally you can expect to pay just US .65 cents per minute. This compares to as much as US$2.75 and up from similar European carriers.

Can I be tracked?

Any mobile can be tracked … if you are targeted. That said turn your mobile off when you do not expect to make or receive calls. Your tri-band Freedom Phone™ is outside ALL western jurisdiction and therefore offers the highest level of anonymity available anywhere. Even if your mobile was targeted, which is highly unlikely unless you are doing something very naughty, who are they going to locate who purchased the mobile? Chiang Chow Chew in Timbuktu?

What is the difference between the "Incoming International Roaming Call" Section* and the Incoming Voice Call Charges in the "Charges of Foreign Service Provider" Section*?

"Incoming International Roaming Call" refers to the charges of the Freedom Phone™ network for incoming calls received by your Freedom Phone™. This is equivalent to normal mobile IDD rates.

When roaming, all your incoming calls are routed from the country of your secret sim chip (Asia) to the overseas network. This means that you shall be charged the applicable IDD tariff to avoid penalizing your callers with a charge for an international call, since they may not know that you were roaming when the call was made.

"Incoming Voice Call Charges" under "Charges of Foreign Service Provider" refer to the charges of the Foreign Service Provider, for forwarding your incoming calls to your Freedom Phone™ while you are roaming in their network. These incoming calls are represented by the number of the calling party. These may also be indicated by your own Freedom Phone™ number or "Int'l. Incoming Call", which the charging system of our Foreign Service Provider is unable to capture the number of the incoming calls.

The time and date would not necessarily coincide with the calls under "Incoming Roaming Call" and "Incoming Call Charges" due to the time difference between the Freedom Phone™ and the Foreign Service Provider's country.

Why do the charges of the Foreign Service Providers vary even if they are within the same country?

Every Foreign Service Provider has its own unique rating table, and charges may vary accordingly. Calls may fall under standard rates, or rates for peak and off-peak hours, or under promo rates at specified times. Rates of Foreign Service Providers may also change without prior notice.

What is OVCOM Tax?

OVCOM Tax is also known as the Overseas Communication Tax. An additional 10% is charged on all international texts and IDD calls made from the Freedom Phone™ country in Asia.

Since all IDD charges are borne by the roamer for calls received while abroad (see "Incoming International Roaming Call" above), the 10% OVCOM Tax is similarly charged to the roamer.

What are the charges subject to the 15% surcharge?

All charges of the Foreign Service Provider are subject to a 15% administrative charge from your Freedom Phone™ provider. Remember all taxes are include in the normal US .65 cents per minute roaming time.

What is the Roaming Support Hotline?

The Roaming Support Hotline number is a special number you can CALL COLLECT by using a land line** while roaming in other countries when you have concerns and inquiries. This way you will not be charged for international calls every time you have difficulty while roaming. You may call regarding network and other service concerns such as dialing procedures.

** Please do not place calls from hotels or from your Freedom Phone™ as you may be charged service fees by either the hotel switchboard or the foreign carrier.

Can I use international PIN-based call cards (e.g., Sprint, AT&T, etc.) with my Freedom Phone™ while roaming?

Do not use your Freedom Phone™ when using call cards to make calls. You will be charged twice for all calls made to the call card access number – first, by the call card service provider based on airtime usage; and second, by the Foreign Service Provider, which will interpret your call as a regular outgoing call.

Suffice that said some hard core privacy seekers use that technique, as it adds an extra layer of privacy, albeit at a cost.

Networks Available:
GSM 1800 (part of Europe & Asia Pacific) GSM 900 (Europe, Africa & Asia Pacific) and the GSM 1900 (USA, Canada, Chile & Dominican Republic.

For just Euro 550 plus Euro 72 courier charge, you can have your own Freedom Phone™, a non clipper chip mobile that operates in the US, Canada and worldwide (except Japan.) Included is a Asian anonymous sim chip (mobile number,) with minimal roaming time.

Features include:

  • No deposits.
  • No ID
  • NO bureaucratic hassles with references, notarizations, utility bills, etc.:
  • One price does it all. - Just €uro 550 plus €uro 72 courier cost.
  • Asian Mobile GSM sim card and mobile number with international roaming capabilities.
  • Sim card includes $20 pre-paid calling time.
  • FREE Instructions for getting your own "special" e-mail address for FREE voice and fax message forwarding
  • Top up cards available (extra) at cost at time of purchase only. Additional top up (roaming) time can be purchased on-line.

Click here for additional information on various mobile phones and sim chips (mobile numbers,) from around the world.

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