International Drivers License

Helpful Tips For Using Your New International Driver Permit

Helpful Tips For Using Your New International Driver Permit

Helpful Tips For Using Your New International Driver Permit

The following information is NOT to be construed as legal advice. It is for information purposes only, i.e. word of mouth information, representing what others have done. If you want or need legal advice, you should consult with an an attorney, or do your own legal research. Also, if you are a PERSON and/or RESIDENT required to have a State issued driver license and registration, you MUST comply with all laws to which you are subject.

1. An International Driver Permit is valid in every country EXCEPT the country of Issue.
2. A State issued Driver License nullifies an International Driver Permit in the State of residence.
3. Automobile registration IN YOUR NAME nullifies an International Driver Permit in the State of residence.
4. Carrying ANY government identification that shows a residential address in your state will nullify an International Driver Permit.

Helpful Tips:
You should make every attempt to remove yourself from the DMV computer records as follows:

1. If you currently hold a valid State issued driver license (and you are not a commercial driver,) get rid of it. You can do this by personally going to the DMV and filling out a Voluntary Surrender form. Get a receipt from the clerk. At the same time, fill out a Change of Address form. For your new address, use the foreign address on you new IDP. This will accomplish one of two things. Either your name will be permanently removed, or your address will be updated with the foreign location (which will match your IDP.)

2. If you currently have a car registered in your name. Get it registered to someone else or to a trust. Or, you can do the following:

Create a fictional name, e.g., "Liberty Holdings Group".

Sell your car to the Fiction (or trust,) then have the Fiction register your car.

On the Certificate of Title, the Buyer will be, e.g. "Liberty Holdings Group". This fiction must have an address where the new registration and plates can be sent. You'll have to figure this out for yourself.

Next, you’ll want to place a lien on your car. Why? Because the State cannot sell your car if there is a commercial lien on it. If the State wanted to confiscate and sell your car they would have to contact the lien holder for a payoff. If you were ever asked this question, you would reply with a dollar amount five times the value of the car.

To do this. On the Certificate of Title there will be a space to fill in the name and address of the new "Lien holder" (if any). This can be any name you wish (even a fictional name or a friend/family member.) Do not make this name and address the same as the Registered Owner (Buyer). If you are creating a fictional name, you can also sign for the fiction when you get ready to sell your car. The name and address that you supply for the "Lien holder" is where the new Certificate of Title will be sent.

There are other things you can do as well after completing the above procedure. One suggestion is to create a rental agreement between you (real name) and the Registered Owner. You can carry a copy of this rental agreement with you in the car to show that you are merely renting the car.

As with all things in life, they are no guarantees except death and taxes, and you may be able to legally avoid most taxes if you become a PT.

That said, using the above information may land you in trouble with an office of the court if push comes to shove. We suggest that you use an IDL for driving outside you home area. Perhaps a regular drivers license can be used for your local driving.

In any event do driving safely and don't drink and rive!

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