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We offer one of the largest selection of Privacy, Financial, Personal Freedom and Asset Protection books and reports on the Internet. We have streamlined our bookstore recently so you have the LATEST, best and most interesting privacy material available.

A selection of Internationally source confidential programme's, reports and books on a wide range of subjects is available. Each and every one of these outstanding programme's is researched and written by a "Fundi" on the specific subject. The material is geared to the exact requirements of person's seeking freedom from those who seek to take our privacy and freedoms away! The difference between a refugee and an immigrant?.....Timing!

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Browse through the catalogue. This is divided into Sections 1, 2 and 3. See below for specific details pertaining to each section of the catalogue.

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Important. If you use the links in this catalogue and the links in the order form to flip between the two, any items you order will be lost. Make your order all at once, please! Our Order Form is provided for your convenience. Kindly print it out and mail or fax it to the address indicated, or save it as a file and e-mail it to us at the e-mail address provided. Hard cover, bound books from Section 1 & 3:

We regret there are no longer quantity discounts available on hardbound books in this section. However please check our SPECIAL OFFERS section for periodic bargains:

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All hardcover reports just $50 each.

Reports from Section 2:
Prices as specified. There are no discounts as all reports are emailed to you in PDF format. Allow 1-2 business days for delivery. PT Shamrock Ltd

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