Dubai Company & Dubai Tax Free Bank Account

Dubai Company & Dubai Bank Account

Dubai - The New Switzerland for Tax Free Banking Privacy!

Dubai is a World Class Location with world renown Banking Privacy. This first class setup is both professional, quick and simple. Hassle free Internet bank account and debit card!

Dubai Company & Dubai Bank Account

To set up an RAK International company with which you can set up a bank account, it a rather easy and straight forward process.

After we receive your order we will email you an application and would appreciate if you can initially complete the application form and return it to us.

Based on the above information, we will prepare the legal documentation for signatures.

A note about RAK International (Offshore) Companies: If you do not need a UAE residence visa, and all you need is a bank account, a RAK International Company is recommended. This will get you a legal entity, a bank account and can in fact be a holding company too. This being an International Company, does not come with a license, hence physical trading in UAE is not possible. Activity will be mentioned in the M&AOA.

The following documents will be required from for each shareholder depending on whether the shareholder will be an individual or a corporate body:

A. For Individual as the Shareholder and Director:
1. Completely filled application form sent back in word format - signature not required initially.
2. Passport copies with last UAE entry page or valid residence visa page if available.
3. Latest Bank reference letter (anywhere in the world) IN ENGLISH addressed to RAK Free Trade Zone OR as instructed.
4. Recent Utility bills (telephone OR mobile OR electricity bill) confirming address (anywhere in the world) not older than 2 months.
5. A brief resume on all directors and shareholders.

Please note,
a. Director, shareholder and secretary can be the same person.
b. Minimum share capital is AED 1,000/- which is the value of 1 share.
c. The name of company will end either with Ltd. Or Inc.

Costs (depending on activity and other requirements):

  • Incorporation Costs & Registered Agents Fee: 3,995 Eur
  • Renewal Costs: AED 7,600/- per annum - 2,069.15 USD
  • Company is normally incorporated in 3 to 4 working days
  • (AED 1,000/- for urgent incorporation - same day or the next day) - 272.257 USD

New Notes for applicants NOT signing in our presence:

If the shareholders are not signing in our presence, the documents have to be notarized by an authorized government notary in their place of residence if they are outside UAE. This can be done by a notary public, attorney or bank notary, etc.

If they are in UAE, we can send our representative to witness the signatures. In either case, there will be an additional cost of AED 2,500/ - 680.643 USD

For transparency and clarity, we have also attached costs for additional services that you may (normally not) need during the existence of your company.

Kindly note included with this setup is our assisting you with opening a bank account with Emirates NBD, Mashreq Bank, Noor Islamic & Emirates Islamic Bank. As of now, Debit Card will be possible only at Noor Islamic upon compliance approval & provided if it is a single signatory.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information that may be required.

Thank you, and we look forward to hear from you.

About Dubai and The UAE

Dubai is a World Class Location with world renown Banking Privacy. This first class setup is both professional, quick and simple. Hassle free Internet bank account with a debit card as noted above!

Dubai offers a unique opportunity in the offshore world today. Dubai has a number of key advantages over other offshore locales which, when combined, provide clients with the most confidential and secure offshore solution offered anywhere.

Dubai is a very liberal Gulf State which has invested its oil wealth to produce a balanced economy. The oil sector comprises only 3% of the GNP with the balance being dominated by financial services, tourism, manufacturing and trading activities.

It has a state of the art banking sector to service its wealthy indigenous, expatriate and offshore clientele. Dubai offers banking privacy which equals or even exceeds that of Switzerland and a lifestyle which is better than Monte Carlo. Dubai has become the new playground for the rich and famous.

Property developments of staggering proportions such as the Palm, three man made islands, which will house numerous hotels and several thousand residential units, have made Dubai "THE" location for high net worth individuals or those seeking a low profile, to live and work, and for "ALL" individuals to locate their offshore assets.

Most importantly, there are NO (ZERO) taxes of any kind for onshore or offshore activities. Dubai is NOT a tax haven ... It is a country with NO taxes period! Further and even better, there are no tax exchange agreements with ANY country period!

Dubai's key benefits are:

* No taxes of any sort and no tax department
* No filing of accounts
* No tax exchange agreements with ANY country
* No public record of directors or shareholders
* Highly flexible banking system geared to
the requirements of high net worth international investors
* Strong legislation which protects the confidentially of investors.
* In short, Dubai represents offers the offshore solution for the 21st century!

Even better if the client converts their offshore company to a branch or a free zone company then residence visa will be available for them. In addition should the client purchase a property in Dubai then they will automatically have a residence visa.

Dubai offers tax free residency and company advantages.

This Dubai company and banking package offers class banking and service for the serious player! You're looking at a complete set up for Euro 3,995 plus any other optional fees as noted above.

Formation Fees includes

1. Name check and approval
2. Drafting of Memorandum and Article of Association
3. Filing with official register
4. Payment of government fees
5. Provision of local agent for one year
6. Provision of registered address for one year
7. Courier fees
8. Company seal

Optional Services included with your fee:

1. Bank Account opening in one of the banks in Dubai with I-banking, Debit Card and Phone Banking
2. Fast Track (24 hrs processing)
3. Personal Account opening in one of the banks in Dubai with I-banking and Debit Card
4. General Power of Attorney

Documents required:

1. Proof of residence for all directors/ shareholders (electricity bill/telephone bill)
2. Original bank reference from all directors/ shareholders
3. Curriculum vitae from all directors/ shareholders
4. Client registration form (emailed to you)
5. Passport copies notarized for all directors/ shareholders
6. Proposed company name
7. Docs certified by a local notary in your country of residence.

Dubai-Offshore Management Structure Includes:

Company Formation Fees Structure
Formation Fees
Government Fees
Registered Office
Registered Agent

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Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to service your privacy

PT Shamrock

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