Panama Virtual Account with ATM/Credit Card

Panama Virtual Account - Payment and Receiving Account with ATM Card

Your valuable tools to Freedom, Wealth & Privacy!

Your Very Own Panama Virtual Account - Payment and Receiving Account with ATM Card!

Want Wealth? Want Freedom? Want Privacy? Then look no further as PT Shamrock's leprechaun has the answer for you.

This Panama Virtual Account & ATM Card Is For You!

Due to popular demand, our leprechaun has been able to persuade our source to issue an extremely limited number of these impressive Panama Virtual Accounts and ATM/Debit Cards.

Physical your name (hold in your hand) ATM card
This is a Panama-domiciled �virtual� account, held with a subsidiary of U.K�s largest payment processor. Ideal for receiving personal or business-related payments and for paying bills and invoices online. Use this like a bank account for easy funding online via internal transfer of one or more cards.

� Available in USD, GBP, EUR and CHF
� Receive or make ACH payments in local currency in 40 countries.
� Make low cost international SWIFT wire payments
� Convenient major bank wire coordinates for receipt of payments in over 100 countries
� Multiple currencies also available

Single-Card Option
Eur 895.00 + shipping* (Eur 75)

Includes your choice of one (1) USD MasterCard, EUR MasterCard or EUR Visa.

Two-Card Option
Eur 895.00 + Eur 75.00 (for second card in addition to first card cost) Includes your choice of MasterCard Combo package or EUR Card Combo package described above.

Minimum for account opening $100/100�

This is in addition to the minimum card load amounts stated above. You will be required to send these funds once account is set up. Our Card Processing department will contact you with specific instructions on the required minimums based on your selected currency.

Package Details:
� Payment Processor is wholly owned Panama subsidiary of U.K. and Europe's largest FSA-registered alternative payment solutions provider.
� Only requires passport copy and proof of residency (same as for cards).
� No minimum balance required.
�I deal for receiving business related and personal payments and for paying bills and invoices online.
� Convenient for receiving additional funds that do not need to be placed onto the card right away or cannot because of the card loading limits.
� One card or multiple cards can also be loaded directly from the account online.
� Funds can be conveniently received and paid out via ACH in more than 40 different countries or low-cost international SWIFT wire payments in more than 33 different currencies.

Card types available:
USD MasterCard / EUR MasterCard / EUR Visa / EUR MasterCard + USD MasterCard (+ E75.00) EUR Visa + EUR MasterCard (+E75.00)

Publisher's note: Due to the limited availability of this highly valuable product, it is advisable to e-mail us prior to remitting your payment to assure there are cards in stock and available for sale. Alternatively you might consider our other Cash, no ID ATM cards. See our card options by simply clicking on the blue highlighted links.

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