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Belize Citizenship by Investment Program

SORRY, BUT THE BELIZE, as well as Grenada citizenship by investment programs have been shut down as of 31 March 2002. However we do offer a Belize residency program. Email for particulars.

Starting in 2017 - Now available an excellent nationality passport program from Vanuatu. CLICK HERE for details.

Updated (2011) Dubai Residency Program in the U.A.E.! Click here for Dubai Residency Tax Haven Report details!

For the serious player, there are only two options available.

For full particulars please send an e-mail and be prepared to remit Euro 1,500 as a consulting fee. Once we receive your fee you'll be placed in direct contact with source.

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PS Please don't dilly dally. These programs are likely to be closed down by big brother as well. Act NOW, before it's too late.

PT Shamrock Limited is an information provider on legal Nationality and Residency programs. We currently represent a few select approved "Citizenship" Programs as referral agents for the countries following.

Please be advised that PT Shamrock does "NOT" sell PASSPORTS!

As per our agreement with the respective countries and their issuing authorities we are not able to disclose full details until we receive an initial referral fee. As referral agents we are entrusted with the responsibility of screening the possible applicants carefully. Upon our satisfaction that a potential applicant is genuinely interested we will refer you to the appropriate source who will handle your requirements. Those interested parties that are serious respect our position and determination to screen out the "merely curious" and the "time wasting lookie-loos." This information is for the seriously interested only.

Please do not waste your time and ours. We repeat, we DO NOT SELL PASSPORTS! We act as a referral agent for the CONTACT only, not the contract! Source is owned by an association of international lawyers and specialists in order to provide the most private and up to date services available. They have been involved with offshore consulting for the last 20 years, with complete confidentiality guaranteed by, "Attorney Client Privilege". Please be prepared to provide proof of funds and pay our referral fee of Euro 1,500 PRIOR to our placing you in contact with source. Sorry NO EXCEPTIONS!

Following you will find particulars of what is available. These prices are subject to change without notice. In addition the government may suspend it's program at any time. Therefore if you are a serious player, it might be a good idea to act before the window of opportunity closes on this program like other opportunities lost previously.

*Belize* citizenship by investment program.

Thank you for our interest in our Belize citizenship by investment program.

In today's world, especially after the tragic events of September 11th, it is imperative that one has a second nationality and passport from a low profile country whose passport offers widely accepted visa free travel, whilst maintaining a low profile for the passport holder.

There are no laws restricting the right of a citizen to hold a second nationality and passport from another country in most of the world; including America, Canada, Central and South America, all of Western Europe, Central and parts of Eastern Europe, most of Asia and the rest of the world, including Australia and New Zealand.

As you may or may not be aware, several countries recently have suspended or discontinued their citizenship (passport) by investment programs. Ireland formerly required US$1,000,000 as an investment for citizenship, but none the less, discontinued that program.

More recently, winter 2001, Grenada suspended their passport by investment program. St. Kitts and Nevis offers a passport for investment program but requires an investment of more than US$250,000, which frankly is a great deal of money.

For an investment of just US$50,000 for a single person or US$60,000 for an entire family, you can obtain a legally issued citizenship and passport in approximately 6 to 8 weeks time from Belize, a low profile country. The passport offers visa free travel in nearly a hundred countries around the world. Belize is a country of Central America on the Caribbean; formerly under British control. English is spoken, as well as common law practiced. There is no requirement that you live or reside there, though it's citizenship by investment program grants you that privilege.

In addition there are very attractive tax benefits for Belizean nationals.

We have a trusted source in Belize for one of the few legally remaining citizenship by investment programs available. Our fee for this service is US$10,000 regardless if it is for a single person or a family. This is in addition to the Belize government fee's, including the required investment for Belize as well as the legal agency fee's as outlined below.

The processing time is normally six to eight weeks. A person should have no criminal record for dishonesty nor any civil record of fraud lawsuits, etc. as a police or Justice department clearance report is required.

Complete help and assistance along with full particulars will be sent to you along with all applications upon receipt of our fee, US$10,000. Once you've paid our introduction fee, you will remit a preliminary application to our source for their review.

