Offshore Brazilian Residency Program

Brazilian Residency Program
One of the very best Residency Programs

Update - 2017

Our associate is a long established and trusted Brazilian company that operates within its offices in the heart of one of the most famous beaches in the world, the Beira Mar (sea front) of the Atlantic ocean, in the beautiful tourists city of Fortaleza, state of Ceara, Brazil.

Visa permanent for bigger investors
According to Brazilian law you and your family, may get a permanent visa - and later on even citizenship - if you invest here the sum of $200,000 (two hundred thousand US dollars). For example, if you buy an apartment here - which is a solid and not a risky investment - for that amount or more, you can get settled here in a beautiful new environment near the ocean, with a fantastic all year around summer, and have a new life with less worries as in other places in the world.

Visa permanent for Smaller investors
If you have less money to invest than $200,000 (two hundred thousand US dollars) you can still get a permanent visa, by investing it in a business that has at least 10 workers - for example it could be a restaurant, a shop or a small factory - and the permanent visa may be granted to you by the immigration community in Brazil. It might also be important for you to know that the cost of living in Brazil, and especially in the part of the country where Fortaleza is located, is lower significantly comparing to Europe, United States or Canada and this might be advantageous for you.

Money transfer
It is worth mentioning that you transfer the money legally, from your bank through the central bank of Brazil (Banco Central) to your own bank account in Brazil and the money remains yours and stays with you at your disposal at all times and under your sole control. We will advise you personally in case you have special problems regarding this issue.

Choosing the investment
You can choose your own investment and may use our help on that. If you buy an apartment, or any other real property, it will be registered in your name and the system of registration in Brazil is 100% fool proof and has been operating for many years successfully for our overseas investors.

We have clients from all over the world and we're converse with clients from Asia, China in particular, the Middle East and of course Europe and North America as well.

Holiday apartment
It might be an excellent idea for you to invest your money here in a holiday apartment, where you could spend your vacations in the wonderful environment of Fortaleza, and enjoy the great shopping center Iguatemi.

If you are interested, we can take care of the apartment while you are not here, and - at your request - rent it, for shorter or longer periods as you wish (any contract must be signed by you). Renting the apartment can bring you a very good income. The profit here, in general, is about 6% annually and for apartments on Beira Mar it gets up to 10% and more, from the value of the apartment. This is a good and solid investment.

Brazilian Statutes in English
By the way, we are the only company that owns the book in English of the Brazilian statutes for foreigners and we will send it to you, on your Email request, for the amount of $250 (US dollars) + US$65 costs of courier shipment.

We will attempt to answer your questions via this message. If there is continued interest we can arrange for further information to serious applicants only. A consultant's fee will be required and credited toward this program should you proceed. We would propose for a number of reasons you entertain our Brazilian Resident Investor Status program. Some of the reasons for this are:

  1. The ability for applicant to work in their own business.
  2. Minimum amount of time required per year to be there
  3. The fact that the program is pre-approved by the government
  4. Unrestricted. Applicant and family members may work at any endeavour.
  5. Favourable Tax and Extradition laws
  6. Includes entire family including spouse and children up to 18 years old.
  7. Passport possible in a reasonable period of time.
  8. Cost as little as $25,000 per family member, (family of four.)

"Resident Investor Status" through this Program. Your personal appearance in Brazil is required for a two to 4 weeks for processing. You will be met at the International Airport in Brazil and walked through the entire process, from start to finish .Basically our residency experts hold your hand step by step until you receive your residency certificate and all legal documents.

Unlike other Brazilian residency programs which restrict you and your family to certain areas of Brazil, our program offers residency anywhere in Brazil for applicant and family. You choose when, where and how you live and work in Brazil. After 4 years you and your family can apply for citizenship and passport/s. In addition you do NOT have to remain in Brazil during your residency. You can visit for as little as a few days every two years. If you are single a passport is possible after one year and marriage to a Brazilian citizen. Length of time for the application:

Upon receipt of the correct documents we anticipate a four to six week period for completion. Please note while application is being processed, a receipt from immigration stating paper work is being processed is all that is required for applicant to remain in country. A Resident Investor has most of the rights of a Brazilian Citizen except political. He can not vote or get politically involved. If the applicant chooses to become a citizen he may choose to apply for citizenship after 4-year residency in the Country. Requirements to become a citizen.

Time in country as stated above and must be able to speak a reasonable amount of Portuguese. No further requirement at this time.

Price: A non refundable referral fee of Euro 15,000 is required. This fee is applied towards your investment, but is non refundable in any event. Your investment covers the applicant, spouse and children under age 18 or under 25 if they are full time students. We hope the above is of interest to you.

Price and Fee Schedule: The Government of Brazil requires the applicant to invest in Brazil in order to obtain legally residency.

The total referral fee is Euro 5,000, payable to PT Shamrock.

Our representative will meet you in Brazil at a mutually agreed time and date, to be arranged once we receive your referral fee.

If you wish further details, a Euro 1,000 consultation fee is required, (to avoid the merely curious.)

This fee will be applied towards our introduction fee should you proceed with residency. Please fill out our Order Form for a consultation.

We look forward to hearing from you. The Firm of PT Shamrock Limited E-mail

Kindly review our Disclaimer. Thank you.

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