Gold Report

"Revealed: Where And How To Legally Buy,
Move And Store Gold Abroad."
By best selling author and second passport expert, Dr. Charles Freeman

Highly recommended for our American, European, Asian, African and South American friends and clients!

"This is a must read for every gold bug and novice."
- Dr. Walter Belford, expatriate guru

Do you require a safe and secure place to store your gold for a raining day? Frankly it looks like a mega storm is coming in the near future. Perhaps more important is not everyone has a quarter of million dollars to buy and
move gold bullion overseas nor has the time or ability to travel abroad at this time!

A long time colleague, Dr. Charles Freeman, best selling author of "How To Legally Obtain a Second Passport," has written a special 11,000 word report called, "Revealed: Where And How To Legally Buy, Move And Store Gold Abroad." This meticulously researched and well written work is perhaps the best of its kind on legally moving and
storing gold outside the grasp of confiscating governments.

Unlike most articles on similar topics, the author is not selling anything. Rather he's presenting the information in a plain easy to follow and thorough manner including contact details with valuable little known information. This report is for both the beginner who wants to send or obtain a few thousand dollars worth of gold overseas, to the person wishing to place a quarter million or more worth of gold abroad.

Our colleague has graciously given us permission to offer this report "free" to those readers who are of a like mind and believe gold is one of the best and safest ways to maintain your wealth.

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- Edmund Burke, 1784

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