If source feels you have a good chance of being granted citizenship, then you can remit your fees direct to the government, or conduct your own due diligence by traveling to Belize, meet our source, then remit your fee for citizenship if you select to proceed. We are happy to coordinate your schedule to Belize in the event you wish to visit prior to submitting your governmental fees and final applications.

All government and agency fee's below are refundable (except as noted,) in the event you are not granted citizenship.

Government Fees

- Family (wife and children below 18 years)

Registration Fee US $25,000
Non-refundable Contribution Fee US $25,000
Total US $50,000

- Single Applicant

Registration Fee US $15,000
Non refundable Contribution Fee US $25,000
Total US $40,000

- Dependent adult child below 30 years, as well as dependent father and/or mother.

Registration Fee US $15,000 each

Belize Agency Legal fee's:

US $10,000 per family
US $8,000 for single applicant



1. Government has decided to continue the Economic Citizenship Investment Programme after a careful assessment of the present and future economic needs of the country and the current international economic trends.

2. On the one hand, there has been a marked decline in foreign investment in the Caribbean region as well as a discontinuance of concessionary Aid flows and Grants; on the other, the situation in Belize has been aggravated by a significant reduction in the activities of Aid agencies such as USAID AND UNHCR, resulting not only in the loss of considerable foreign currency flows to our country but also in the loss of jobs countrywide. These occurrences have given rise to the need for Government to increase its expenditure on several fronts locally.

3. As a consequence, it is Government’s responsibility to examine all possible sources which are capable of earning revenue, foreign exchange, generating employment and stimulating economic activity in general. Experience both in Belize and abroad has shown that Economic Citizenship Investment programme's have the capacity to induce large amounts of foreign investment and to stimulate entrepreneurial activities.


4. Large and small countries all over the world operate immigration programme's with a view to attracting foreign investment and entrepreneurial skills. Some of these large countries include the United States of America, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland; and among the smaller countries are Dominica, the Dominican Republic, Honduras and St. Kitts and Nevis. All of them operate immigration programme's which link the grant of citizenship to investment.


5. Belizean law allows for the operation of Economic Citizenship Investment Programme's through an amendment to the Belizean Constitution. The amended law provides for the grant of citizenship to persons who make a substantial contribution to the economy of Belize.

In addition, the Belizean Nationality Amendment Act No. 2 of 1998 makes provision as follows:

A person who has made, to the satisfaction of the Minister, a substantial contribution to the economy and or well-being of Belize, or who has rendered distinguished service to Belize, and who is not entitled to be registered under any of the other provisions of this Act on application, may be granted citizenship by registration.

An applicant who is granted citizenship by registration shall be entitled to have registered also as citizens of Belize, at the same time or at any subsequent time, the following persons:

(a) The applicant’s spouse and minor children, below the age of 18 years, if any;

(b) The applicant’s adult children below the age of 30 years, if any;

(c) The applicant’s parents and/or parents-in-law, incapacitated or unable to work, if any.

At the appropriate time the Government of Belize intends to submit the question of economic citizenship to the Belizean people for them to decide through a referendum whether or not to continue the programme.


6. The current Economic Citizenship Investment Programme has been designed to ensure:

Firstly, that Belizean citizenship will be conferred only upon persons making a substantial contribution to Belize by investing in a specifically approved manner. Secondly, that the quantum of investment required is sufficiently substantial.

Thirdly, that all applications for Belizean Citizenship are vetted by a panel of Belizean's. The panel will be drawn from the public and private sectors of the society. Fourthly, that the Programme shall be administered by a special unit within the

Ministry of National Security and Immigration. Fifthly, that all proceeds from the programme shall be paid initially into the Central Bank of Belize. Sixthly, that the number of heads of household to be granted citizenship shall not exceed in any one year 1/4 of 1% of the Belizean population, thus removing any threat to the political or cultural balance of our society, or to its security.


7. The Programme is administered by a unit of the Ministry of National Security and Immigration known as the Belize Economic Citizenship Investment Programme Unit - BECIP Unit.


