Offshore Hong Kong & Singapore Mobile Sim Cards

PT Shamrock's leprechaun has done it again!

The Internet's cheapest international roaming sim cards!

For pennies a day you can have a totally anonymous GSM international roaming sim chip from Asia. This sim chip affords you to to send and receive anonymous mobile calls in Europe, Asia (except Japan,) South Africa, Australia, New Zealand plus North and South America, including Mexico, the USA and Canada.

[Note: this sim chip requires that you use a tri-band mobile phone. Click here for info.]

The international roaming charges are the cheapest we have located anywhere, around US .65 cents per minute! Compare this to Europe's US$2.75 and UP roaming time those chips cost and you've found yourself quite a bargain if we say so ourselves!

No tracking chips here!

Unlike US and European sim chips, which track you to within a few yards of where you are, these Asian Sim chips do not have that feature. Naturally all mobiles can be tracked if you're targeted by a key word. Therefore for security purposes we recommend that you turn your mobile off when not making or expecting calls. Common sense should always prevail. Privacy first, last and always!

We have stockpiled the Internet's cheapest roaming sim chips and are ready to ship yours now! All sim chips are being sold strictly on a first come first basis. They are the fastest selling mobile related product we're offering so get yours now. Once you purchase the Internet's cheapest international roaming sim chip, replenishing top up or roaming time is available FOR LIFE!

If we run out of stock, delivery may take 2 to 3 weeks from the time we receive your paid order. Order now to ensure you'll receive the Internet's cheapest international roaming sim chip within days!

All sim chips come ACTIVATED and ready to use with approximately US$20 give or take of international roaming time included. You will receive a unique Asian mobile telephone number that is yours exclusively to use. You can always re-order additional roaming or top up time for a nominal cost.

You can purchase additional time on-line at the sim companies web site. Full instructions come with all paid orders. However they require payment by credit card, which may compromise your anonymity.

Alternatively we accept Bank Wire Transfer, E-gold, Cash, US Postal or Money Orders, Cashier's Checks, Bank Drafts or Electronic Money Order (EMO.) for maximum anonymity.

No name need ever be given to our source or us. All chips are valid for six months then must be topped up and or renewed every 180 days to remain valid. You can do this simply by sending the sim company a fax requesting an extension. You can also purchase top up cards via e-mail, facsimile and use a credit card for payment for fastest service.

Our fee?
Just US$200, which includes courier delivery to you anywhere in the world. Should you wish additional roaming time, we suggest you order additional top-up cards (at cost,) at the time of purchase. Top up cards are available in US$6 increments at cost at time of original purchase. Future top up through us entails a nominal fee.

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Be warned, US and European purchased mobile phones have built in tracking devices. The tri-band models we offer DON'T. That's a huge security bonus for you!

Click here for additional information on various mobile phones and sim chips (mobile numbers,) from around the world.

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We accept Bank Wire Transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram, Skrill or BitCoin. Click here to order from our secure on-line order form.

All orders treated strictly personal & highly confidential! See order form enclosed!

Yes I want my anonymous Asian sim chip, the cheapest roaming time in the world, i.e. approximately US .65 cents per minute for just US$125 each, including shipping.

Please use the order code "Cheapest Roaming Time (Asian) Sim Card."