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"The anonymous personal Debit card"
- Dr. Walter Belford - Offshore Financial Guru

A Personal Debit Card with NO Name appearing on your card!

Our Leprechaun has done it again! Hot off the shelves direct from the bank ... a highly anonymous personal no name ATM/ card!

This is an affordable NO NAME ATM//Debit Card and is yours for the asking. Maintain your anonymity or if you have bad ATM/, use this new ATM//debit card for your on-line, ATM cash withdrawals and other electronic purchases.

The issuing bank is located in a privacy friendly country! This bank knows and respects what the meaning of customer privacy is!

All that is required for you to secure this highly valuable ATM/ card is a completed order form (see below,) any acceptable picture ID such as your drivers license or passport copy (need not be Notarised) a utility bill less than 3 months old and a name, delivery street address and a contact telephone number (for courier purposes only,) &plus your payment. It couldn't be easier than that!

Your ID and utility bill can be emailed to us in jpeg format and in a size not to exceed 450 K bytes. Alternatively if you do not have a picture ID, we can offer this card option without ID for Euro 1,250. This can be in any name of your choosing for a nominal fee of just Euro 1,250 at time of initial ordering. (Note: ID card is not physically sent to you, only to source.)

PT Shamrock promises to shred and destroy all ordering information when our money back guarantee expires.

Here are the full particulars for this exciting new product:

  • ATM/ Card is a re-loadable card and can be funded via a bank wire.
  • Minimum opening deposit is only US$100 included in cost.
  • Card can be loaded by bank wire, BitCoin (if you open a BitCoin account free with card sources associate,) Western Union, MoneyGram by you or any THIRD person/party.
  • Use your ATM/ ATM/ card ANYWHERE on-line where merchants accept ATM/ cards. That means millions of on-line sites.
  • Your card can also be used as an ATM cash withdrawal facility worldwide.
  • Can also be used anywhere electronic purchases are accepted!
  • Full balance and purchase verification available on-line 24/7
  • In a short time you'll receive your personal ATM/ Card with your CVV2 or three digit security number delivered to your address of choice; including full loading instructions and all on-line balance and purchase verification details.
  • The card is valid for two years and a renewal card is issued for a small fee thereafter.
  • The maximum load at any one time is US$10,000, but source can load this amount every few days, so there really are not many loading restrictions.

Cardholder Fees and Charges:

  • Domestic POS Purchase = $0.60
  • Domestic ATM Withdrawal = $0.90
  • Domestic ATM Balance Inquiry = $0.75
  • International POS Purchase = $0.75
  • International ATM Withdrawal = $2.75
  • International ATM Balance Inquiry = $0.90
  • Card Cancellation = $5.00
  • On-line balance checking = $0.90
  • Lost/Stolen Replacement = $15.00
  • PIN Replacement = $1.00
  • Statement Request = $1.00
  • Renewal (2 years) = $9.50
  • Charge-back Processing = $30.00
  • Negative Balance = $15.00
  • Load Fee = $1.00
  • Card to Card = $2.50
  • Card to Phone = $0.25
  • Monthly Membership = $1.75
  • IVR = $0.25
  • Live Customer Service = $1.00
  • Dormancy Fee = $1.00

How To order:
Click here to proceed to our secure on-line order form.

NO Name ATM//Debit card (you supply the ID and utility bill) = Euro 595
No Name NO ID Option = Euro 2,350

ordering Code is: "NNATM" @ Euro 595
"NNNIDATM" @ Euro 2,350

Payment can be made by Bank Wire Transfer, BitCoin, Western Union, MoneyGram or Skrill. Just indicate your preferred method payment and we'll send you the remittance particulars when we receive your order.

Remember in order to receive expedited service, make 100% sure you use

"No Name Personal ATM/ Card"
for your product code when ordering

Price EUR %95 (includes shipping charge.)

Click here to order immediately from our secure on-line order form.

We accept payment by Western Union, MoneyGram, MoneyBookers, BitCoin and bank wire.

All orders treated strictly personal & highly confidential! See order form enclosed!