Cook Islands Trust

International Cook Islands Trust and Offshore Bank Account

You can save your assets without worry with our Cook Islands Trust.

Our leprechaun has done it again! Finally you can stop worrying about an angry ex, a lawsuit hungry money grabbing attorney or even your government from stealing your hard earn money and assets. Our International Cook Islands Trust is the best of the best. Read On!

This trust set up is ideal for those living in a country where lawsuits makes life difficult for you. Doctors and other professional are at great risk from the proliferation of lawsuits. One lawsuit can clean you out!

This Cook Islands Trust is a truly first class financial package for the serious player! Everything is included in this trust package for your total peace of mind.

In today's "sue first and ask questions afterwards" society, everyone is under threat of having their assets wiped out for any reason whatsoever. The good news is, a new nailed down, buttoned up International Asset Protection Trust has been designed to give you high caliber, and total asset protection. It's called the Cook Islands Trust. Not only does it help to make you financially bullet proof, but it also offers you the opportunity to place your funds into a healthy environment, of your choice, in which they can grow.

Bullet Proofing
Due to the proliferation of lawsuits, government confiscation's, and new laws enacted to "protect us" from ourselves, many if not all wealthy people, especially in the United States, have set up Trusts. By having title to assets like stock or real property held by foreign corporations or trustees, these assets can be hidden and protected from creditors. At the same time ownership benefits (like income) can still been enjoyed as before.

American citizens are forbidden by law from investing their money in at least 99% of the opportunities of the world. Before most securities can be purchased by a US citizen, they must be "approved" by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Gaining such approval is an expensive bureaucratic procedure. It's much like winning an okay from the Food and Drug Administration for a life- saving new drug. Most companies never bother. As a result, most of the world's best performing mutual funds can't be legally sold in the USA or to US citizens. The way out of this dilemma is a comparatively simple one, which entails establishing an offshore trust to hold these forbidden investments. From this point of advantage you can often do considerably better than you can with the very limited, legally approved deals for US citizens. Succinctly put, with an International Cook Islands Trust you have the right to choose.

And a Cook Islands Trust isn't just for Americans. Australians, Brits, French, Germans and most other nationalities can and do benefit from a Cook Islands Trust.

Time and again Cook Islands Trusts have stood the test of time and stood firm against Big Brother, criminal and civil attacks and law suits.

International Cook Islands Trust, first year and including registration fee USD4,960 and second year and annual fees thereafter is USD3,960, plus a one time setup and due diligence fee. Attached HERE are the fee schedules for download and your perusal.

A Cook Islands asset protection/ international trust (and company) can be established today if necessary. It is a question of providing us with the following documents:

- Necessary KYC material (our application forms and due diligence material).

- Sworn Affidavit of Solvency (we will provide the document for completion).

- Executed Trust Agreement.

- Payment of our initial fees.

From the information provided above, we will then draft the Trust agreement and forward to you for further review (with your attorney and enable you to make the relevant amendments). Unless you have your own trust agreement, in which we request to review and amend to fit in with the Cook Islands asset protection legislation and other requirements. This is the process that is time consuming.

However before you proceed, please consider the following:

- reason for settling the trust;

- what are the assets that will be settled on the trust and the value;

- any potential or existing litigation;

- nationality and place of residence;

- how did you acquire the assets/ source of funds;

- have you obtained tax advice on both your and the entities reporting obligations in your country of residence.

We do of course appreciate receiving the above background information on you/ the individual wanting to set up the trust. But assuming that is all OK, then we can proceed quickly and everything can be done via fax and email, with our original documents to follow. The Trust is deemed to have been established on the day it is signed by the Settlor/ Grantor.

We have only one bank option here in the Cook Islands. Capital Security Bank ("CSB") is a small private bank operating in the Cook Islands. You can review the information about CSB on their website. The opening of accounts is relatively easy and straightforward. It would take approx 1 week provided their due diligence documents are in order before an account will be opened.

They also offer internet banking facilities allowing international transfers. We charge USD450 for assisting in the account opening process (includes completing the forms and liaising on behalf of the client with the CSB. CSB charges an initial account opening fee of USD250. Let me know if you decide to use CSB. In saying that, Cook Islands international entities are not barred from opening accounts outside of the Cook Islands. If you have any options, we will be happy to assist with that as well.

Any other queries you may have, please do not hesitate to contact us and look forward to hearing from you.

Important Information:
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Thank you for giving us the opportunity to assist you in managing your privacy and securing your financial objectives.

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