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The No ID Any Name Virtual Pre-Paid credit card!

"Your basic anonymous on-line credit card"
- Dr. Walter Belford - Offshore Financial Guru

An affordable NO ID, Virtual Pre-Paid Credit Card is yours for the asking. Maintain your anonymity or if you have bad credit, use this new pre-paid credit card for your on-line purchases for Payment, E-Bay,, etc..

All that is required is any name, address and telephone number as your billing address for your new Virtual prepaid credit card, plus an e-mail address and your payment.

PT Shamrock promises to shred and destroy all ordering information when our money back guarantee expires in 30 days.

Here are the full particulars for this exciting product:

  • Your Virtual Credit Card is a one time loadable card
  • You can use your virtual prepaid credit card ANYWHERE online where merchants accept credit card payments. That means millions of on-line sites.
  • You can order a virtual card for Payment and Ebay purposes, but please inform us for which you wish to use it.
  • In just a few short days you will receive your private 16 digit Virtual Card number plus your CVV2 or three digit security numbers, which is found on the back of regular credit cards; plus the expiry of your card along with your name and billing address as given to us at the time of your initial order.
  • The card is valid for one year and can be replaced thereafter. After the expiry card you will no longer be able to use any funds remaining on your card and funds would be lost and non recoverable. Therefore spend all your funds a week or two BEFORE your card expires.
  • There is a US$10 minimum load and a maximum load of USD2000 allowed on this product. The cost for obtaining these pre-loaded virtual credit cards are higher. Click here to download the load card option and cost for your virtual credit card.

Good information:

* This Virtual pre-paid credit card requires a name, address and telephone number to be attached to it.
* This Virtual credit card costs depends on the load amount you desire. Click here to download the load and cost for these cards.
* This Virtual pre-paid credit card is a one time only load and can load from US$10 up to US$2,000 maximum load, cost is more.

How To order:
Fill out the order form below and indicate your requirements.

Payment can be made to us by Bank Wire Transfer, MoneyGram, Western Union, Skrill or BitCoin. Just indicate your preferred method payment and we'll send you the remittance particulars when we receive your order.

Remember in order to receive expedited service, make 100% sure you use

"Virtual No Name Pre-Paid Credit Card"

for your product code when ordering and be sure to include the Card Option Letter and Cost for obtaining it.

To Order:
We accept Bank Wire Transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram, Skrill or BitCoin. Click here to order from our secure on-line order form.

Please use the order code "Virtual Credit Card" and be sure to include the Card Option Letter and Cost for obtaining it."

All orders treated strictly personal & highly confidential! See order form enclosed!

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for visiting PT Shamrock