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First Class Standard Credit Card!

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Classic Standard Credit Card Information

  • Visa Classic/Master Card Standard with security pin and hologram issued by an Eastern European Bank
  • Cards are valid for 2 years
  • Internet viewing of the card balance included.
  • Cards are loaded via bank wire, swift code and Iban number via European banks.
  • Your name and address attached to the card.
  • CVV2 (3 digit code) on the back of the card included.
  • Cards dispatched, in most cases, within 10 to 14 working days from the time we receive your order and credited funds.
  • Card renewable at a nominal cost
  • Cost per card is 500 EUR + 70 EUR for courier shipping, total of Euro 570

Easy to Obtain Card Requirements:

  • Colored scanned copy of your passport
  • Name, address and contact telephone number for courier delivery for the card to you
  • Name and address to be attached to the card
  • An email address to be attached to the card
  • Your order and payment received and credited

Limits on card

Operation / Period of operation / Maximum operations per day / maximum sum of operations per period

  • Non cash payment for goods and services 
    During 1 day = 10
    15000.00 USD - amount

    During 7 days = 30
    30000.00 USD – amount
  • Withdrawal Cash During 1 day = 10
    5000.00 USD - amount

    During 7 days = 30
    30000.00 USD - amount

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Your ordering code is "Standard Credit Card" and the cost is Euro 570 (or the equivalent at Xchanger.)

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