Travel Agent Card

PT Shamrock's leprechaun has done it again
Travel ID Card for only Euro 195

Travel The World!

Hold your breath: Here is a opportunity for you to have your own Travel ID card for ONLY Euro 195 including shipping.

This novelty card might save you hundreds of dollars and receive lots of benefits for yourself. Card holders say they have received:

  • free admittance or 50% off theme parks all over the World
  • 50-75% off hotel rooms (covers all major hotel chains such as Sheraton, Steigenberger, Marriott, Hilton, etc.)
  • 50-75% off car rentals (covers all major chains such as Hertz, Budget, Eurorent, Avis, etc.)
  • up to 90% off airline fares, based on production (covers smaller airlines and - all airlines as well)
  • free travel offers, and more.

Don't just pay for Travel - Save Money with it!

Take care, this card may be accepted in agencies of air companies (United Airlines, Air France, British Airways, Thai, etc. ...) but not in tour-operators agencies ! This card is valid for five years.

You may operate with this card anywhere in the world. Once you use your card, it can pay for itself in a short period of time.

You may be entitled to discounts of up to 75% on commercial flights or upgrades to business or first class as well. This card may be used not only for discounts on all major airlines, but also on European railways. As an example, a German rail pass for unlimited travel for one month is available to agents for about Euro 60.

This card can easily pay for itself simply by booking your next vacation using it!

Please note: THIS IS A LIMITED OFFER ONLY. At this inexpensive price, it's a no-risk venture in any event!

Once we receive your Euro 195 payment (includes delivery via registered airmail, you simply e-mail us your Travel ID Card info AND BE SURE TO SEND YOUR PICTURES VIA JPEG ATTACHED EMAIL FILE in 300dpi [dots per inch] not to exceed 350 K Bytes in size.

It couldn't be easier! Your card will be valid for five years.

Please note: This Travel ID card is made to ***YOUR*** specifications. Source does not supply any card information or details as this is your responsibility. PT Shamrock and our source does NOT warrant the use of, nor the acceptance of this card by anyone. When ordering this product, it is expressly understand and agreed that this card is sold as a novelty item only.

Once we receive cleared funds, then we will have the card created for you and dispatched per your instructions.

Please e-mail us if you have any questions.

So don't procrastinate - ORDER NOW

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Priority Order Form

YES, I want my own TRAVEL ID CARD. Please rush me one TRAVEL ID CARD

Price Euro 195 including shipping.

To Order:
We accept Bank Wire Transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram, Skrill or BitCoin. Click here to order from our secure on-line order form.

Please use the order code "Travel ID."

All orders treated strictly personal & highly confidential! See order form enclosed!

Information "YOU" must supply that is required for your Travel
Agent ID card:

3. AGENCY NUMERIC CODE or Industry Numeric Code
Sample - 12-3 4567 8 (Maximum 8 digits)
5. TRAVEL AGENCY NUMBER - Samples ID Card Number Worldwide (Except US Agents):
SAM6 5J05 0151 EI1 AUD (Maximum 18 alphanumeric characters) or 1234567890 (10 digits only)

Samples US Agents Only:

Verification Number 0098700123 (10 digits only) or Personnel Registration Identification Number 000000 (6 digits only)

7. VALID TO (normally 5 years after valid/start date.)

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for visiting PT Shamrock