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Confessions Of An Unrepentant Con Man
By Jack Bevan

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Never arrested, never convicted, and with hundreds of victims who still love him dearly, Jack Bevan was the perfect con man. He separated his marks from their money so skillfully they never knew it happened. Now a respectable land owning member of the gentry, Gentleman Jack tells his the story of his rise from ignominy to wealthy respectability. "No one cares how you got rich, as long as you are rich," says Bevan. Exclusively for PT Shamrock readers, and not available in any bookstore, this unique tome will curl your toes. You may not want to emulate Jack, but if you want to get rich quick (legally or otherwise) you will certainly want to read the book -- if only to avoid slick predators like him who can charm you out of your hard won gains.

The world may be an unfair place, but Jack Bevan shows anyone how to squeeze it for all its worth and walk away with all the chips. Morality be damned. Jack regarded everyone as his personal piggy-bank and everyone obligingly allowed themselves to be shaken (not stirred) until the coins all jingled out. We haven't really counted them, but a suggested subtitle for this book was 999 Clever Swindles I Got Away With. Now a millionaire and retired at 40, this rogue couldn't resist confessing his secrets. It wasn't enough to have gotten away with it, Gentleman Jack wants the world to know just how much he got away with and exactly how he did it. From humble beginnings conning Pen Pals out of pittances, Jack Bevan went on to conning countesses out of castles. For an amusing and possibly profitable read, we suggest you have a look at our newest and most unusual report. Not for the faint of heart!


How To Avoid Paying Your Debts
By A. J. Hunnicut

Confessions Of An Unrepentant Con Man has been combined with that classic guide for successful deadbeats, How To Avoid Paying Your Debts by H. Ilarious Hunnicut. If you want a few laughs, a few tears and a lot of useful information presented in a very readable style, have a look at Jack Bevans" Confessions Of An Unrepentant Con Man and the Hunnicut classic, How To Avoid Paying Your Debts. Two books for the price of one! One philosophy two different authors. This limited edition (ideal for gifts) is bound to match the Special Reports of the Hill series. How To Avoid Paying Your Debts was actually the very first book ever written by the Original Hill. It was a ghost written autobiography of his good friend and personal attorney, one of the most colorful and famous deadbeats of all time. So you know its got to be good. Out of print for nearly thirty years, it returns for a limited run. This may be your only chance to learn the secrets of two amiable scoundrels. If you don't want to join them, at least you will learn how to lick them! Our usual, ironclad money back guaranty of satisfaction applies.

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