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The state of the art low tech anonymous Nokia (or similar) Tri-Quad band Mobile Phone ... with a International GSM Roaming Sim Chip!

This mobile is the most advanced anonymous tri or quad band mobile phone to date. It supports all forms of GSM data connectivity, CSD, HSCSD, and GPRS. For connectivity to a PDA or notebook, it has built in Bluetooth and infrared and can be connected with an optional data cable.

Its tri/quad-band functionality means it can log on to any GSM network in the world (excluding Japan,) and it is one of the first phones to incorporate a 256-colour screen.

Used with the Socket Bluetooth card, the anonymous mobile can be connected wirelessly to any PDA running hand held PC2000, hand held PC Pro, Pocket PC or Pocket PC and capable of accommodating a CF Type I card. This is a great alternative to a PDA/phone device as the anonymous mobile can happily remain in your pocket or bag while the PDA connects to it. The anonymous mobile normally sells for 1,000 Euro's (Euro 800) in most European capitals. But Shamrock's leprechaun has done it again and offers the anonymous mobile WITH an anonymous European GSM sim and roaming time.

Roaming time cost varies, but figure on a Euro 1-Euro 2 per minute in 30-second intervals in most cases. Unlike most European and North American mobiles, our anonymous mobile's DO NOT contain any clipper chips and are totally anonymous. Additional top up time can be purchased at time of initial order at cost in Euro 25 or Euro 40 increments. Thereafter you can send us e-gold or payment via Western Union for additional top up time, at cost plus a 15% handling surcharge with a Euro 100 minimum charge.

Alternatively you can use a credit card and top up yourself direct on-line with the Telecom provider, but that would comprise your anonymity. Full details comes with paid orders.

For your Nokia or similar anonymous mobile and anonymous European internationally roaming GSM *NON-CLIPPER* chip sim card just send us an e-mail or use our order form below. Please indicate your preferred method of payment.

The cost for this unique opportunity is just €550 plus Euro 75 (total Euro 625.oo) for courier shipping to your street address. Please *NO* PO box addresses as courier services will NOT deliver to a PO box address.

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Please use the order code "Tri-Quad Band Mobile."

All orders treated strictly personal & highly confidential! See order form enclosed!

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