Mail Drops from $100

Confidential Worldwide Mailing and Business Address
57 Cities Available Starting from Euro 300 per annum

All mail received is mailed to you weekly. No ID required to open account!

Thank you for your interest in our service.
This service offers a highly confidential service and every effort is made to protect your privacy.

The Basic Mail Receiving Service is for a 1-year minimum at US$ 350 per annum, Asia and Euro 550 in Western Europe - plus postage deposits. This is a special introductory offer only and may not be renewable at this rate. If you wish to prepay, you may due so for a maximum of two years payable in advance upon initial application. Sorry, no exceptions. Note that most European mail accommodation services now require your passport copy and a recent utility bill.

Singapore, Hong Kong, The Philippines and a selct few others DO NOT require any ID as of this writing!

Alternatively you may wish to utilize the 'Full Service Option' that includes all normal business services. For instance, our business address, the receiving of telephone messages, faxes, plain text e-mail and encrypted e-mail message forwarding. All-inclusive starting at Euro 899.00 per annum. See details included herein.

At a very reasonable cost we can provide a Prestigious European or other Receiving and Transmitting Address including Fax, Phone, Voice mail, Anonymous Re-mail, and regular mail. We offer the latest in communications technology, with guaranteed secure Privacy and Efficiency.

Naturally, we can't service enterprises engaged in criminal activity under local Law.

We have locations in most major cities of the world and you can be up and running with your new address in as little as 24 hours from receipt of details. All addresses are highly confidential and are privacy minded! Just e-mail us the country you'd like your drop and ask us for a quote. It couldn't be any easier than that.

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Opening your account is Fast & Easy
To open your account and prepay for one year (minimum), at our introductory rate, simply fill in the application below and return it to my attention via email. Our Basic Service is just Euro250.00 per annum in Asia (plus postage deposit,) and Euro 350 in Western Europe (plus postage deposit. Mail collected for the week is posted on Monday of the following week.

Alternatively, you may elect to establish an address at anyone of our 57 associate branch offices worldwide. Just e-mail us. Return application and funds to the address on the application. Your address is provided upon establishing an account. We do this to avoid the merely curious and to protect the integrity of our existing clients. Send cash via registered mail only. We can not be responsible for cash lost in the mail.

Your application will be processed immediately and your new communication addresses and in most cases your address will be shipped the same day. If you do not have a computer, your E-mail and other electronic communications can be accessed in any of the many "Cyber Cafes" now found in all major cities.

Cordially yours,
PT Shamrock

In most cases you can be setup within 24 hours! Prices are subject to change at any time and without notice.

Mail Drop Special!
For a limited time, you can have a prestigious and confidential Business Address for just Euro 350.00 per annum. This limited, yet incredible offer is a fraction of the cost of our competitors. See order form for details.

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Credit Cards: We gladly accept your payment by credit card via PayPal. Just CLICK HERE.

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