Panama Company & Bank Account

The World Famous Panama IBC Company
& Hong Kong Company Bank Account

Obtain an offshore corporate banking/investment/trading account for your corporation, plus an ATM card to withdraw cash anonymously worldwide.

Thank you for your interest in our products and services.

We offer a unique and rare opportunity in today's world, a truly first class IBC company from one of the world's leading offshore Centre's, PLUS a company bank account both from a highly respected privacy locale in the European Union arena.

You probably realize that this is an extremely rare occurrence in today's world. Most providers insist on placing only a personal name on their ATM and credit cards. However this card stands head and shoulders above the rest in privacy, because YOUR company name appears on the credit/ATM card! There is absolutely NO ID required from you whatsoever to purchase items or withdraw cash from the wall at thousands of ATM machines worldwide!

We've taken all the hassles out of obtaining a company and bank account for you in two of the world's leading offshore locales. With PT Shamrock's bank account's, there are:

  • No passport notarizations required
  • No bank references required
  • Only your passport copy and a utility bills required
  • No hassles
  • Select three names in order of preference for your company
  • Fast and superior service to get you up and running in no time.

Just give us your choice (in order of preference) of three names for your company. One of them will be available for incorporation and will be your Company. Set-up time for your company is approximately 7 working days from the time we receive a completed order form and cleared funds.

You're COMPANY and personal name appears on this card.

To obtain this highly prestigious product all that is required is:

1. A name and street address for courier delivery and contact details, i.e. an e-mail address.
2. Your choice of three company names- one of them will be available and used to setup your company
3. A copy of your passport and a recent utility bill
4. Your fee of just Euro 3750. This fee includes USD750 opening deposit and courier costs for sending you the company papers and all banking materials.
5. Three names in order of preference for your company

We have arranged a special price for this exclusive package. Most offshore providers charge Euro 3000 just for an offshore company or a bank account!

You get:

  1. A Panama IBC Company
  2. A company bank account in the Hong Kong
  3. A Hong Kong offshore bank account with easy to use Internet banking, debit card, plus a digi pass for you to authenticate Internet banking instructions.

There is a $750 dollar minimum opening deposit required for the account, which we remit on your behalf direct to the bank issuer. Annual renewal for your company, resident agent and all govt fees are currently just US$600, the least expensive option we know of anywhere in the world!

If you require a Hong Kong or Central American mail drop just e-mail for free information. Special discount with order herein.

There are no card issuer's restrictions as to the amount you can withdraw daily. However there must be cleared funds available on your card and there maybe daily withdrawal limits in your area beyond the control of the card issuer.

Due to contractual agreement we are unable to provide the name of the issuing bank.

There are no banking references, notarised ID requirements and only a recent utility bills required.

You can remit funds for your Panama bear share company and European bank account by money order, banker's draft or by postal orders in Euro , Swiss Francs, Euro or Pounds Sterling only for maximum anonymity. Sorry postal orders NOT accepted. The bank is only accepting a limited number of new customers, so there is a limited number of these cards available. They are going exceedingly fast so this offer is available strictly on a first come, first served basis.

We suggest in the strongest possible terms to get in on the ground floor NOW, before it's too late.

To pay by Bank wire, BitCoin, MoneyGram, Skrill or Western Union please proceed to and order at our secure web site order form. Click here to order now! 

Your order code is "Pan Co & Hong Kong Bank Acc."

All orders treated strictly personal & highly confidential! See order form enclosed