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The 26th Edition of "The Offshore Manual & Directory" January 2019 edition!

"Every PT should have 'The Offshore Manual & Directory.' - says Dr. Walter Belford, offshore guru.

"Our country is wherever we are well off." - John Milton in 1666.

"Big Brother is watching you" - George Orwell in his book Nineteen Eighty-Four, published 1948.

Echelon is listening in!

"A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
- Thomas Jefferson. First inaugural address, 1801.

"To be governed is to be watched, inspected, spied upon, directed, law-ridden, regulated, penned up, indoctrinated, preached at, checked, appraised, seized, censured, commanded, by beings who have neither title, nor knowledge, nor virtue. To be governed is to have every operation, every transaction, every movement, noted, registered, counted, rated, stamped, measured, numbered, assessed, licensed, refused, authorized, endorsed, admonished, prevented, reformed, redressed, corrected."
- Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. 'Les Confessions d'un Révolutionnaire', 1848.


Never before has anyone, anywhere compiled such a comprehensive, thorough and in-depth manual. This easy to read and use manual was five years and thousands of research-hours in the making before the first edition of The Offshore Manual & Directory was published in 1997. The 350 +-page fact-filled January 2019 26th edition of The Offshore Manual & Directory has been kept right-up-to-date on a daily basis with 900+ up-to-date supplier names, addresses, contact details and web links. The information is thematically arranged in 28 chapters. For example, one of the chapters is dedicated to the 75 most important tax havens and offshore financial centers and their most common usage.

It is the new recognized and indispensable authoritative guidebook of the experts. It gives you the inside track to the leading providers of asset protection, expatriate, offshore, privacy and tax haven product and services. The Offshore Manual & Directory has been scrupulously researched. The information therein rigorously analyzed, and it is totally independent. It's a huge database with tons and tons of data and up-to-date information with literally thousands of names, addresses, numbers and contact information for virtually everything you could want to know about asset protection, anonymous and offshore banking, maildrops, offshore, privacy, PT, second passports and dual citizenship, tax avoidance, tax reduction and tax haven related matters and much more! Do you sincerely want to know the secrets and insider information of the offshore world - and how to use it to your advantage? Our advice, order The Offshore Manual & Directory - NOW!


1. Buy a boat and sail 12 miles off the coast.

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3. Get on a plane and fly out of the country.

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4. Order "The Offshore Manual & Directory" now to get the best offshore banking, privacy, PT, tax avoidance and tax haven insider information, news, secrets, strategies, tactics, tips, techniques, tools and tricks.

Learn the insider facts and insights from the experts on how and where to obtain financial and personal freedom. The brand-new The Offshore Manual & Directory gives you your direct hyper links to the world's leading experts and suppliers of offshore products and services - as well as proven sophisticated offshore, privacy and tax haven practices, strategies and techniques which you will also receive in a do-it-yourself introduction in the report.

How can The Offshore Manual & Directory assist you? It is simply the first offshore guide-directory-manual of its kind. It lists the names and addresses of 1,800+ of the world's leading providers of ASSET PROTECTION, ANONYMOUS BANKING, EXPATRIATE, OFFSHORE, PRIVACY, PT, SECOND PASSPORTS, TAX AVOIDANCE AND TAX HAVEN PRODUCTS, SERVICES, STRATEGIES, PRIVACY TOOLS AND EXPERT ADVICE - many of whom your accountant, bank, financial advisor or lawyer keep to themselves, or don't even know about.

In today's post 9/11 world, your privacy is being stolen ever more rapidly and alarmingly. The information contained in this telephone size manual may very well save your ass and assets - IF you act on the information!

It should also be noted that several of these specialists or firms never advertise their services in newspapers or magazines. Each entry is placed in well-arranged groups according to subject with a short explanatory caption to each. Also listed in The Offshore Manual & Directory are several hundreds of the world's best and safest maildrops and serviced offices.

The Table of Contents highlights which areas of salient information have been covered and revealed in this unique authoritative source-book. A short introduction sets out and explains in detail the basic advantages, opportunities and usage of each group, where relevant.

With the information we reveal and share with you, you can BYPASS THE MIDDLEMEN and deal directly with the source - save thousands of $$$s!

Whether you choose to do-it-yourself, or to let one of the many firms listed in The Offshore Manual & Directory handle it for you, you will find all the relevant names, addresses and information you need. For example, you will learn how and where legally to obtain a second or diplomatic passport; a camouflage passport; open an anonymous bank account with no ID; obtain an offshore and anonymous credit card (without credit check of your current credit rating); where most advantageously to incorporate your own tax free offshore company; obtain an international driver's license directly from the issuer; travel agent status with IATA ID - plus much, much more insider information.

Important tax information: Guess what?! The Offshore Manual & Directory is even TAX DEDUCTIBLE as a legitimate business expense because it is regarded as trade literature! Therefore, retain your receipt for your records.

Here's what the Experts say:

"EVERY PT should have a copy in their library!" - Dr. Charles Freeman, offshore guru and expatiate expert

"The easiest way to get the names and addresses every PT needs!" - Peter Trevellian, best selling PT author.

"Make my job harder if I didn't have it." - Dr. Walter Belford, 2nd citizenship expert and consultant.

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