PTO - Portable Trades & Opportunities

By Peter Trevellian

Have you ever thought how BAD It might be to lose everything and have to start life over? Just imagine, for example, having to face these present-day possibilities:

  • Your business is suddenly shut down because of some presumed environmental "problems"
  • Your home and other assets are seized, even confiscated, after a low-level bank clerk reports your inheritance fund might be a cover for "money laundering"
  • You suddenly become the target of multiple lawsuits brought by contingency-fee lawyers who threaten to pursue you for years

Sad to say, rotten events like these happen to people every day. Productive individuals become victims of the "talk show mentality that believes winning the lottery is as easy as filing a lawsuit. Greedy law enforcement agencies at every level is now flush with the confiscated property of people who were never even accused of any crime. Have you heard of "civil forfeiture lately?

What If YOU became such a target? You could quickly find yourself with no home, no money, no assets-back to zero! And if it did happen WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Are you prepared to start all over again, from scratch? If you could no longer make money in your old business, what new enterprIse would you use to reestablish your life and lifestyle.?

With these troubling thoughts in mind however, consider how GOOD it might be to:

  • Never depend on a job again. Or never have a hole in your wallet again!
  • Avoid legal battles, huge attorney fees, and ruinous judgments.
  • Leave "problem" people behind by walking out the door for good.
  • Use your natural abilities to create an exciting new life and make LOT$ OF MONEY at the same time, virtually anywhere in the world. Don't doubt it.... IT CAN BE DONE!

If all this is music to your ears, PORTABLE TRADES AND OCCUPATIONS has been written just for you. In the mid Eighties. author Peter Trevellian (P.T.), lost everything in the U.S. thanks to a vengeful spouse and a rapacious prosecution of his business. What they couldn't take, however, was his energy and inspiration to seek new OCCUPATIONS elsewhere.

In over a dozen countries. from Europe to Asia, P.T. succeeded in finding new ways to make quick money in the different businesses he created and ran. He learned how to un-cover profit making OCCUPATIONS and connect with the right people he needed to make them work He had his choice of beautiful places to live. and an endless assortment of pleasing companions. Like the story of Job in the Bible, P.T. lost everything he owned, but his faith and perseverance enabled him to regain his fortune many times over.

So what did he do and how did he do it? You will discover all of P.T.'s tales of success in PORTABLE TRADES AND OCCUPATIONS. In 20 brilliant chapters P.T. reveals his masterful methods for turning adversity into prosperity. There were times when making money seemed impossible, but he never had to 'ask anyone for a lob. He continued to develop better ways to generate income on his own. His successes in literally dozens of businesses made him very independent and very wealthy.

Here, then, are some of the businesses he built to create a successful new life:

  • Passport Broker ($1.000,000/year)
  • Pen Pals & Newsletters ($150,000/year)
  • Cyberspace Entrepreneur ($85,000+)
  • Medical Consultant ($100,000)
  • International Bureaucrat ($180,000)
  • Commodity Trader (No limit...)
  • Seminar & "Event" Promoter ($125,000)
  • Offshore Advisor/Money Manager (Lots)
  • Video Production ($95,000)
  • Teaching Abroad ($55,000-$75,000)
  • Uninhibited Adventures on an Island (Profit plus pleasures)
  • Administrative& Invoicing Services ($65,000 year)
  • PLUS: Eight more Businesses!

P.T. turned all of these businesses into genuine money-makers, typically in very little time. He operated all over the world, and discovered the secrets that enable a business promoter to get started quickly end make bIg money fast.

presents these successes with clear, convincing authority. P.T. spells out the tiniest details of how he organized each venture, what problems he had to overcome, and how someone else could easily duplicate the businesses elsewhere. And make just as much money!

If you would like to 'survive and prosper' on your own terms, without government help or interference, PORTABLE TRADES AND OCCUPATIONS will be your guide. Hard-won knowledge and nitty-gritty plans of action provide rich resources you can use today to take full control of your life. Let P.T.'s new book Inspire YOU with confidence and the information you need to create the kind of life you really want-and deserve! The price?

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Please NOTE: If you're The 'Walter Mitty- type, or just a tire-kicker, please don't buy this book. We have only around a hundred, hard-cover copies left. P.T. has informed us that he would like to see them sold only to those who need and plan to profit from this superior information.

Please Note: If you're The 'Walter Mitty- type, or just a tire-kicker, please don't buy this book. We have only a few hundred, hard-cover copies available. P.T. has informed us that he would like to see them sold only to those who need and plan to profit from this superior information.

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