Maildrop Costa Rica Address

PT Shamrock's leprechaun has done it again
A Costa Rican street address that will accept courier deliveries

Country: Costa Rica

Basic service covers: · street address · One personal and one company name only. Greater San Jose area.

  • Fax number ($1.oo per page incoming). Forwarded with weekly mail. Additional US$50 deposit required if fax service desired.
  • Weekly mail forwarding
  • Basic cost: US$ 650/yr.
  • Minimum deposit: (US$ 25 - extra)
  • Onetime setup fee US$150
  • Actual airmail postage incurred and is always extra and will be withheld from deposit.
  • Additional Comments: Highly reliable and trusted source with many years in business with the best service in Central America. Servicing privacy seekers and many Expats.

If you wish your courier envelopes sent to you via courier, the cost is actual cost plus US$10.oo. The average cost for a Federal Express envelope to the US is approximately US$25.oo. We suggest a US$100 forwarding deposit. Courier envelopes only. Any packages received by mail or courier will be rejected and returned to sender at YOUR risk!

We repeat, we are happy to accept courier envelopes ONLY.

This is the best street address mail drop BARGAIN in Central America, bar none!

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1. (street address Costa Rica) ____________________________

2. Name to accept mail in: _____________________

3. Code word or Number for future instructions ______________________________________

4. Name to forward mail to you: (Please note. One personal name & one Company name is acceptable in most cases. See each country as we may be able to arrange mail in unlimited names). _________________________________________________________________

5. Address: _________________________________

6. City & Postal Code: ________________________

7. Country: _________________________________

8. Special Instructions: ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________

9. Payment Method by Credit Card - CLICK HERE to download our credit card authorization form for you to fill out and email back to us.

We also accept payment by Western Union, MoneyGram, Skrill, Bitcoin and of course via a bank wire transfer.

Please INCLUDE your e-mail address in case we need to contact you regarding this order. Thank you ______________________________________________________

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