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A Highly Confidential Worldwide Mailing Service

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Our friends and mail drop associates are the best of the best in providing International mail accommodation addresses, mail drops and business Centre's! All mail received is re-mailed to you from weekly. Numerous cities and countries around the world are available starting from $300 (Asia) per annum plus postage deposit.

Thank you for your interest in our service.

We offer a highly confidential service and every effort is made to protect your privacy. A corporate PT, (Permanent Tourist- Prior Taxpayer, etc.) serving privacy seekers around the world. We are a Broad-minded organization and have proved ourselves trustworthy to our many clients over many years. You may wish to use a name other than yours while using our service, and although this is perfectly acceptable we do ask for a contact address, telephone, e-mail or fax number for business mail.

Some mail, for example, bankbooks and credit cards may need ID to ensure that it goes to the correct party. (Warning: Any individual or company attempting to use these services for fraudulent means will not be protected). We retain mail for one month after your fee falls due for renewal. If we do not hear from you by then, your mail is discreetly disposed of if it is of a personal nature, or returned to source for official items. Any company or individual using our service must insist that anyone sending cash to this address must send it registered, (recorded is not sufficient). Also any valuables that can not be replaced should be treated in a similar fashion.

Our Basic Mail Receiving Service is for a 1-year minimum at Eur300.00 per annum (plus set-up fee.) This is a special introductory offer only and may not be renewable at this rate. If you wish to prepay, you may due so for a maximum of two years payable in advance upon initial application. Sorry, no exceptions. Alternatively you may wish to utilize our 'Full Service Option' that includes all normal business services. For instance, our business centers address, the receiving of telephone messages, faxes, plain text e-mail and encrypted e-mail message forwarding. All-inclusive at under Eur800.00 per annum. See details included herein.

A Little about PT Shamrock, and who we are. We have locations in most major cities worldwide. Locations with strict Bank Secrecy, yet at the same time, locations with a low profile. Major bankers and stockbrokers are located within a short distance from our numerous locales. All Tokyo, London and Wall Street financial news publications are available at many stands on the day of publication. PT Shamrock provides the best communications in Europe, bar none.

At a very reasonable cost we provide a Prestigious European or other Worldwide Receiving and Transmitting Address including Fax, Phone, Voice mail, Anonymous Re-mail, and regular mail. We offer the latest in communications technology, with guaranteed secure Privacy and Efficiency. For sensitive business and personal communication we provide you with "State of The Art Encryption" facilities. Only you and you're chosen recipients can encode and decode your messages. Each of you has their own unique, secret electronic key. No clipper chips here!

No intruder can decode what you send and neither hackers, investigators, nor your recipient can discover where the message is coming from unless you tell them. We can't read your messages and not even you can decode them once they are encrypted! Only the intended recipient can instantly and automatically decrypt on his computer. Our PGP" {Pretty Good Privacy} System will amaze you.

The range of confidential and sophisticated services we offer the privacy seeker or offshore operator are found nowhere else, yet we charge only a fraction of the cost of our competitors!

Formerly, we provided high net worth individuals a full service Executive Assistant Program. Now we are expanding and can offer even more. In fact, any service the customer desires can be arranged. These include record storage, encryption, voice and video conferencing.

In addition invoicing, research, credit cards, safe deposit boxes, and nominee corporate directors. We have a special relationship with several Banks and provide introductions for confidential banking relationships. Further we can help with visa, documents and travel services-anything you can imagine and a few new wrinkles you haven't even thought of.

Naturally, we can't service enterprises engaged in criminal activity under current Laws of the host country. We are fluent in English and conversant with current British and American laws. If there is any doubt, please check with us in advance. Activities not protected are, for instance, extortion, drug trafficking or child-exploitation. We are interested in attracting only clean business.

Upon establishing service, we provide your European or other Mail address. With our 'Full Service Option' this includes our Business Center address, Fax and Voice Mail numbers, E-mail address with instant Forwarding, Anonymous Re-mail and Free Encryption plus Easy To Use Instructions. In addition we will help you establish your needed code-keys. These codes work like the famous Swiss "numbered accounts" except that they will be chosen by you and thus be easy to remember. Neither our staff nor we need ever know your identity, physical whereabouts or activities.

In most countries ID is not required to open an account. Our service is strictly personal and highly confidential. For an added degree of security, your 'secret' codes and forwarding instructions are kept in a different 'legal' jurisdiction-not with our head office. This provides even greater privacy. In other words, we do not keep our 'files' in the same location where your communications are processed.

We re-mail regular mail once a week. If desired, your out going ordinary mail can be sent from our associate offices in places like Paris, Milan, London, Capetown, Costa Rica, Zurich, Panama or Singapore (as desired). E-mail is forwarded at random times each day through re-mailers to prevent hackers from tracing any incoming or outgoing messages. Voice messages received are forwarded via E-mail, or included with your regular mail each week. Your own voice mail and fax numbers with forwarding facilities can be arranged at extra cost if desired. E-mail messages (or any messages received) can be forwarded as agreed either by E-mail, Fax or by regular mail.

Out going mail is charged at actual cost and fax-back rates are normally heavily discounted from ordinary phone company rates.

Opening your Account is Fast & East!

To open your account and prepay for one year (minimum), at our bargain introductory rate simply fill in the enclosed application. Our Basic Service is just Euro 350.00 per annum and includes our post box number. Mail collected for the week is posted on Monday of the following week.

Our Full Service Option is just Euro 999.

For fastest and safest payment method, ask us about our WESTERN UNION or e-gold remittance program. Alternatively, you may elect to establish an address at our branch offices either in Liechtenstein, Tokyo, Singapore Scotland, South Africa or Denmark. See ALTERNATIVE INTERNATIONAL ADDRESS. Return application and funds to the address on the application.

Your European address is provided upon establishing an account and your address is given to you within 24 hours from the time we receive confirmation of receipt of your payment.

Please do not ask for the address until we receive your payment. We do this to avoid the merely curious and to protect the integrity of our existing clients. Send cash via registered mail only at your risk. We can not be responsible for cash lost in the mail. Your application will be processed immediately and your new communication addresses and Encryption Package will be shipped the same day. If you do not have a computer, your E-mail and other electronic communications can be accessed in any of the many "Cyber Cafes" now found in all major cities.

Cordially yours,
PT Shamrock

Mail Drop Special: For a limited time, you can have a prestigious and confidential European Business Address for just Euro 550.00 per annum. This limited, yet incredible offer is a fraction of the cost of our competitors.