Panama Secret Bank Account and Offshore Bearer Company

PT Shamrock's leprechaun has done it again
The World Famous Panama Bearer Share Company

PLUS a European Union Bank/Investment/Trade Account with Internet Access!

Obtain an offshore corporate banking/investment/trading account for your bearer share corporation, trust or foundation - PLUS a Visa or MasterCard/ATM card to withdraw cash anonymously worldwide.

Want Wealth? Want Freedom? Want Privacy? Then look no further as PT Shamrock's leprechaun has the answer for you.

We can provide you or your clients with Offshore Panama Corporations, Trusts or Foundations for uses worldwide that provide great privacy, and tax freedom. They are available in just 4 weeks after receiving your order and payment. Prices for incorporation of any of the three types are:

1) Incorporation package €1250.00
2) Nominee Directors/Resident Agents/Registration - Included!
2) Certificate of Incorporation with apostille - Included!
3) Power of Attorney (blank) apostille - Included
4) DHL, UPS or Fed Ex courier €65

*** Instant and ready to ship bearer share company just €euro 1450

Renewal fees are US$300.00 per year per corporation payable by date of anniversary of incorporation. Clients are billed when renewal date is close. We'll immediately start incorporation upon receipt of your paid order.

We accept payments by MoneyGram, MoneyBookers, BitCoin, Western Union in addition to a Swift or Iban bank to bank wire.

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We would like you to know that in an effort to facilitate the functionality of your Panamanian entity (ies) Corporations, Trusts or Foundations, and in order that our clients can take advantage of the management and protection of their assets via their Panama offshore corporation, that we have taken the initiative of entering into an arrangement with a local and reputable investment house with international affiliations.

Our associate firm, though not related to us, can aid those owning a Panama corporation incorporated through us, by providing private banking service through their international affiliations.

All accounts are custodial with a wholly owned subsidiary of CREDIT SUISSE/FIRST BOSTON. The accounts provide access to all financial instruments including certificates of deposits of all major banks worldwide, stocks and bonds registered in all major markets, Offshore Mutual funds and Offshore Hedge Funds.

Additionally the accounts allow Internet access and online trading capabilities, offer a US Dollar denominated or multi currency account and a MasterCard (debit and credit card) that works at over 80,000 ATM's around the world and everywhere that Visa/MasterCard is accepted.

We have entered into this arrangement after many years of only providing offshore incorporating services from Panama, because we know that due to recent regulatory changes worldwide, it has become increasingly difficult to create/maintain effective offshore structures that can easily open bank or investment accounts, trade offshore, and/or obtain credit/debit cards, that also allow for ready accessibility to the corporate owner's assets.

We have taken the liberty under this arrangement to offer those that incorporate offshore companies through us, to know about our associate and to let them know that they can offer its services in a way that would allow our clients to initiate or make use of their corporation through an investment strategy immediately after incorporation (by accepting the corporate documents from your corporation to open the accounts).

We would like to advise you, however, that any decision you take with respect to this offer that your offshore corporate investments will be purely yours, as we only want our clients to have an opportunity to use their corporations after they have been created, but make no attempt to force any of our clients to do so.

You may as well take your offshore corporation created through us or your offshore corporate investments any place you want. Needless to say is that we guarantee only our offshore incorporation services.

We would also like to advise you that we charge €1500.00 for this bank account opening service only if you get an account number for your corporation to be funded (minimum opening deposit is €5,000) with our source. If we do not get you a corporate account number for your corporation with our source, the bank account opening service charge described above is refunded in full.

If you consider this proposition of interest, please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience.

Once you have incorporated your Panama corporation through us, we can help you initiate the process for your bank/investment and Trading account by sending you an OPENING ACCOUNT APPLICATION from our associate, so you can apply to obtain an offshore corporate banking/investment/trading account for your corporation.

Bearer Shares: A negotiable share made out in the name of the bearer and not in the name of a particular person or organization. The shares in the capital of a company, which are transferable by delivery of the certificate. Unlike registered shares, which are transferred by an instrument of transfer, the name of the holder is not registered in the books of the company.

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