How to Legally Move Large Amounts of Assets Abroad

The Asset Protect Trust
By Dr. Charles Freeman

"If you stop to think about it, there’s a 99% probability you will be sued personally or business wise, divorced, attacked civilly or criminally by some greedy lawyer and/or government alphabet agency before you reach age 60. Now that’s a very sobering thought."
- Dr. Charles Freeman

“Courts and juries have gone mad with million plus verdicts for slightly peeved but otherwise undamaged plaintiffs. Government agencies can confiscate and destroy everything you own, without due process, Property rights have been eroded beyond all recognition. Selective Prosecution means that successful people with visible assets run a high risk of criminal indictment.” – Peter Trevellian

The indubitable Dr. Charles Freeman's massive latest report and a remarkable one at that, is "The Asset Protect Trust."

Second passport and expat guru/expert, offshore consultant and an expat of more than 35 years, London born Charles Freeman is the bestselling author of "HOW TO LEGALLY OBTAIN A SECOND PASSPORT." He has travelled to nearly a hundred countries whilst living in dozens during this period.

Freeman spent much of his twenties backpacking his way around the world seeking adventure. By age 29 he had been employed in over 40 jobs including factory work, English language teacher, night club bouncer, salesman, perfume dealer, writer and running his own picture framing business. Starting in 1991, and with minimal capital, he began dealing in property and within just 6 years had built up a multi-million pound property empire. He is a self-made millionaire with homes in the South of Spain, South America and Thailand.

He retired from the property business and is currently travelling the world looking for new projects and opportunities. As the former author and editor of THE FREEDOM, WEALTH AND PRIVACY REPORT, a newsletter for millionaires – both current and prospective, Dr. Freeman enjoys helping others achieve wealth and freedom.

Doctor Freeman has first-hand knowledge of states, situations, locales, residencies and passport programs and all the emotions, or sensations that go along with it. Freeman most assuredly earned his doctorate from the school of hard knocks.

We believe Dr. Freeman offers something of extraordinary value in his latest report, at least for those thinking about making their exodus from their current home and country, but just don’t know where, what, when and how to go about it.

You won't hear about these opportunities in the mainstream media, on TV channels or in the pages of your favorite main street travel publications. If you require new defenses and asset protection options, read "The Asset Protect Trust" by Dr. Charles Freeman. Download your free PDF format copy HERE!

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