8. The functions and duties of the BECIP Unit are as follows:

To operate the Programme in strict accordance with all relevant laws, rules and regulations and in an open and transparent manner;

To accept applications for citizenship by economic contribution;

To ensure that all registration fees and contributions monies are deposited in the designated funds;

To ensure that all securities and assets of the Unit whatsoever are kept in strict accordance with Government’s rules and regulations:

To prepare and publish terms and conditions for the licensing of Immigration Consultants and to make amendments or alterations to same;

To publish annual lists of Licensed Immigration Consultants as well as lists of those Consultants whose licences have been revoked;

To prepare and publish annual statements of accounts pertaining to the Unit;

To process all applications for citizenship with a view to ensuring that all applicants satisfy the requirements for economic citizenship under our laws and to submit same to the Scrutinizing Committee with a recommendation for granting or refusing citizenship, or otherwise;

To submit all applications approved by the Scrutinizing Committee to the Department of Immigration for the processing of the necessary passports;

To advise Immigration Consultants, in a timely manner, as to the outcome of their clients’ applications for economic citizenship;

To advise the Minister responsible for Immigration, in a timely manner, as to the decision of the Scrutinizing Committee in respect of each and every application duly vetted;

To disseminate information to the public, individuals, Immigration Consultants, and all others who request pertinent information.


9. There is a Scrutinizing Committee consisting of persons appointed by the Minister responsible for Immigration. All committee members shall be citizens of Belize and shall be persons of integrity and high moral standards. Membership shall include the Financial Secretary or his representative, the officer in charge of the BECIP Unit, who shall function as Executive Secretary to the Committee; the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry with responsibility for Immigration; and members drawn from the private sector.

The duration of the office of a member of this committee shall be specified in the instrument of appointment.

The functions and duties of the Scrutinizing Committee shall be those conferred or imposed on it under any law and shall include:

Ensuring that all applicants recommended for citizenship have complied with all legal and other requirements, and that all relevant fees and other monies have been duly paid;

Ensuring that no qualified applicant is unjustifiable denied citizenship;

Ensuring that, in cases where citizenship has been approved, all investment monies have been paid in full prior to the grant of citizenship;

Ensuring or otherwise, the approval or disapproval of applicants as made by the BECIP Unit; and

Monitoring the performance of the BECIP Unit.

The Scrutinizing Committee is convened by the officer in charge of the Unit, and the Chairman is the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Immigration.


10. An appeal from a decision by the BECIP Unit and/or the Scrutinizing Committee refusing an application for citizenship shall be made in writing to the Minister of Immigration within thirty days of date of such refusal. The Minister shall, upon receipt of such appeal, refer the matter to a Board of Review which shall be appointed by the Minister.


11. It is the declared policy of the Government that all persons desirous of obtaining citizenship by means of investment shall make their applications through licensed Immigration Consultants so as to better protect applicants and the preserve the competitive integrity of the Programme. Any Licence issued by the BECIP Unit shall be deemed to be a revocable privilege and no person to whom such Licence shall be granted shall be deemed to have acquired any vested rights in it.


12. An application for the grant of the Licence as an approved Immigration Consultant shall be made to the Minister of Immigration on forms furnished by the Unit and must be accompanied and supplemented by such documents and information as may be specified or required. Failure to supply the information requested within five days after the request has been received by the applicant shall be deemed to constitute grounds for delaying consideration of the application.

It shall be grounds for denial of a Licence for any person to make any untrue statement of a material fact in any application or willfully omit to state a material fact necessary to make the facts stated in view of the circumstances under which they were stated, not misleading.

An applicant for a Licence as an approved Immigration Consultant must be Belizean or must have a registered agent who is a resident of Belize. All applicants for Licences as approved Immigration Consultants must each have a registered office in Belize. Every application for registration as a licensed Immigration Consultant must be in writing and must be accompanied by a non refundable application fee of US $2,000.00.

The BECIP Unit shall inform the applicant within 30 days of the receipt of his/her application whether a Licence has been approved or denied. Whenever an Immigration Consultant Licence is granted to an applicant the Licence shall be for a period of one year; shall attract a fee of US $5,000.00 per annum; and may thereafter be renewable annually.

