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Capital Preservation Through Global Investing by Adam Starchild

Investing globally is one of the most successful ways to accomplish capital preservation and growth. In The Wealth Report, Adam Starchild reveals how you can create an ultimate global portfolio of investments to hedge against inflation, taxes, confiscation's, market, fluctuations, currency devaluation's, economic and political turmoil...

Starchild reveals the little-known investment secrets that he has been giving to his clients for the past few decades. His recommendations are not high-flying investment tips, but rather solid, conservative recommendations that over time will help build a healthy nest-egg for you.

You will learn how to build a secret stash of cash that:

  • You can access at any time
  • Is tax-free and seizure proof
  • Pays competitive dividends and interest
  • And has no government reporting requirements (even for Americans)
  • In fact, if you had put $10,000 each year into this investment or the last twenty years you would have $590,697 today!

You will also discover:

  • How to accumulate income tax-free
  • Why offshore mutual funds should form a vital part of your global portfolio
  • How to invest in gold, silver and platinum and the investor potential of these precious metals
  • Why Switzerland should play an essential part in any global nest-egg strategy
  • How and where to best form an offshore trust in order to provide tax and creditor protection for your investments
  • How to invest tax-free in the United States

Everything you need to get yourself started on a global path to a secure fortune is in The Wealth Report. Starchild's techniques have been used by many of the world's wealthiest people for decades, including presidents, kings, Arab sheiks... And now for the first time they are available to you. They have been tested and proven over time. You will not find a safer, surer path to financial security than that mapped out for you in this unique work!

The Wealth Report (112 pages) is available for US $100.

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