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Public Enemy #1 - The Bank!
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Want Wealth? Want Freedom? Want Privacy? Then look no further as PT Shamrock's leprechaun has the answer for you!

The bizarre and hidden agenda of the banks, finally exposed!

For our browsers only, PT Shamrock has made special arrangements with the publisher to offer this MUST READ book! We consider Public Enemy #1 - The Bank, essential reading.

What you will learn from this book is so bizarre, most people will never believe it.

It sounds like grotesque, diabolical fiction, but none the less, an undeniable fact!

There is irrefutable evidence that the banks are enslaving us all, and unless you understand what is happening you will not be given a chance to break the chains of slavery before their grip is so tight, it is impossible to escape.

Are you earning more money than ever, and having less money to spend? Are you paying more income tax, more gasoline tax, property tax, sales tax and hidden taxes than ever before?

Ask yourself the same question, Robert Clayton asked himself before writing this book. Why? Why is this happening, when we should be becoming more prosperous? In reality we are getting poorer. The middle class is disappearing, the gap between rich and poor is widening. We struggle harder just to get by. Why is this happening?

This book, Public Enemy #1 – the Bank, sheds light on this paradox in a simple readable manner. For the first time the bank is exposed for what it really is and why it was set up in this specific way.

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