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It is never too late or too early to plan for your future. However getting good, unbiased advice is hard to come by.

The most rapidly growing professions of tomorrow are all man-made brain power industries that can be physically located anywhere on the face of the earth. Where they will be located depends upon who organizes the brain power to capture them. Our sources are well placed to be the head quarters and advisor to those who hope to utilize this international brain power. Modern transportation costs have created a world where both physical and human resources can be cheaply moved to wherever they are needed.

Capital availability has also fallen out of the competitive equation. With the development of a world capital market, everyone essentially borrows in New York, London, or Tokyo. Today an entrepreneur in Toronto can finance the construction via a structure tailored to their own needs, much like a well hand made suit or dress.

There should never be a cookie cutter approach, used when it comes to YOUR financial needs. Contrary to 99.999% of offshore providers, PT Shamrock refuses to take that approach. Unlike most providers who are interested in selling you a product which earns them the most commission, not what's best for you, we offer a tailor made solution designed especially for you.

Financial Experts & Consultants!
Our financial experts and consultants offer unbiased advice, recommendations and alternatives that are best for you, not what earns them the most commission! All advice is based on your personal situation. Our financial experts have more than a 100 years offshore experience between them and earn money from their consultation fee, NOT by selling you any structure. Currently popular structures are located in Liechtenstein, The Bahamas and Panama, but alternatives are available, based on your personal requirements.

Naturally we'd be delighted if you select PT Shamrock for obtaining your Trust, IBC, Offshore Company and bank account, but there is absolutely no obligation for you to do so. You chose what and where is best for you, not what's best for someone else's pocket.

[Editor's note: Click on this link to read an interview with one of our experts.]

Our experts charge €1,500 for an initial consultation. This includes replies with detailed answers, insight and recommendations you'll not find elsewhere. We feel the cost for your consultation will pay for itself many times over in savings on your structures and the security of your capital.

In fact we are so confident that the advice you will receive is the best of the best, we stand behind this guarantee!

If after your consultation you feel that you didn't receive advice worth at least twice what you paid, we will be happy to send you €1,500 retail value of PT Shamrock products to make and keep you happy. We couldn't possibly be any more fair than that!

Don't reinvent the wheel!
There is an age old adage that goes, "Penny wise-pound foolish!" Over the many years we have been in business we've had many clients come to us for help and assistance after they had a bad experience elsewhere. Many placed funds with a trust company that went bust, or plain stole their money, etc.

Our experts recommend strictly AAA rated banks and locales. Years of proven experience from our experts can literally save your ass and assets. Remember the age old adage: "A wise man learns from his own mistakes, a genius learns from the mistakes of others!"

Before your conference

Before your conference you should prepare a full written statement of your background, approximate net worth, goals, objectives and ambitions, plus [IMPORTANT!] a statement that you are seeking information from your consultant for your own personal use (not for publication) and are neither a journalist, government employee, nor an agent for any undisclosed person.

Then list how you think a structure, or we could help you. WE DO NOT HAVE TO KNOW YOUR TRUE NAME OR ACTUAL ADDRESS! But for you to get your money's worth out of a consultation we must have good input. So change your name if you wish; conceal your address and identity with a mail-drop, fax number or an anonymous e-mail address. But if you want good advice, give us all the FACTS !

Upon receipt of the above briefing from you, plus the fee of a €1,500, which can be paid by a bank wire, Liberty Reserve, MoneyGram or Western Union we will confirm an appointment date by e-mail.

E-mail and place "Consultants" in the subject heading.

A representative will contact you to review your particular needs as well as the appropriate contact consultant.

For privacy concerns we recommend payment by MoneyGram or Western Union. Alternatively to pay by Bank wire, Bitcoin, MoneyGram, MoneyBookers/Skrill or Western Union please proceed to and order at our secure web site order form Your order code is "Consultation."

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Thank you for your business.
PT Shamrock