The grant of a Licence to an Immigration Consultant shall not make the licensee an employee of the Government of Belize; neither shall the Licensee be deemed to be the servant or agent of the Government of Belize; and the Government shall not; in any way, be liable for the licensee’s acts or omissions. All promotional materials used by Licensed Immigration Consultants must be approved by the BECIP Unit for its use or dissemination.


13. Licenses for Immigration Consultants shall be granted on the following criteria:


be fully conversant with the requirements, criteria, guidelines, regulations, laws etc. pertaining to the Economic Citizenship Investment Programme;

have the capacity to contact and influence foreign investors;

have the machinery to assist prospective investors to comply with the requirements of the BECIP Unit and to submit proper and complete applications to the Unit;

maintain a local agent and office in Belize (if a non-Belizean);

have no criminal record for offenses involving dishonesty, and in the case of a company, have no shareholders or director who has a criminal record for an offense involving dishonesty;

not have been adjudged bankrupt;

furnish to BECIP Unit (in the case of a company) a current list of its director(s) and shareholders, indicating their nationality, and a statement of good standing issued by the Registrar of Companies;

enter into a Bond to indemnify the Government of Belize for any liability adjudged to have been incurred by Government in consequence of the applicant’s activities; and have the machinery to keep proper records and to maintain documents in safe keeping.

The fee charged by a Licensed Immigration Consultant shall not exceed 20% of the sum of the registration fee and contribution required of the applicant as head of household.


14. All applicants for economic citizenship shall pay registration fees as follows:

(I) in the case of head of household, the fee shall be US$25,000.00.

(II) where the applicant is single the fee shall be US$15,000.00.

(III) Group applications may be submitted to the Minister for consideration of a
discount to promote the programme.

(IV) in the case of (a) an adult child below thirty years; (b) a dependent father and/or mother of the applicant, the application fee shall be US$15,000.00 payable by each person. (c) Where the applicant is accompanied by spouse and our minor dependents there shall be no additional fee(s).

In addition to the registration fee, the applicant shall be required to contribute a sum of US$25,000.00 as a minimum contribution to Belize, and which sum will be paid into a special fund to be known as “BELIZE ECONOMIC CITIZENSHIP INVESTMENT FUND.”

Sums paid into the Investment Fund by successful applicants shall be non refundable, and shall attract no interest.

The payments of such monies into the fund represents the applicant’s commitment to the nation of Belize to which the applicant looks for citizenship.


15. A special fund to be named “The Belize Economic Citizenship Investment Fund” has been established at the Central Bank of Belize. All registration and investment monies shall be paid directly into that special fund. The revenue derived from the Programme shall be used exclusively by the Minister of Finance for economic development programme's

16. All applications for economic citizenship shall be submitted by a Licensed Immigration Consultant to the Director of the BECIP Unit on forms printed by the Unit. Each application sent to the Unit must be accompanied by proof of payment of the appropriate registration fee into the special fund at the bank, and by necessary supporting documentation. All applications shall be entered into a register of applicants to be kept by the BECIP Unit in the order in which the applications are received, and each application shall be given a distinctive reference number.

17. The applications shall first be processed by the Unit and those which are found to be in order shall be submitted to the Scrutinizing Committee with recommendation(s) for the granting or the refusal, or otherwise, of the economic citizenship. All applicants whose applications are sent to the Scrutinizing Committee shall be notified of the outcome of their applications within seven days of the decision of the Committee.

18. Applications which are approved by the Scrutinizing Committee shall be sent to the Director of Immigration for the preparation of the Certificate of Registration and the Passport. A notice shall be sent by the BECIP Unit to the successful applicant or to the applicant’s local consultant advising of the grant of citizenship and indicating the date and time when the applicant is to be sworn in as a citizen of Belize and when the applicant is to receive the Certificate of Registration and the Belizean Passport.


19. Where an applicant is unsuccessful irrespective of the cause or reason, US$1,500.00 processing fees shall be retained. All other monies paid by the unsuccessful applicant shall be refunded.

Should you wish to proceed, please drop us an e-mail and place *Belize intro bank wire instructions* in the subject heading.

We will send you our bank-to-bank wire details for you're remitting our US$10,000 fee. Once we receive your fee, we will immediately forward your legal forms and applications and help you coordinate a visit to Belize, should you so desire.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you
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