European Union Residency Program

EU Residency Program
The Very Best European Union Residency Program

New EU Residency Program


Portugal - Gateway to the European Union

Full European Union and Schengen Area member, highly trusted by all OECD members. In addition Portugal had sovereignty over Brazil and until recently over Goa (India), Mozambique, Angola, Guinea, Timor, Sao Tome and Macau (China). Due to the peaceful relationship among those countries and its History, Portugal has privileged relation between Europe, Africa, South America and Asia, and therefore has the most liberal citizenship and residence permit policies in Europe. Presumably the most liberal country in EU.

A residency permit in Portugal allows free travel through European Union.

How to get a EU Golden Visa?

* Buy a property/villa worth 500.000 Euro, or Deposit Euro1 Million at a bank located in Portugal
* Set up a new business employing more than 10 people.
* When combined with our "sound investments" program you may buy a property that is worth 1 Million for ½ of the price.

* Full residency rights in Portugal.
* Full access to any European country within Schengen area with no visa restrictions.
* Initial formalities take only 90 days. Program is backed by the Portuguese
government and European Union.

We take care of everything and there is no need for an immediate physical presence.

A Golden Opportunity

Besides our other Residency Permit program we can now arrange faster residence permits for non-EU citizens. This program is of particular interest to wealthy Chinese, Russian and Indian clients demanding a safe haven right of residence for themselves and their family members with an associated investment opportunity – ask for our "sound investments program".

Act now and Apply immediately Get your European Golden Permit for just Euro 10,000.

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